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Year Later, John McAfee's Body Still in Morgue

That's where it's been as legal battle between family, Spanish officials continues

(Newser) - The fight over what happened to John McAfee continues, and his body remains in limbo in a Spanish morgue in the interim. The 75-year-old, who developed the first commercial anti-virus software, was found dead last June in a Barcelona-area prison cell, and authorities claimed it was a death by suicide....

Texas Requests 5 Mobile Morgues
Texas Requests
5 Mobile Morgues

Texas Requests 5 Mobile Morgues

'Deaths are starting to mount for sure'

(Newser) - Texas has asked the federal government to supply five trailers to serve as morgues with COVID-19 deaths in the state expected to mount. Texas Department of State Health Services spokesman Doug Loveday tells NBC News that the request was made Aug. 4 as "we are anticipating a need within...

Hundreds of Bodies Still Wait in Refrigerated Trucks

New York City is waiting to decide with families where to take remains of COVID-19 victims

(Newser) - The bodies of hundreds of COVID-19 victims remain in parked refrigerated trucks in New York City awaiting burial—a temporary move made more than a year ago when morgues were overwhelmed by the pandemic. Officials from the medical examiner's office said last week that they're giving the victims'...

County Posts Morgue Jobs
Wanted: Morgue Workers

Wanted: Morgue Workers

El Paso County has been using jail inmates to move bodies

(Newser) - "Not only is this assignment physically taxing, but it may be emotionally taxing as well," the job announcement warns. The job is in El Paso County's morgues. The area, and its morgue, are overwhelmed by coronavirus cases, NPR reports. Postings have gone up for temporary jobs as...

Grim Arrival in Ore.: First Mobile Morgue

There have been 8 deaths in the state; 22 are confirmed missing

(Newser) - State Police have opened Oregon's first-ever mobile morgue with dozens of deaths expected in raging wildfires that have already burned some 900,000 acres. The official death count was reduced from 10 to eight after two sets of remains in Jackson County were determined to be animals. But 22...

A Virus First: The Dead Are Still Contagious

Scientists in Thailand say coronavirus appears to have spread to medical examiner from a corpse

(Newser) - Out of Thailand, a coronavirus first: a case in which the virus appears to have spread from a corpse to a medical examiner. "According to our best knowledge, this is the first report on COVID-19 infection and death among medical personnel in a Forensic Medicine unit," researchers write...

Woman Found Alive in Mortuary Refrigerator

The South African woman is being treated in a hospital

(Newser) - They apparently thought she was dead when they placed her inside, but a South African woman was reportedly very much alive when she was recently taken out of a mortuary refrigerator. Per Times Select , the woman was one of several people involved in a June 24 vehicular accident and was...

4 Months Later, Fate of Charles Manson's Body Settled

Cult leader's corpse will go to grandson Jason Freeman

(Newser) - A court official has made a decision on the body of Charles Manson—almost four months after the 83-year-old cult leader completed his life sentence and was put on ice at a California morgue. Kern County Superior Court Commissioner Alisa Knight ruled Monday that grandson Jason Freeman can take Manson'...

Morgue Stench So Bad Nearby Workers Can't Take It Anymore

Morgue in the violence-wracked Mexican city of Chilpancingo is full

(Newser) - A morgue in the violence-wracked Mexican city of Chilpancingo has so many bodies that neighbors are complaining about the overpowering smell of rotting corpses. Chilpancingo and surrounding towns in southern Guerrero state have seen hundreds of killings related to drug gang turf battles. This along with new protocols that require...

Someone Really Wants to Get to Kim Jong Nam's Body: Cops

Malaysian police say there was break-in attempt at hospital morgue

(Newser) - As Malaysian cops seek out a North Korean diplomat for questioning in the poisoning death of Kim Jong Un's half brother, the morgue where Kim Jong Nam's body is being held is having its own issues. Khalid Abu Bakar, head of the country's police force, told the...

After a Night in Morgue Refrigerator, They Find a Pulse

An inquiry is underway in South Africa

(Newser) - It's the kind of story you'd hope would have a miraculously happy ending, but it wasn't to be in South Africa. Last Monday evening, 28-year-old Msizi Mkhize was struck by a car in Durban and pronounced dead at the scene, reports the Times of London. He was...

Drunk Drivers in Thailand Have to Work in Morgues

'It is aimed to be a deterrent'

(Newser) - To combat the carnage on the country's roads this month during the annual weeklong traditional New Year's holiday celebration, Thai authorities are going gory: Drunk drivers and repeat traffic offenders will be sent to work in hospital morgues to see the results of their irresponsibility. The Songkran holiday...

Doctor Sends Living Woman to the Morgue

It doesn't end so well for him

(Newser) - "The alarmed undertaker heard her screams." That's a line from a news story out of Germany, not a horror-film script. The events that led to that statement occurred in March, when a very ill 92-year-old woman was discovered to have no pulse by a nurse who worked...

Dead Man Wakes Up Before Trip to Morgue
Dead Man Wakes Up
Before Trip to Morgue

Dead Man Wakes Up Before Trip to Morgue

His family was notified of his 'death' before he started moving

(Newser) - Another entry for the not-dead-yet files: A man who had been pronounced dead in Milwaukee began moving around as a medical team was preparing to take him to the morgue, reports WISN . The strange tale of 46-year-old Thomas Sancomb began earlier this week when his worried girlfriend called 911 because...

Woman Wakes Up in Morgue After 11 Hours

Janina Kolkiewicz then warms up with a bowl of soup

(Newser) - Another in the grand tradition of people waking up from the not-so-dead: A 91-year-old woman in Poland startled morgue workers by moving around after what the BBC reports was 11 hours in "cold storage." A doctor had declared Janina Kolkiewicz dead after the woman's niece noticed that...

'Dead' Man Rescued When Family Sees Body Bag Move

The Brazilian man has terminal cancer

(Newser) - A 54-year-old Brazilian man may be suffering from terminal cancer, but the docs got it wrong when they told his family he'd died of respiratory failure and multiple organ failure Saturday night. Two hours later, when family members went to the morgue to dress Valdelucio de Oliveira Goncalves' body,...

Morgue Worker: I Had Sex With 100 Corpses

Ohio man says he was drunk, on drugs

(Newser) - A former morgue attendant in Ohio admits having sex with up to 100 bodies during his years working the night shift and says drugs and alcohol are to blame. The scale of Kenneth Douglas' depravity came to light during a court hearing in which a federal panel ruled that families...

Grandma's Body Accidentally Sent to Be Dissected

But medical examiner's office insists body was never dissected

(Newser) - Bronx morgue workers allegedly sent the corpse of an 85-year-old woman to be dissected at Albert Einstein College—despite the fact that her body was never supposed to be used as a teaching aide. Now, the family of Aura Ballesteros, who died May 16, plans to sue the city, the...

Morgue Worker Notices Crash Victim Is Still Alive

German woman hastily transferred to hospital

(Newser) - A 72-year-old car crash victim had been in a German morgue for several hours Monday when a worker there noticed something odd: She was still breathing. The woman was injured when her 18-year-old grandson veered into oncoming traffic on a highway about 35 miles north of Hamburg. The resulting crash...

For Sale: 'Used' Morgue Fridge
 For Sale: 'Used' Morgue Fridge

For Sale: 'Used' Morgue Fridge

New York state has a chilling eBay listing

(Newser) - That special someone who has everything most definitely does not have this: New York's Office of Mental Health is hawking a "used" but "fully operational" morgue refrigerator, and the New York Post highlights the rather grisly listing it has posted on eBay . It's a Norlake Scientific...

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