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Man Tricked Women Into Shocking Themselves: Court

German victims were contacted online and given instructions for supposed experiment

(Newser) - A court in Germany has convicted a 31-year-old man of attempted murder in more than a dozen cases for tricking women into giving themselves electric shocks while he watched over the internet. Munich's regional court on Monday sentenced the man, identified only as David G. for privacy reasons, to... More »

Cops: Bus Driver Asked Child to Move Downed Power Line

The 11-year-old was burned

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania school bus driver is facing multiple charges after allegedly asking an 11-year-old student to move a downed electrical wire earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports. On April 15, a goose flew into a transformer, bringing down electrical lines and trapping the bus. Authorities say the driver, 60-year-old... More »

Texas Judge's Answer to Man's Antics: Shock Belt

Defendant with mental illness wouldn't stand up

(Newser) - A capital murder trial put on hold after a literal shock will resume in Smith County, Texas, on Monday and for the first time, defendant James Calvert will not represent himself. After Calvert was accused of murdering ex-wife Jelena Sriraman and abducting their 4-year-old son in October 2012, the 45-year-old... More »

Firefighters Seriously Hurt After Ice Bucket Challenge

4 receive electric shocks; one is in critical condition

(Newser) - Four firefighters were hospitalized after their contribution to the Ice Bucket Challenge resulted in electric shocks. The men were participating in the challenge with the Campbellsville University band in Kentucky, CNN reports. Two firefighters, Tony Grider, 41, and Simon Quinn, 22, stood in a bucket at the top of a... More »

Most Men Prefer Electric Shocks to Boredom

People couldn't stand 15 minutes with their thoughts

(Newser) - For a surprising number of people, 15 minutes alone with their thoughts appears to be a psychological ordeal so grueling they would rather give themselves an electric shock. In one of a series of experiments involving leaving people with nothing to do but think, a quarter of women and two-thirds... More »

New Tool to Fight Paralysis: Spinal Zaps

Study shows patients regaining some movement

(Newser) - New hope is emerging for those left paralyzed by spinal-cord injuries. Electrical zaps to the spinal cord offered several patients the ability to move their legs again, researchers find. Two of four male patients studied since 2009 were living with complete motor and sensory paralysis—no movement or feeling in... More »

Cops: Drunk Woman Has Close Call in Zoo Pen

Taken to hospital 'extremely intoxicated'

(Newser) - A woman nearly got the shock of her life last night after wandering drunk into the elephant pen at the Denver Zoo. But rather than have a nasty encounter with the animals, she simply sat down ... next to electrical wires, police tweeted . Police responded to reports of an electrocution, but... More »

Mom Sues School Over Shocking of Autistic Son

Judge Rotenberg Center shocked boy 31 times that day

(Newser) - A deeply disturbing video of an autistic teen being restrained and shocked at a facility in Massachusetts was played in a Boston-area courtroom yesterday. The teen's mother is suing three workers at the Judge Rotenberg Center and the center itself, alleging that they tortured her son and left him... More »

UN Denounces 'Torture' at Massachusetts School

Shock treatment of autistic kids crosses the line, official says

(Newser) - A top anti-torture official at the UN wants the US government to investigate the use of electric shocks to control disturbed and autistic children at a Massachusetts special school. Students at the Judge Rotenberg Center are fitted with electrodes and given shocks by staff members when they engage in forbidden... More »

Crocs Save Shocked Boy

Plastic clogs 'acted as insulators'

(Newser) - The fashion world may sneer at Crocs but you won't find a better shoe to save you from death by hairdryer. The mother of a 3-year-old British boy says his plastic shoes saved his life after he picked up the faulty appliance in a swimming pool changing room and received... More »

Shoddy Electrical Work Killing US Troops in Iraq

Hazard from substandard work worse than Pentagon has acknowledged

(Newser) - Shoddy electrical work by private contractors is making Iraq an even deadlier place for US troops, reports the New York Times. At least 13 troops have died from electrocution and many more have been injured. Others have perished in electrical fires. The problem is worse than the Pentagon has acknowledged,... More »

Former Prisoner to Detail Torture on 60 Minutes

Pentagon rips 'outlandish' claims of shocks, hanging

(Newser) - A former terror suspect will reveal details of tortures he suffered in 5 years of US custody tonight on 60 Minutes, reports CBS News. American authorities seized the ethnic Turk in Pakistan and continued to torture him even after determining he was innocent, he charges. The Pentagon refutes his claims.... More »

Tiny Shocks Win by a Nose

Sense of smell shows electric response; technique could help PTSD patients

(Newser) - Electric shocks can sharpen the sense of smell, a finding that suggests new ways of altering sensory perception, the Chicago Tribune reports. MRIs showed subjects’ brains actually changing after researchers administered tiny shocks, which improved their ability to distinguish between similar smells. Because many psychological conditions relate to the senses,... More »

Don't Worry About 'Tingling Sensation': Dell

Company admits to shock problem, says it's not dangerous

(Newser) - Dell has acknowledged that some of its laptops give a “tingling sensation” to users when plugging in cables or accessories—but insisted the “voltage does not present any risk of injury.” Complaints about the surprise jolts have been trickling in about a few different models for the... More »

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