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Rising Problem at World's Seaports: Abandoned Sailors

Owners of cargo ships sometimes leave their crews high and dry

(Newser) - Abdul Nasser Saleh says he rarely got a good night's sleep during the near-decade he spent working without pay on a cargo ship abandoned by its owner at ports along the Red Sea. By night, he tossed and turned in his bunk on the aging Al-Maha, he said, thinking of...

'Morale Has Dipped' Among Crew Stuck on Cargo Ship

They haven't been allowed to leave the Dali since March 26 Baltimore bridge disaster

(Newser) - On Monday, crews detonated explosives to free the Dali container ship from the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge—and the Dali's crew remained on board, where they have been trapped for more than seven weeks since the ship hit the Baltimore bridge. The 21 sailors—20 Indian...

Baltimore: Ship's Owners Were Negligent, Need to Pay Up

City files court papers to hold Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine fully liable in bridge collapse

(Newser) - The owner and manager of the massive container ship that took down the Francis Scott Key Bridge last month should be held fully liable for the deadly collapse, according to court papers filed Monday on behalf of Baltimore's mayor and City Council. The two companies filed a petition soon...

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives
Ship's Mayday Call
May Have Saved Lives
the rundown

Ship's Mayday Call May Have Saved Lives

Cargo ship Dali apparently lost power before striking bridge pillar in Baltimore

(Newser) - Six people remain missing in the waters below Baltimore's 1.6-mile-long Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed early Tuesday when a cargo ship apparently lost power and slammed into one of its pillars. Two people have been rescued from the Patapsco River while a search continues for the others....

Crew Called for Help, Then the Tanker Capsized

South Korean vessel carrying acrylic acid ran into rough seas

(Newser) - A South Korean chemical tanker capsized off an island in southwestern Japan on Wednesday, authorities said, killing eight people on board. One crew member survived, while the fate of two others was unknown, reports the AP . Officials said the tanker was carrying 980 tons of acrylic acid, a corrosive organic...

Cargo Ship Crashes Into Bridge, Killing 2

Crash destroyed section of bridge in Guangzhou

(Newser) - Two people are dead after a massive container ship crashed into a bridge south of the city of Guangzhou in southern China early Thursday, causing a section of the bridge to come crashing down along with vehicles. Three people are missing, and two have been rescued. One person from the...

Yemen-Launched Missile Hits US-Owned Cargo Ship

Houthis are suspected as tensions escalate in the Red Sea

(Newser) - A missile fired from Yemen struck a US-owned ship just off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, less than a day after Yemen's Houthi rebels fired an anti-ship cruise missile toward an American destroyer in the Red Sea, officials said. Suspicion immediately fell on the Iranian-backed...

'Tide' of Plastic Pellets Washes Up in Spain
Spain Faces 'Tide' of Nurdles

Spain Faces 'Tide' of Nurdles

The tiny plastic pellets spilled off of Portugal prompts environmental emergency

(Newser) - Volunteers on the northern coast of Spain are painstakingly picking up what could amount to hundreds of thousands of tiny plastic pellets after millions spilled from a cargo ship, raising concerns of an environmental disaster. Up to six containers carrying tires, tomato sauce, plastic wrap, and some 55,000 pounds...

Houthi Rebels Fire at Yet Another Tanker in Red Sea

And this one isn't linked to Israel

(Newser) - A missile fired by Yemen's Houthi rebels slammed into a Norwegian-flagged tanker in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen near a key maritime chokepoint, the rebels and authorities said Tuesday. The assault on the oil and chemical tanker Strinda expands a campaign by the Iranian-backed rebels targeting...

US Navy Puts Kibosh on Latest Tanker Hijacking

5 armed men jumped ship, but didn't get very far; 2 missiles fired in retaliation don't come very close

(Newser) - The US Navy responded to Sunday's seizure of an Israeli-linked tanker off the coast of Yemen, and took on some less-than-successful missile fire for its trouble. As the New York Times reports, the destroyer USS Mason and other ships involved in anti-piracy efforts in the region approached the hijacked...

Attackers Seize Another Israel-Linked Cargo Ship

'The vessel is carrying a full cargo of phosphoric acid'

(Newser) - Attackers seized a tanker linked to Israel off the coast of Aden, Yemen, on Sunday, authorities said. While no group immediately claimed responsibility, it comes as at least two other maritime attacks in recent days have been linked to the Israel-Hamas war. The attackers seized the Central Park, managed by...

Officials Blame Iran for Drone Attack on Cargo Ship

Israeli-owned ship was attacked in Indian Ocean

(Newser) - A container ship owned by an Israeli billionaire came under attack by a suspected Iranian drone in the Indian Ocean, an American defense official said Saturday. The attack Friday on the CMA CGM Symi comes as global shipping increasingly finds itself targeted in the Israel-Hamas war that threatens to become...

Tugs Tow Burning Cargo Ship
Tugs Tow Burning Cargo Ship

Tugs Tow Burning Cargo Ship

Salvage crews ready to board 'as soon as possible' to assess the situation in North Sea

(Newser) - A cargo ship carrying thousands of cars that has been burning on the North Sea for nearly a week was towed Monday to a new location further from the Dutch coast to wait for salvage crews to decide their next steps, the government said. The Fremantle Highway arrived earlier than...

Blazing Cargo Ship Carries 3K Cars, Could Be Devastating

One crew member is dead as officials work to save the ship from going down in a bird habitat

(Newser) - A fire on a freight ship carrying nearly 3,000 cars was burning out of control Wednesday in the North Sea, and the Dutch coast guard said one crew member had died, others were hurt, and it was working to save the vessel from sinking close to an important habitat...

Crews Refloat Grounded Ship
Full Moon Helps Refloat Ship

Full Moon Helps Refloat Ship

Ever Given's sister ship became grounded a month ago in Chesapeake Bay

(Newser) - A container ship more than three football fields long has finally been pried from the muddy bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, more than a month after it ran aground off the coast of Maryland. After two unsuccessful attempts to dislodge it, and the subsequent removal of roughly 500 of the...

3 Weeks Later, Container Ship Still Stuck in the Chesapeake

Officials now say they'll start taking hundreds of containers off the Ever Forward to break it loose

(Newser) - Update: The Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for a week. A similar ordeal for the Ever Forward, also owned by Evergreen Marine Corp., in the Chesapeake Bay has lasted a lot longer than that, and officials are now shifting strategy to get that vessel unstuck. The Guardian...

Burning Cargo Ship Said to Be Full of Porsches Is Adrift
Porsches End Up
on Ocean Floor as
Cargo Ship Sinks

Porsches End Up on Ocean Floor as Cargo Ship Sinks

Felicity Ace was being towed toward Portugal’s Azores Islands

(Newser) - Update: Things have gone from bad to worse for the consumer who tweeted , "My car is now adrift, possibly on fire, in the middle of the ocean." That car isn't adrift anymore. The AP reports the large cargo vessel that ran into trouble in February while transporting...

'Gross Drunkenness at Sea' Suspected in Deadly Collision

1 crew member is killed, another missing after British, Danish ships crash

(Newser) - Two people were arrested after cargo ships collided in the Baltic Sea near Sweden, causing the smaller one to capsize. The body of one crew member of the capsized Danish boat, the Karin Hoej, was found inside. The other crew member is missing. A distress call was made around 3:...

2 Years Later, a Most 'Complicated' Task Is Complete

Coast Guard dragged away final section of Golden Ray cargo ship following 2019 capsizing

(Newser) - Update: What they thought might take months actually took years—more than two, to be exact—but the Golden Ray cargo ship's last section was on Monday yanked out of St. Simons Sound, where it overturned off the coast of Georgia in September 2019. "We have completed the...

Let's Hope Ever Given Doesn't Get Stuck on Its Way Out

Container ship that blocked Suez Canal is finally setting sail after owners finalize deal with Egypt

(Newser) - It's not clear how much of the $550 million Egypt demanded it actually got, but it was enough to spring a container ship. The Ever Given has begun its departure from the Suez Canal, where just a few months ago it created an international headache when it got stuck...

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