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Crews Refloat Grounded Ship
Full Moon Helps Refloat Ship

Full Moon Helps Refloat Ship

Ever Given's sister ship became grounded a month ago in Chesapeake Bay

(Newser) - A container ship more than three football fields long has finally been pried from the muddy bottom of the Chesapeake Bay, more than a month after it ran aground off the coast of Maryland. After two unsuccessful attempts to dislodge it, and the subsequent removal of roughly 500 of the...

3 Weeks Later, Container Ship Still Stuck in the Chesapeake

Officials now say they'll start taking hundreds of containers off the Ever Forward to break it loose

(Newser) - Update: The Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for a week. A similar ordeal for the Ever Forward, also owned by Evergreen Marine Corp., in the Chesapeake Bay has lasted a lot longer than that, and officials are now shifting strategy to get that vessel unstuck. The Guardian...

Burning Cargo Ship Said to Be Full of Porsches Is Adrift
Porsches End Up
on Ocean Floor as
Cargo Ship Sinks

Porsches End Up on Ocean Floor as Cargo Ship Sinks

Felicity Ace was being towed toward Portugal’s Azores Islands

(Newser) - Update: Things have gone from bad to worse for the consumer who tweeted , "My car is now adrift, possibly on fire, in the middle of the ocean." That car isn't adrift anymore. The AP reports the large cargo vessel that ran into trouble in February while transporting...

'Gross Drunkenness at Sea' Suspected in Deadly Collision

1 crew member is killed, another missing after British, Danish ships crash

(Newser) - Two people were arrested after cargo ships collided in the Baltic Sea near Sweden, causing the smaller one to capsize. The body of one crew member of the capsized Danish boat, the Karin Hoej, was found inside. The other crew member is missing. A distress call was made around 3:...

2 Years Later, a Most 'Complicated' Task Is Complete

Coast Guard dragged away final section of Golden Ray cargo ship following 2019 capsizing

(Newser) - Update: What they thought might take months actually took years—more than two, to be exact—but the Golden Ray cargo ship's last section was on Monday yanked out of St. Simons Sound, where it overturned off the coast of Georgia in September 2019. "We have completed the...

Let's Hope Ever Given Doesn't Get Stuck on Its Way Out

Container ship that blocked Suez Canal is finally setting sail after owners finalize deal with Egypt

(Newser) - It's not clear how much of the $550 million Egypt demanded it actually got, but it was enough to spring a container ship. The Ever Given has begun its departure from the Suez Canal, where just a few months ago it created an international headache when it got stuck...

After Ship Sinks, Dead Turtles With Throat Damage Wash Up

A dozen dolphins have been found dead as well

(Newser) - Nearly a hundred carcasses of turtles with throat and shell damage, as well as a dozen dead dolphins and a blue whale, have washed ashore in Sri Lanka since a container ship burned and sank , raising fears of a severe marine disaster. Ecologists believe the deaths were directly caused by...

Sunken Ship Will 'Basically Destroy the Bottom of the Sea'

Chemical leak believed to have triggered fires prior to sinking off Sri Lanka

(Newser) - A chemical-laden cargo ship that burned for 13 days off the coast of Sri Lanka has now sunk, along with hundreds of tons of oil in fuel tanks, in what CNN calls "one of the worst ecological disasters in the country's history." Crews managed to put out...

Sailor Goes Home After Years Trapped on Cargo Ship

With the captain ashore, a court declared that he was the ship's legal guardian

(Newser) - The International Transport Workers Federation says cases of shipowners abandoning sailors on cargo ships are on the rise —but few cases are as egregious as that of Mohammed Aisha. The Syrian man has finally returned home after four years stranded on the Bahrain-flagged MV Aman, which was detained by...

Massive Traffic Jam Builds Up at Suez Canal

Vital waterway is still blocked by cargo ship

(Newser) - A skyscraper-sized cargo ship wedged across Egypt's Suez Canal further imperiled global shipping Thursday as at least 150 other vessels needing to pass through the crucial waterway idled waiting for the obstruction to clear, authorities said. The Ever Given, a Panama-flagged ship that carries cargo between Asia and Europe,...

Man Survives 14 Hours in Pacific Clinging to 'Rubbish'
He Fell Overboard, Swam
Toward a Black Dot, Survived
in case you missed it

He Fell Overboard, Swam Toward a Black Dot, Survived

Cargo ship engineer Vidam Perevertilov was rescued 14 hours later

(Newser) - A Lithuanian man has survived an incredible 14 hours in the Pacific Ocean after falling off a cargo ship during a 3,500-mile supply run. The Silver Supporter's chief engineer, Vidam Perevertilov, felt dizzy after a night shift in the engine room as the ship traveled from Tauranga, New...

After Cow-Laden Cargo Ship Capsizes, a 2nd Rescue

Crew member from Gulf Livestock I found alive in raft in East China Sea off Japan; 40 still missing

(Newser) - Dozens of crew members and thousands of cows are missing after a cargo ship in the East China Sea was hit by a wave and capsized Wednesday near Japan, but a bit of good news emerged Friday. One crew member of the 43 aboard the doomed Gulf Livestock I had...

Survivor: Wave Took Down Cargo Ship Packed With Cows

42 crew members are missing

(Newser) - Rescuers plucked a Filipino sailor from rough waters near Japan Wednesday, but 42 of his crewmates are still missing—along with almost 6,000 cows. The Japan Coast Guard says the Gulf Livestock 1 cargo ship sent out a distress call from the East China Sea west of Amami Oshima...

In Australia, Weird Case of a Cargo Ship Stowaway

31-year-old allegedly planned to flee Australia

(Newser) - It was almost a great plan. Officials say a man who's the subject of an Australian sexual assault case hatched a plan to stow away on a ship that was bound for Malaysia—and he reportedly managed to successfully conceal himself for two days. CNN reports that on Saturday...

For More Than a Year, This 'Ghost Ship' Traveled the World

The MV Alta's journey has finally ended, in Ireland

(Newser) - A "ghost ship" has finally struck land after more than a year traveling the world, from the Americas to Africa and Europe, without a crew. The MV Alta cargo vessel disabled some 1,380 miles southeast of Bermuda while traveling from Greece to Haiti in September 2018. The crew...

Feds Awarded North Korean Cargo Ship

Wise Honest likely to end up as scrap

(Newser) - A North Korean cargo ship seized earlier this year for allegedly violating sanctions is now the property of the United States government. A federal court in New York ordered for the Wise Honest to be forfeited to the US government and for the Treasury Department to "dispose" of it,...

All That Ocean Plastic? It Has an Unexpected Source

It doesn't all come from land-based sources

(Newser) - In 1984, 2009, and 2018, researchers made the trek to Inaccessible Island, which sits between Argentina and South Africa in the South Atlantic. They describe it as a "remote, uninhabited island ... that has a very high macrodebris load"—and that debris is what they were there for. In...

Coast Guard Rescues Final Crew Member From Capsized Ship

'Best day of my 16-year career'

(Newser) - Coast Guard rescuers pulled four trapped men alive from a capsized cargo ship Monday, drilling into the hull's steel plates to extract the crew members more than a day after their vessel overturned while leaving a Georgia port. All four were described as alert and in relatively good condition...

One Person Remains Trapped Behind Glass on Capsized Ship

3 others rescued Monday

(Newser) - Coast Guard rescuers began pulling trapped crew members from a capsized cargo ship Monday, finding them alive more than a day after the vessel overturned while leaving a port on the Georgia coast, the AP reports. But the exhilaration of rescuing three South Korean crew members was tempered by the...

Missing Crew Members Are Alive in Capsized Cargo Ship

Coast Guard is trying to get them out off the coast of Georgia

(Newser) - Rescuers looking for four missing crew members on an overturned cargo ship tapped on the hull and heard the best possible sound in return—someone tapped back. Now the Coast Guard is working on getting the four men out, reports the Wall Street Journal . "The early indication is they...

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