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Suicide Rate Soars for Middle-Aged

Scientists baffled by 16% spike for Boomers

(Newser) - A sharp rise in the number of middle-aged white people taking their own lives has driven up the US suicide rate by nearly 5% since 1999, the Los Angeles Times reports. Experts are baffled by the nearly 16% hike in this group, but speculate that prescription drug abuse, a drop... More »

Bushnell Reflects on Middle Age

Sex and the City writer has new book coming out

(Newser) - Nearing her 50th birthday, Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell is facing the fact that even with Botox, men no longer flock to her at parties, the Times of London reports. “Somewhere in your forties…everyone starts to look the same! Middle-aged. Now when I look in the... More »

Madge Makes 50 Look Good

Madonna becomes poster child for fans at half century mark

(Newser) - The Material Girl may be adding a new role in her career: poster child for the 50-and-fabulous, the AP reports. She's athletic, ambitious, kicking off a world tour next month—what more does an aging fan need? "I just think she's awesome," a 55-year-old mom said. "Here's... More »

Age Is Just a Number; for Guys, It's 31

If it's really all in your head, show your head your birth certificate

(Newser) - Most men have two ages, theorizes author Douglas Coupland of Generation X fame: "the age we really are, and the age we are in our heads," which he pegs at "about 31 or 32." Coupland explains in in Best Life magazine: "When middle-aged men look... More »

Save the Spurmo: Straight, Single Men Face Extinction

Marriage threatens herds of single men

(Newser) - Are you a straight, proud, unmarried man over 30? Then you're part of a dying breed, writes Tad Safran in the Times UK. Dubbed "Spurmos," these endangered bachelors drink in increasing isolation as friends succumb to marriage, wine racks and child-rearing. Having roamed in great herds in their... More »

Women's Stroke Rates Triple

Alarming rise linked to wider waistlines

(Newser) - Strokes have tripled among middle-aged American women in an alarming development experts attribute to obesity. Despite the increased use of blood pressure and cholesterol medication, 2% of women aged 35 to 54 suffered a stroke between 1999 and 2004. That's a three-fold increase over earlier studies. More »

Suicides Spike Among Middle-Aged

Sudden rise in demographic baffles experts

(Newser) - Suicide rates among middle-aged Americans have spiked dramatically in recent years, in contrast to flat or declining rates in younger and older demographics, mystifying experts, reports the New York Times. For people 45 to 54, the rate jumped 20% between 1999 and 2004;  for women, the increase was 31%.... More »

Midlife Crisis Is Real—and International

Depression peaks in 40s around the globe, huge study reveals

(Newser) - Just being middle-aged may lead to depression, with sufferers most vulnerable at age 44, USA Today reports. Studying more than 2 million people over 35 years led British and American economists to conclude that middle age is the nadir of lifetime happiness. "If you are finding life tough in... More »

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