Danish Mohammed cartoons

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Despite Cartoon Flap, Danish PM to Head NATO

Turkey shoots down Danish candidate

(Newser) - NATO named Anders Fogh Rasmussen as its new secretary-general today, overcoming a contentious stalemate with Turkey, the AP reports. Turkey had strongly opposed the Danish prime minister because he’d supported the newspapers that printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005. Turkey argued that Rasmussen’s selection wouldn’t... More »

Turkey Opposes US Choice for NATO Chief

Mohammed cartoon row may lead them to block Danish PM

(Newser) - Among the tasks facing NATO leaders this weekend is the selection of a new secretary-general for the 28-member alliance. The leading candidate is Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish prime minister, who has the support of the US and other major powers. But today Turkey opposed his candidacy, the Telegraph reports,... More »

Fatwa Against Rushdie Set Off Self-Censorship

Edict brought Muslim culture war to the West: Hitchens

(Newser) - When Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie, Christopher Hitchens knew what it meant: "This was not just a warning of what was to come,” he writes in Vanity Fair, “it was the warning.” A global culture war, between Muslim fundamentalists and everyone else, had... More »

Only Pakistanis Can Stop the Violence: Friedman

Friedman: Where is the outrage over Mumbai?

(Newser) - In 2006, thousands of Pakistanis took to the streets in weeks of protests against Danish cartoons that satirized the Prophet Muhammad. Yet after 173 people were shot dead in Mumbai, apparently by Pakistani killers, the response in the streets was silence. If Pakistan is to become a viable state, writes... More »

Danish Embassy Bomb Kills 8 in Pakistan

Strike could be linked to flap over Muhammad cartoons

(Newser) - At least eight people were killed and more than a dozen wounded when a car bomb exploded outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad today, reports the BBC. At least one embassy worker was among the dead, but no Danish nationals. The attack may be linked to a series of threats... More »

Host Blocks Anti-Koran Film's Website

US provider says flick may violate policy; filmmaker unfazed

(Newser) - Amid public outrage, a right-wing Dutch lawmaker has run into a new problem in his relentless quest to market his anti-Koran film: His US-based network provider has suspended service, AP reports. Network Solutions pulled the plug on Geert Wilders, who insists his 15-minute film will expose Islam's holy book as... More »

Afghans Protest Cartoons, Film

Angry crowds chant death to Danish, Dutch

(Newser) - Thousands of Afghan protesters burned Dutch and Danish flags yesterday in a protest against a Danish cartoon and a Dutch film said to insult Islam. They called for the Dutch and Danish embassies to be closed and for their troops serving with NATO in the country to be expelled, Reuters... More »

Dutch Pol Makes Waves With Unseen Film

Western, Islamic officials fear violence over anti-Koran piece

(Newser) - An unruly Dutch politician for months has had civil and religious leaders in a tizzy over a movie no one has seen—and which might not even exist, Der Spiegel reports. But by the end of March, provocateur Geert Wilders says he intends to release a movie exposing “the... More »

Bin Laden Threatens Europe

He says cartoons of Muhammad part of crusade against Islam

(Newser) - Osama bin Laden threatened Europe today with "severe" retaliation over the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, the AP reports. The audio recording of bin Laden surfaced on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, though he made no mention of it, and a day before the Muslim... More »

Mohammed Cartoon Goes on the Market

Artist, in hiding, calls drawing 'a symbol of freedom of expression'

(Newser) - Kurt Westergaard, the artist behind the most controversial of the Danish cartoons that sparked fierce Muslim protest in 2005, is looking to sell his drawing. The sketch of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban has sent Westergaard into hiding, under police protection, and potential buyers may be scared off... More »

Muhammad Cartoon Artist Now Homeless

Dane deemed 'too much of a security risk' for police protection

(Newser) - A Danish cartoonist who enraged the Muslim world in 2005 with his depiction of the prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban is now homeless, Der Spiegel reports. Kurt Westergaard, 73, has been thrown out of his police-protected hotel room—where he was sent when authorities uncovered a plot... More »

3 Danish Papers Reprint Cartoon of Muhammad

After arrests, country's leading dailies stand behind artist

(Newser) - After yesterday's arrest of three men allegedly plotting to kill a Danish cartoonist, the country's three largest newspapers all reprinted the offending cartoon, Bloomberg reports. Kurt Westergaard's controversial depiction of the prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb in his turban was originally printed in 2005 by Jyllands-Posten, which reproduced it again... More »

Bust in Terror Plot to Kill Danish Cartoonist

Danish secret services make midnight arrests

(Newser) - Danish police this morning arrested several people suspected of plotting to assassinate a cartoonist who had offended Muslims with a cartoon insulting the prophet Mohammed. The newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which published a set of controversial cartoons in 2005, said the attempt was against one of 12 illustrators, Kurt Westergaard, who drew... More »

Danish Museum Pursuing Provocative Islam Cartoons

Drawings that lit 2006 riots not for display

(Newser) - Denmark's Royal Library says it wants to acquire the cartoons of Muslim prophet Mohammed that sparked international protests and violence in 2006, Der Spiegel reports. The library wants to preserve the drawings but won't likely display them in the foreseeable future for fear of stoking controversy. The Danish prime minister... More »

Al-Qaeda Puts Price on Head of Cartoonist

$100,000 for murder of Swede who drew offensive image

(Newser) - An al-Qaeda affiliate is offering a reward to slaughter a Swedish cartoonist who drew an image offensive to Muslims. In an online statement, Islamic State in Iraq offered $100,000 for Lars Vilks' murder and $50,000 for that of the newspaper editor who published the cartoon. The reward escalated... More »

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