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FDA Rules Block Import of Prized Danish Sperm

US running low on popular 'Viking' sperm, barred by Mad Cow safeguards

(Newser) - FDA rules banning European sperm imports are driving some would-be American mothers to desperation, the Washington Post reports. Sperm from Danish donors used to be a popular import. But regulations to safeguard the US from a human form of Mad Cow disease have shut down the supply and sperm banks... More »

Sperm Donors May Lose Anonymity

Kids' rights, health issues push clinics to look at national registry

(Newser) - The halcyon days of anonymous sperm donation may draw to a close, Newsweek reports, as children's rights and health issues prompt the country’s top three sperm banks to consider a national registry for sperm and egg donors. The list may allow recipients to learn about inherited health risks, and... More »

Autistic Kids Linked to Sperm Donor

Experts warn it's impossible to screen for autism genes

(Newser) - A New York professor who wanted to become a mother contacted a sperm bank and chose sperm from a donor with a high IQ. When her son turned out to be autistic, she contacted other mothers who used the same donor and discovered some of their kids were autistic as... More »

Sperm Donation Not 'Taxable Labor' for Danes

Sperm banks warned identity disclosure would kill the thriving exports

(Newser) - The Danish government has thought better of a plan to tax earnings from sperm donation just as it taxes any other job, Der Spiegel reports. The catch is that it would have required donors to disclose their identities, which sperm banks said would drive away 93% of their business. It... More »

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