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Here's Samsung's 'Ultra HD' TV for ... $20K

It's a 'statement piece,' says company

(Newser) - Samsung has revealed a TV to make your HDTV look old-hat. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the tech giant is displaying its 85-inch Ultra HD TV, which analysts expect will run you a mere $20,000 when it ships later this year. Ultra HD—likely the future... More »

iPad's Display Is 'Jaw-Dropping'

'Like getting a new eyeglass prescription,' says Walter Mossberg

(Newser) - Tech reviewers are seeing the light when they check out the eye-popping high-definition display of the new iPad. Lucky columnists with preview models of the iPad's third version are gushing about the screen's brilliant display—with a million more pixels than HDTV—and its processing speed. "These... More »

ESPN to Launch 3D Station

Channel will broadcast live games beginning in June

(Newser) - ESPN will kick off the first-ever 3D television station in June with a live World Cup match. After that, ESPN 3D will broadcast 85 other events this year, including the Summer X Games, and assorted NBA and college basketball and football games, all of them live. But the channel won’... More »

Blu-Ray Goes 3D With New Standards

New players will export two images in full 1080p

(Newser) - Blu-ray players will soon come equipped to show 3D movies in full 1080p, thanks to new standards announced yesterday. Players built to conform with the new standard, which should begin shipping next year, will send two images to the TV, both in full resolution. With the proper glasses, those images... More »

TV to Go 3D in 2010

Manufacturers have the tech, but broadcasters lag

(Newser) - HDTV is about to become old hat. Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and JVC all intend to debut new 3D television sets next year. The manufacturers are likening the move to the standard-to-high-def switch—or even the shift from black-and-white to color. “TV finally becomes real,” a Panasonic VP tells... More »

NFL to Dallas: Don't Move the Scoreboard

If a punter smacks it again, he gets a do-over

(Newser) - When a preseason punt hit the high-tech video screen at the Cowboys’ fancy new stadium, it prompted talk of moving the board. Now, the league says it can stay where it is, at least for this season, the Dallas Morning News reports. If another punter hits it—the team thinks... More »

At Dallas' $1.2B Stadium, Video Board May Be Too Low

(Newser) - The video board above the playing field at the new, $1.2 billion Dallas Cowboys Stadium weighs 1.2 million pounds, is the world’s largest 1080p high-definition TV … and could be hanging too low, USA Today reports. Though it’s 90 feet above the playing surface—5 feet... More »

Millions Still Unprepared for DTV Switch

(Newser) - Millions of Americans, particularly in urban and rural areas, will see their televisions go black when broadcasters switch to digital transmission next week, the New York Times reports. A Nielsen survey indicates that more than 10% of the 114 million homes with sets are partially or completely unprepared for the... More »

Why Your TV Isn't Getting the Whole Picture

(Newser) - The proliferation of wide-screen televisions and the rising tide of high-definition programming have created viewing troubles on both sides of TV’s technological divide, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. On older models, with a 4:3 screen aspect ratio, new HD shows often have a huge chunk of picture missing; old... More »

DTV Date Switch Gains Momentum in DC

Fund to aid consumers' conversion has run dry; June 1 may be alternative

(Newser) - Pressure from an influential consumer group and a change in attitudes on Capitol Hill may push back the mandated switch to digital television, Broadcasting & Cable reports. A letter from the Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports, to key lawmakers and the Bush and Obama administrations urges them to reconsider... More »

First Laser TV Hits the Market

LaserVue promises more colors, needs less electricity

(Newser) - Mitsubishi has released the world’s first laser television, TechRadar reports. The LaserVue L65-A90 uses DLP technology, which runs most projectors, to deliver colors twice as rich as an HDTV. The LaserVue is also greener than HD, using a quarter of the power of a plasma TV. But it will... More »

Japan Launches Super Speed Internet Satellite

Technology could lead to fast access across Asia

(Newser) - Japan today launched a satellite that, if successful, will be able to sling information across Japan and remote parts of Southeast Asia at high speeds and low cost, the AP reports. The satellite, dubbed “Kizuna,” won’t be used commercially–instead, scientists will run about 100 experiments on... More »

Sex or a Plasma TV? British Men Split 50-50

Survey finds half would abstain for six months to get a TV

(Newser) - With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it might not be a good time to bring this up, but nearly 50% of British men surveyed said they’d abstain from sex for six months if it meant they’d land a 50-inch Plasma television, Vunet reports. The poll, by retailer... More »

Fox, Phoenix Super Already

NFL's 8-figure take pales in comparison to TV, tourism dollars

(Newser) - If you're a business with a stake in Super Bowl revenues, a good weekend lies ahead. Sunday's game is an economic powerhouse, and with millions in ticket sales and merchandising, the NFL is actually one of the lesser winners, BusinessWeek reports. Broadcaster Fox, for example, stands to make a mint:... More »

TV Content Stars at Vegas Show

What viewers see, more than what they see it on, in focus at CES

(Newser) - Televisions were all over the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, including some of the biggest, thinnest ones around, showing the crispest pictures ever, the New York Times reports. But exhibitors' focus was much more on what viewers will be seeing on those TVs, with several manufacturers unveiling... More »

Wireless Tech to Cut HDTV Cord

Rival picture slingers are finally heading to market

(Newser) - Electronics companies are finally going to get rid of that ugly cord running from your lovely HDTV to its cable box. At least three different wireless high-definition technologies will be duking it out beginning Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and manufacturers promise you’ll be able... More »

Half of US Owns a Digital TV

... And the rest need to get one, fast.

(Newser) - Digital TVs now grace 57 million US households—more than half the country—according to the Consumer Electronics Association. For glass-half-empty types, that means much of the country still isn’t ready for 2009, when TV will be digital only, Engadget reports. But the optimistic CEA is predicting big sales... More »

Anchors Squirm in HDTV's Glare

Why Anderson, is that a fatty deposit beneath your left eye?

(Newser) - As HD takes hold, TV personalities face a new challenge: namely, hiding that zit in magnified resolution. Makeup techniques that traditionally hid flaws have become as obvious as the blemishes themselves, the Baltimore Sun reports. And, er, seasoned anchors worry the improvements could shift focus from content to complexion, forcing... More »

Ten Christmas Wishes From Wired

Number one is a slinky, and that's awesome

(Newser) - Wired editors have picked out their gadget wish list for the holidays this year, and while the list includes some high-tech toys like TVs and palmtops, it starts out with a standby: a slinky.
  1. Slinky (everyone knows it's slinky)
  2. Nokia N810 (open source palmtop)
  3. Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean (invincible wristwatch)
... More »

Top 10 HDTVs—Starting at $1K

Forbes picks the top 10, and busts a high-res myth

(Newser) - Forbes cuts through the confusion surrounding high-res flat-screens, picking 10 HDTVs that will give you a fab picture and a price tag to make you weep—with joy:
  1. Sharp AQUOS 37" LCD LC-37D43U, $1,000
  2. Olevia 42" LCD 342i, $1,000
  3. Philips 42" Plasma 42PF7321D, $1,000
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