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Gingrich: Trump's Judge Remarks 'Inexcusable'

He says Trump has made one of his 'worst mistakes'

(Newser) - Donald Trump's claim that a US-born judge is a Mexican with a conflict of interest is "inexcusable" and "one of the worst mistakes Trump has made," according to Newt Gingrich, a Trump ally so staunch he has been talked about as a VP pick. "That...

Gingrich for Trump&#39;s VP?
 Gingrich for Trump's VP? 

Gingrich for Trump's VP?

He's open to it, and on lots of short lists

(Newser) - With Donald Trump adding the title of "presumptive nominee" to his resume, the chatter about a potential running mate is increasing. Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and even MSNBC's Joe Scarborough are among the names popping up, but one in particular seems to be on most short lists: Newt...

Adviser: Obama 'Madder Than Hell' Over VA Scandal

Denis McDonough says he's got the scars to prove it

(Newser) - White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough today summarized the commander-in-chief's feelings on the VA scandal pretty pointedly: "The president is madder than hell, and I’ve got the scars to prove it, given the briefings I’ve given the president. Nobody is more outraged about this problem,...

Romney: Obama&#39;s Lie Is Rotting 2nd Term
 Obama's Lie 
 Is Rotting 
 2nd Term 


Romney: Obama's Lie Is Rotting 2nd Term

Prez's biggest mistake was telling people they could keep health plans

(Newser) - Mitt Romney knows a little something about health care reform, and he threw his two cents on the pile today, saying President Obama "failed to learn the lessons" of Massachusetts. Romney took issue with Obama's "one-size-fits-all" approach, notes Politico , adding that reform should have been left to...

The Shutdown: Democracy at Work?
 The Shutdown: 
 Democracy at Work? 

The Shutdown: Democracy at Work?

Debate rages over the GOP's big stand

(Newser) - The first government shutdown since the Clinton/Gingrich years has some people bemoaning our divided government. And yes, "separation of powers is inefficient," admits Charles CW Cooke at the National Review ; "it will not only 'allow' gridlock, but it is explicitly designed to encourage it." And...

Oklahoma&#39;s Fallin: I Need to Cut Red Tape
 Oklahoma's Fallin: 
 I Need to Cut 
 Red Tape 


Oklahoma's Fallin: I Need to Cut Red Tape

Plus, GOP did not like Obama's counterterror speech

(Newser) - With President Obama headed for her tornado-ravaged state, Okla. Gov. Mary Fallin told CNN's State of the Union today that while, "so far, we have had a great response" from the feds, she's also worried about the grinding wheels of bureaucracy in the days ahead. "What...

Help Gingrich Find a New Name for 'Cell Phone'

Like 'handheld computer'

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich is launching a new campaign: to find a better name for the cell phone. In a new YouTube video, the former presidential candidate urges followers to suggest a new name for the device we don't really use as a phone much anymore, ABC reports. He likens it...

Carville Raising Money for Pro-Hillary Super PAC

He's the first of the family's 'inner circle' to do so

(Newser) - Count James Carville among those who really want Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2016. He's supporting Ready for Hillary PAC, a super PAC whose mission is to get Clinton into the race, the Washington Post reports. In an email Carville is sending today, he will ask other...

Gingrich-Santorum Ticket? It Almost Happened

But they couldn't settle on who'd be No. 1, reports Josh Green

(Newser) - Another coda to the 2012 presidential race, and it's a doozy: Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum came this close to mounting a Romney mutiny in the form of a Gingrich-Santorum ticket, reports Josh Green at Bloomberg Businessweek . Or maybe Santorum-Gingrich: The secret talks broke down because the two couldn'...

Paul Ryan: GOP Has Got to Expand Appeal
 Paul Ryan: 
 GOP Has Got 
 to Expand Appeal 


Paul Ryan: GOP Has Got to Expand Appeal

Also, he's not going to talk about a 2016 run in 2013

(Newser) - Paul Ryan made his first talk-show appearance since the 2012 election, so obviously it's time to ask him about his ambitions for the 2016 election and watch him dodge the question: Calling such talk "premature," Ryan added , “I’ve got an important job to do. I...

Gingrich to House GOP: Quit Threatening to Default

Instead, he suggests, focus on sequester, continuing resolution

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich has a message for House Republicans: Stop making empty threats. Congressional Republicans are saying they'll gladly default if President Obama doesn't agree to budget cuts as part of a debt ceiling deal, but that's "a fight they can't sustain," Gingrich said today...

Newt Gingrich Accidentally Ends up on Parks and Rec

Cast, crew ran into him at a steak house

(Newser) - Parks and Recreation's latest political cameo was a complete accident: The cast and crew were filming at an Indianapolis steak house when they ran into Newt Gingrich, the Huffington Post reports, citing the Indianapolis Star . "You can't pass up on an opportunity like that," says the...

Gingrich: GOP Needs to 'Stop Talking,' Start Thinking

Newt Gingrich on the future of the Republican Party

(Newser) - In a less-than-subtle column for Politico , Newt Gingrich blasts the GOP for being downright "wrong" about pretty much everything from voter turnout to the best advertising messages to "the makeup of the electorate." Bottom line: "Republicans spent more and achieved less than Democrats in 2012,"...

McGovern Was a &#39;Complicated Person&#39;
 McGovern Was a 
 'Complicated Person' 

McGovern Was a 'Complicated Person'

President Obama, Mitt Romney among those honoring George McGovern

(Newser) - Tributes are rolling in for George McGovern, the Democrat who served three Senate terms and lost a landslide election to President Richard Nixon in 1972. He died today at age 90.
  • "George actually was a very complicated person," said Newt Gingrich, reports Politico . "He said, 'One

Team Obama: Mitt's Debate 'Masterful,' 'Dishonest'

Plus, more debate over Jack Welch

(Newser) - Team Obama was busily spinning Wednesday's debate today, with Robert Gibbs in one breath calling Mitt Romney's performance "masterful, masterful," and in the next slamming it as just that: a "performance" that was at best "fundamentally dishonest," reports Politico . "He did a...

Now in Crosshairs: Debate Moderators

Social media, confrontational candidates turn up heat

(Newser) - Jim Lehrer has been moderating presidential debates for decades, but lately, it's a lot tougher than it used to be. Candidates have started confronting not just their opponents but the moderators themselves, as Newt Gingrich showed us during the GOP primaries. And the general public can easily hammer chosen...

Romney: Don't Expect Big Tax Cuts

He targets deficit as Obama pushes 'economic patriotism'

(Newser) - With the first presidential debate just days away, Mitt Romney is taking aim at the deficit, an issue even more important than job creation to independent voters, according to a Wall Street Journal poll. He told voters at a rally in Ohio yesterday that despite his tax-cutting plans, they shouldn'...

Romney: Yeah, I Like Parts of ObamaCare
 Romney: Yeah, 
 I Like Parts of 

Romney: Yeah, I Like Parts of ObamaCare

Candidate gives interview to David Gregory

(Newser) - Mitt Romney made a rare appearance on Meet the Press this morning, along with wife Ann Romney, and notably admitted that not all of ObamaCare is bad, reports Politico . “I'm not getting rid of all of health care reform,” Romney said. “Of course, there are a...

Gingrich Finally Tells His Delegates: Back Romney

Releases delegates in letter published on his website

(Newser) - Newt Gingrich exited the race for the GOP nomination on May 2, but it took him another three and a half months to let go of his 142 delegates. The former GOP candidate released his delegates last night via a letter posted to his website, reports the AP . And though...

Right Cheers, Left Jeers &#39;Extremist&#39; Ryan

 Right Cheers, 
 Left Jeers 
 'Extremist' Ryan 

Right Cheers, Left Jeers 'Extremist' Ryan

'Excellent choice' or 'right-wing idealogue,' depending on who you ask

(Newser) - DC's finest wasted no time reacting to Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan as his runningmate this morning, with Republicans applauding as Democrats immediately pounced on the Wisconsin Republican. Highlights from your Sunday dial, as per Politico :
  • John McCain : Ryan is an "excellent choice," who won'

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