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There Are 9 Supreme Court Justices. New Bill Would Make It 13

Observers note legislation set to be introduced by Dems is unlikely to pass anytime soon, however

(Newser) - Last week, President Biden signed an executive order to set up a commission dedicated to studying possible reforms to the Supreme Court, including an increase in the number of justices on the bench. Congressional Democrats, however, aren't waiting for the results of the panel's report due out in...

Winner Announced in Kennedy vs. Markey

Markey fends off primary challenger

(Newser) - US Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts defeated US Rep. Joe Kennedy III in Tuesday’s hard-fought Democratic primary , harnessing support from progressive leaders to overcome a challenge from a younger rival who is a member of America’s most famous political family. It was the first time a Kennedy has...

Kennedy History Looms Large in Bitter Massachusetts Race

RFK grandson accuses incumbent of 'weaponizing' clan's past

(Newser) - In the Democratic Senate primary in Massachusetts, a member of the Kennedy clan is facing stiff competition from a candidate with strong support among millennials, a popular TikTok account, and an endorsement from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He also happens to be the 74-year-old incumbent. Sen. Edward Markey, who has been...

Democrat Markey Wins Massachusetts Senate Seat

He fends off Republican Gabriel Gomez in special election for Kerry's seat

(Newser) - Longtime Democratic Rep. Edward Markey has won today's special election in Massachusetts for the Senate seat recently vacated by John Kerry. The 66-year-old Markey beat Republican challenger Gabriel Gomez, 47, a former Navy SEAL and businessman. Markey had 54% of the vote with about 90% of returns counted.

Rep: BP Doused Gulf With Dispersants
 Rep: BP Doused Gulf 
 With Dispersants 

Rep: BP Doused Gulf With Dispersants

And the Coast Guard gave them the go-ahead

(Newser) - Despite an EPA directive to use oil dispersants sparingly, BP routinely pumped thousands of gallons a day into the Gulf of Mexico—with the Coast Guard's blessing, reports the New York Times. Though little is known about the dispersants' long-term environmental effects, the Coast Guard approved 64 of 74 waivers...

Oil Giants All Have Same Lame Spill Plan: Dems
 Oil Giants All 
 Have Same Lame 
 Spill Plan: Dems 
Grilling Big Oil

Oil Giants All Have Same Lame Spill Plan: Dems

Companies argue spill was a fluke

(Newser) - Lord help us if there’s another deepwater spill, because the big oil companies all have a pretty much identical response plan to BP, congressional Democrats complained today, grilling executives from Chevron, Exxon, Shell, BP, and Conoco Phillips. All the companies hired the same third party to draft their plans,...

BP Makes 12 Spillcams Public

Live feeds show disaster in action

(Newser) - BP might be facing criticism for hiding the environmental damage caused by the Gulf spill, but it's now tougher to hide anything in the repair effort—the company has made all 12 live video feeds at the ruptured well available to the public. A perusal of the Spillcam website shows...

Congress Wants Answers on Low Oil Leak Estimates

Experts say it's much higher than 5,000 barrels per day

(Newser) - News that way more oil than previously reported seems to be gushing out of the burst well in the Gulf of Mexico has caught the attention of Congress. Edward Markey, who chairs a House subcommittee on energy, says he'll ask BP and federal agencies to explain their estimates, reports CNN...

FDA Probes 'Hormone Disrupter' in Soap, Toothpaste

Studies in animals point to risk

(Newser) - The Food and Drug Administration is taking a closer look at an antibacterial found in soap and toothpaste. Animal studies of the substance, triclosan, suggest it may alter hormone regulation or help develop resistance to antibiotics, Reuters notes. "There are many troubling questions about triclosan's effectiveness and potentially harmful...

Cap-and-Trade Bill 'Biggest Tax in US History'

(Newser) - The cap-and-trade climate legislation that could come up for a House vote tomorrow makes no economic sense and “is likely to be the biggest tax in American history,” write the editors of the Wall Street Journal. Democrats are defending the bill with an incomplete Congressional Budget Office estimate...

Questions Trail After Satellite
Questions Trail After Satellite

Questions Trail After Satellite

American politicians, Asian powers fret over missile capability

(Newser) - The US Navy's destruction of a spy satellite on Wednesday continues to stir doubts both domestically and internationally, reports the New York Times. China issued an explicit warning yesterday, and Russia has raised questions. “The geopolitical fallout of this intercept could be far greater than any chemical fallout that...

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