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Sri Lanka Arrests Astrologer Who 'Sees' Ouster of Prez

(Newser) - He really should have seen this coming. A popular astrologer in Sri Lanka has been arrested after predicting the ouster of the president, the BBC reports. Police took Chandrasiri Bandara into custody this week after he foresaw a bad moon rising for Mahinda Rajapaksa and told opposition leaders they'd be... More »

Frazzled Investors Turn to Psychics for Help

Investors flock to psychics for economic insight

(Newser) - Maybe they failed to predict today's economy, but psychics are certainly profiting from it, the New York Times reports. Frustrated with traditional financial advice, many investors are booking appointments with soothsayers, who say their business is on the upswing. “Your mortgage agents, your realtors, your bankers, you can’t... More »

Politics, Stars Align for Thai Fortunetellers

Mr. Luck's upbeat, automated predictions on love, life big business in tumultuous times

(Newser) - Fortunetelling, always a big part of Thai culture, is bigger business than ever now, the Wall Street Journal reports. As political unrest buffets the country, an automated telephone astrology service run by a seer known as Mr. Luck is flourishing. "Every time there's a crisis in Thailand, it's a... More »

Flirty, New Age Rielle Aimed to 'Save' Edwards

'I let her do my astrological chart': Newsweek columnist

(Newser) - Flirting with John Edwards on a plane 2 years ago, Rielle Hunter looked like a schmoozy blonde trying—and failing—to tempt a presidential hopeful. But as Newsweek reporter Jonathan Darman got to know her, he realized she was documenting Edwards on video—and wanted to help him with New... More »

Pre-Olympics Eclipse May Give Chinese Jitters

A solar eclipse shortly before the Olympics won't bring doom, 'experts' say

(Newser) - Eager to shake its reputation for being superstitious, China will be downplaying a total solar eclipse—once seen as a portent of disaster—Aug. 1, a week before the Beijing Olympics, AFP reports. Feng shui and astrology experts are predicting that the eclipse, visible in China but not Beijing, will... More »

Brits Used Astrologer Against Hitler

Declassified files tell of 'star wars' strategy in WWII

(Newser) - Some British strategists saw the outcome of World War II written in the stars, according to newly declassified documents that reveal the role of an astrologer in predicting Adolf Hilter's moves. An intelligence agency employed a colorful character who claimed to be able to use astrological readings to, as one... More »

6 Stories
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