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Canada to Pay Millions to Former Gitmo Detainee

Country will offer apology to Omar Khadr

(Newser) - The Canadian government is going to apologize and give millions to a former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing a US soldier in Afghanistan when he was 15, with Canada's Supreme Court later ruling that officials had interrogated him under "oppressive circumstances." An official familiar...

She Helped Get Him Out of Gitmo; Now She's Marrying Him

'Child soldier' Omar Khadr engaged to human rights activist Muna Abougoush

(Newser) - As Omar Khadr fought for years to be released from Guantanamo Bay, he always had Canadian human rights activist Muna Abougoush in his corner. Abougoush helped put together the Free Omar Khadr website and even visited him when he was eventually moved to a Canadian prison, notes the Guardian . Now...

Youngest Gitmo Prisoner Goes Free in Canada

Omar Khadr promises to prove he's a good person

(Newser) - Omar Khadr, the youngest Guantanamo Bay inmate and last Westerner to be released from the facility, is out on bail after spending nearly half of his 28 years locked up. A judge in Alberta decided there was no evidence there would be "irreparable harm" if Khadr, who was transferred...

Last Western Detainee Leaves Gitmo

Former teen soldier Omar Khadr will serve out term in Canada

(Newser) - One of the more notable prisoners at Guantanamo Bay is no longer a detainee there. Toronto native Omar Khadr was flown back to Canada this morning to serve out the remainder of his term, reports the Toronto Sun . Khadr was the last Westerner held at Gitmo, notes Reuters , but his...

Gitmo's Former 'Child Soldier' Gets 8 Years

Plea bargain bars teen al-Qaeda fighter from 40-year sentence

(Newser) - The long-running case of a onetime teenage al-Qaeda fighter is over, with a US military judge sentencing Omar Khadr to eight more years in custody for war crimes. The sentence was handed down yesterday under a plea bargain in which the young Canadian, now 24, admitted to five war crimes...

Canadian at Gitmo Pleads Guilty to All Charges

Omar Khadr works out military plea deal

(Newser) - A Canadian prisoner at Guantanamo accused of killing an American soldier has pleaded guilty to all charges. Omar Khadr—who had been facing a possible life sentence—pleaded to five charges including murder in a plea agreement with military authorities. The terms of the plea deal have not yet been...

Gitmo Juror Rejected for Agreeing with Obama

Khadr trial halted after lawyer collapses

(Newser) - A military officer who says he believes the Guantanamo Bay detention center should be closed was disqualified from serving on the jury at detainee Omar Khadr's trial this week. The other 15 officers considered for the panel all either said that Gitmo should stay open or that they had no...

Child Soldier or War Criminal?

Trial of Omar Khadr, in Gitmo since he was 15, raises questions about the war on terror

(Newser) - The upcoming trial of Canadian Omar Khadr, the only Western detainee still at Guantanamo, will offer a rare window into the war on terror. The Obama administration's first full war-crimes prosecution will face the question of whether Khadr was a child soldier whose father pushed him into al-Qaeda at age...

Evidence Mess Threatens Gitmo Cases: Ex-Prosecutor

Evidence 'lost, disorganized'

(Newser) - The handling of evidence in Guantanamo Bay cases is so chaotic it may be impossible to properly convict a single prisoner, charges a former military prosecutor. Former Lt. Col. Darrel Vandeveld is supporting a federal court petition to free one detainee, Mohammed Jawad, who has been held without trial for...

Obama's Delayed Gitmo Plan Upsets Rights Groups

President-elect urged to stop tribunals before child soldier's trial

(Newser) - Human rights groups are worried about Barack Obama's plan to wait over 100 days before closing the Guantanamo Bay detenion center, reports the Miami Herald. Activists fear that Obama plans to keep the system of military tribunals going and are especially concerned about the upcoming trial of prisoner Omar Khadr,...

Video of Gitmo Interrogation Hits Web

Sobbing 16-year-old Canadian detainee claims torture

(Newser) - A videotape of Canadian officials interrogating a sobbing 16-year-old detainee at Guantanamo Bay surfaced on the Internet today. The clip, made public under a court order obtained by the suspect's lawyer, is the first such footage from the detention center to reach the public, the CBC reports. It shows an...

Fierce Military Lawyers Take On Gitmo Fight

Defense attorneys wage tough battles for terror suspect clients

(Newser) - Military lawyers appointed to represent Guantanamo prisoners have been fighting in their clients' corner with unexpected fierceness, the New York Times reports. The lawyers have infuriated prosecutors by challenging the administration's war crimes system and demanding rights for their clients. One of them describes the task as a "historic...

Destroying Key Records Was Standard at Gitmo

US interrogators told to 'minimize certain legal issues' in questioning detainees

(Newser) - Guantanamo Bay interrogators were urged to destroy notes from interviews with detainees, including Canadian Omar Khadr, documents suggest. Minimizing interrogation records “can minimize certain legal issues,” reads a Guantanamo operational manual for intelligence teams shown to Khadr’s lawyers. The case against Khadr is thought to be based...

Gitmo Lawyers Probe Cheney Link to Leak

VP's office accused of tampering with high-profile trial

(Newser) - Lawyers for a Canadian held at Guantanamo Bay since 2002 are investigating allegations that Dick Cheney's office defied a court order and leaked a damning video about their client to "60 Minutes," the National Post reports. The footage, which appears to show Omar Khadr building a roadside bomb,...

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