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'Racial Anxiety' Fuels Town Hall Protesters

(Newser) - The mob-like scenes at recent town halls are "something new and ugly," writes Paul Krugman, who notes that 2005's protests against Social Security privatization never saw baying crowds and congressmen hanged in effigy. The New York Times columnist is unconvinced that the mobs are in the pay...

Gates' Real Offense? 'Speaking Truth to Power'

(Newser) - So much for our post-racial society, writes Carol Rose in the Boston Globe. If we needed any evidence that "racism is alive and well," look no further than the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. The Harvard professor was charged with disorderly conduct not because police mistook him...

'Jena 6' Defendants Walk With No Jail Time

(Newser) - Five black students accused of beating a white classmate in Louisiana pleaded no contest to misdemeanor civil battery today, ending a trial that triggered a huge civil rights demonstration, the Alexandria Town Talk reports. Critics said that the so-called "Jena Six," originally charged with attempted murder, were...

'Wise Latina' Reference a Favorite of Sotomayor's

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s now-infamous “wise Latina woman” statement wasn’t an isolated incident, CQ Politics reports. The phrase crops up multiple times in speeches  delivered from 1994 to 2003 and released yesterday ahead of the Supreme Court nominee's Senate confirmation hearings. Some speeches contain the same line exactly; others...

What They'll Say to Fight Sotomayor
What They'll
Say to Fight Sotomayor

What They'll Say to Fight Sotomayor

Critics call nominee racially insensitive, lacking intellect

(Newser) - Sonia Sotomayor’s opponents are already polishing their script, Politico reports. They’ll call her radical, racist, and stupid—albeit via softer buzzwords. She’s a “judicial activist” fond of “identity politics,” with a questionable “intellect.” Here are the charges against her:
  • She lacks “

Racial Tolerance Can Spread Quickly, Too, Studies Say

Studies show flip side of 'Bradley Effect' fears

(Newser) - In this election, some feared that racial biases could affect the outcome—but tolerance between groups can grow as quickly as distrust, new studies suggest. Researchers have used interviews and competitions to quickly forge close relationships between people of different ethnic backgrounds, and those newfound friendships can ease the subjects’...

What Obama Means for My Son
 What Obama Means for My Son 

What Obama Means for My Son

One father's journey through a racially-charged election

(Newser) - Barack Obama looks poised to win the presidency, and that would mean a lot for Gary Younge’s infant son. Younge wasn’t always sure it would, the Brooklyn resident writes in the Guardian. "It wasn't that I didn't understand the symbolic importance of his bid. I just did...

Palin Supporters Berate Media at Ugly Rally

Black sound operator told to 'sit down, boy' amidst other taunts

(Newser) - Sarah Palin’s supporters are taking her attacks on the mainstream media to heart. Reporters at a rally yesterday were greeted with jeers and taunts from the 3,000-strong crowd, Dana Milbank reports in the Washington Post. Palin’s supporters banged thunder sticks and shouted abuse at reporters, and one...

California to End Last Outpost of Segregation: Prisons

Many expect surge in violence with change

(Newser) - California will fully integrate its prison system next month, making it one of the last states to do so, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The state will end the practice of separating new arrivals to the nation's largest prison system based on race. Both guards and inmates are bracing for...

Secret Service Is Racist, Suit Alleges

Damning e-mails surface ahead of trial

(Newser) - A culture of racism lurks behind the dark glasses of the Secret Service, claims a lawsuit filed by more than 100 current and former black agents who say they were denied promotions. The Service denies the charges, but the suit has brought troubling emails to light, ABC News reports. One...

Why Brown Is Still Hung Up on Black
 Why Brown Is Still
 Hung Up on Black 

Why Brown Is Still Hung Up on Black

Latinos, eying both whites and blacks warily, lean toward lighter hues

(Newser) - The US Latino community is made up of 20 nationalities and 44 million people, but it is largely in agreement on one thing—suspicion of, and often condescension toward, blacks, Ernesto Quiñonez writes in Esquire. Quiñonez remembers growing up in East Harlem, recalling “pecking orders and historic...

Groom-Slaying Cops Face Disciplinary Hearings

Sharpton upset they haven't been fired

(Newser) - The New York cops who were acquitted last month after firing more than 50 bullets at an unarmed man on his wedding day will face police department disciplinary action, Reuters reports. Seven officers are on the hot seat, including the three who were cleared of criminal charges last month, and...

NYPD Arrests Sharpton, Bell's Fiancée at Protests

Hundreds march against acquittal of officers in shooting

(Newser) - New York City police arrested the Rev. Al Sharpton and the fiancée and mother of Sean Bell today during protests over the April 25 acquittal of three officers who shot Bell to death in a 50-bullet barrage. Hundreds blocked traffic at the Brooklyn Bridge and other city hot spots,...

Rev. Wright Slams 'Devious' Media Coverage

Obama pastor defends sermons, says he was portrayed as 'a fanatic'

(Newser) - The Rev. Jeremiah Wright says the media made him out as "some sort of fanatic" by repeating snippets from sermons out of context—part of a "devious" agenda to denigrate the campaign of Barack Obama, the Chicago Tribune reports. In an interview with Bill Moyers to air on...

Ferraro Quits Clinton Post
 Ferraro Quits Clinton Post 

Ferraro Quits Clinton Post

She resigns honorary post after race flap over Obama

(Newser) - Geraldine Ferraro left her honorary post in the Clinton campaign today amid turmoil over her comment that if Barack Obama were white, "he would not be in this position." Ferraro stands by that assertion but says the Obama camp has twisted her remarks out of context. "I...

Malaysian PM Won't Quit After Election Rout

'Political tsunami' the result of govt's inability to quell racial strife

(Newser) - Yesterday's elections in Malaysia dealt a stunning blow to the coalition that has effectively ruled the country since 1957. Despite the worst-ever showing, the National Front clung to a bare majority in parliament, and the prime minister refused calls for his resignation, BBC reports. Outside observers fear unrest and financial...

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