Janet Jackson

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19 Best-Kept Secrets of the Stars

The latest: Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy

(Newser) - Angelina Jolie managed to keep her double mastectomy a secret from February 2, when procedures started, through April 27, when they were completed, and all the way until May 14, when she revealed everything. But some stars have kept their secrets even longer: Radar lists 18 of them.
  • Janet Jackson
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These 10 Songs Were Meant for Other Singers

Janet Jackson could have sung 'How Will I Know'

(Newser) - Can't picture anyone other than Whitney Houston singing "How Will I Know"? Well, Janet Jackson was offered the song first, reports Entertainment Tonight . Nine more songs that were originally intended for someone else:
  • Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" was originally offered to Michael Jackson—as
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10 Celebs Who Rebounded With Younger Men

May-December relationships: Not just for guys

(Newser) - How to get over a broken heart? Hook up with someone much younger, obviously. The Frisky Rounds up 10 celebrities who have done just that:
  • We were all very sad when Susan Sarandon's 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins (who was already 12 years younger than she) broke up ... but
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10 Artists Who Turned Down Hit Songs

Just think, Janet could have had 'How Will I Know'

(Newser) - Sometimes celebrities aren't so lucky—as evidenced by these 10 musical artists who rejected songs that later turned into hits by someone else. From Celebuzz :
  • Leona Lewis recorded "We Found Love" before Rihanna, but didn't want to commit. "Mine's better," she says, although she
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12 Celebs Who Married Secretly

Rosie O'Donnell is just the latest

(Newser) - Not every celebrity requires a televised wedding extravaganza when they get hitched, as Rosie O'Donnell recently proved . (Adele denies that she's done the same , after one supposed wedding guest told the Mail she quietly married Simon Konecki, with whom she is having a baby .) OMG! rounds up... More »

Jackson Family Feud Spills Into Twitter

Prince, Paris accuse 'certain people' of hiding grandmother

(Newser) - The Jacksons' drama has spilled over into Twitter, with Paris and Prince tweeting their extreme displeasure with the family feud, reports the Los Angeles Times . Both kids seem well aware they are mostly pawns in a bigger battle over their late father's money, and are upset at how the... More »

TMZ: Janet Called Paris a 'Spoiled Bitch'

Michael Jackson's kids refuse to leave grandma's home

(Newser) - We know police came to Katherine Jackson's California home to investigate a reported assault . Now there's video of a confrontation between family members—and it's not pretty. Janet and 14-year-old Paris Jackson go at it outside the Calabasas home, with Janet making a grab for Paris' cell... More »

Supreme Court May Rule on 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

FCC wants its $550,000 fine against CBS reinstated

(Newser) - The infamous 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction may make it all the way to the Supreme Court. The FCC filed an appeal to the high court today, asking it to reconsider a decision by a lower court that threw out a $550,000 fine the FCC levied against CBS, reports... More »

Janet: My Breasts Were Bound as a Child Star

Traumatic experience gave her the title for her new book

(Newser) - Janet Jackson has struggled with her weight—publicly, no less—for years, which is why she wrote her upcoming self-help book, True You. She tells ABC News her body image issues began as a child actor on Good Times, when “they bound my chest because they thought my breasts... More »

'00s Biggest Celeb Scandals

Jon and Kate Gosselin haven't always dominated the headlines

(Newser) - You may have forgotten all about it, thanks to the neverending coverage of the Gosselin divorce or Tiger Woods’ mistresses, but there was a time—in the last 10 years—when Winona Ryder’s shoplifting was the story of the hour. The Frisky lists the top 10 celebrity scandals of... More »

Latest Celebrity Getaways

Dubai is out of favor, but these destinations are heating up

(Newser) - With Dubai in dire straits, where will jet-setters go now? The Frisky knows. See full details here .
  • Morocco: Big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were in Marrakesh recently for the opening of a Chopard jewelry boutique.
  • Croatia: With the war over, celebs such as Steven Spielberg and Robert
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Lambert, GLAAD Cry Bias—About CBS and ABC

Early Show blurs same-sex kiss as singer makes his case

(Newser) - After being booted from a scheduled Good Morning America appearance because of his American Music Awards antics, Adam Lambert was snatched up by CBS’ Early Show, where he contended the controversy was motivated by his sexuality: “If it had been a female pop performer doing the moves that were... More »

Janet Blames Doc for Michael's Death

Dr. Conrad Murray is responsible, she says, and should stop practicing

(Newser) - Janet Jackson blames Dr. Conrad Murray for her brother Michael’s death, and says he should no longer be practicing medicine in an interview airing tomorrow. Jackson tells Robin Roberts of ABC News that Murray “was the one that was administering. I think he is responsible.” She adds,... More »

The FCC Is Still After Janet? Ridiculous

The Jackson nipple-slip battle continues; 'how insane' is this?

(Newser) - Back in President Bush's America, the FCC assault on Janet Jackson's nipple-ringed revelation made an odd sort of sense, Michelle Dean writes in Bitch. After all, "the inmates were running the asylum" and sanity was "unrepresented in government." But now that President Obama is in office,... More »

FCC to Probe Nipplegate, Again

Says CBS should have used tape delay to prevent incident

(Newser) - Five years after the nation saw a split-second of Janet Jackson’s right boob, the FCC is trying to reopen the case, Broadcasting & Cable reports. The FCC is asking the Third Circuit Appeals Court to remand the case back to the agency. The evidence “strongly suggests that CBS... More »

Jackson Tributes Steal Video Awards

If it weren't for a certain rapper, Michael would have stolen the show

(Newser) - With the exception of Kanye West's inebriated attack on Taylor Swift, last night’s MTV Video Music Awards were all about Michael Jackson, with longtime friend Madonna and sister Janet delivering moving tributes, the Los Angeles Times reports. The Material Girl introduced the tribute, while Janet performed her half of... More »

Janet on Michael: 'He Loved to Laugh'

He had a big heart and bigger sense of humor

(Newser) - Janet Jackson opens up about her late brother in next month’s Harper’s Bazaar. Though she speaks to her own troubles—“people can have rhinoceros skin, but there's a point when something's going to hurt you”—and the family—“people said to me that Michael's daughter... More »

Jackson, Dupri Call It Quits

(Newser) - When Janet Jackson’s longtime boyfriend didn’t show up for Michael Jackson’s memorial last week a source said it was because Jermaine Dupri “doesn’t attend funerals.” In fact, Us reports, it was because Jackson and Dupri have split after 7 years. “His friends are... More »

Jackson Kids Want to Stay With Janet

(Newser) - Janet Jackson has become Michael Jackson kids' key caregiver in the weeks since their father's death and that's how the four of them want it to stay, sources tell OK!  "Janet has completely bonded with those children in the last two weeks,” said a family friend. “... More »

Jackson Siblings May Fill in at London Shows

Janet, brothers have been approached

(Newser) - As promoters determine the best way to salvage Michael Jackson’s 50-night London concert run, the possibility has emerged that his siblings will fill in, the Sun reports. “Janet has been sounded out about fronting some of the shows,” says a source. “Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon... More »

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