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Apple to Launch Online TV This Fall

It will include around 25 channels, sources say

(Newser) - After years of rumors and false starts, Apple is finally going to launch an online TV service this fall, according to the Wall Street Journal , which cites "people familiar with the matter." The Journal's sources say Apple is in talks to provide a bundle of around 25... More »

Your New Pay-TV Provider Could Be ... Google

Search giant looks to subvert traditional cable TV system

(Newser) - Not content to have won the Internet, Google now looks to be eyeing another conquest: TV. The search and advertising giant has reportedly been in talks with media companies about the possibility of licensing their content for an online TV service that would rival traditional cable providers, the Wall Street ... More »

Time Warner Bribes Partners to Keep Shows Offline

Cable provider even threatens to drop programming in retaliation

(Newser) - Cable companies must be terrified of cord-cutters, because they're playing hardball to try to keep shows offline. Time Warner and other "pay-TV operators" are offering media companies higher payments if they'll keep their content off of web video services, and even threatening to drop networks that don'... More »

Larry King Back With Internet Show

Carlos Slim taps former CNN anchor for

(Newser) - He's baaaack. Larry King will strap on his suspenders once more to host an online-only TV show on a new network financed by Carlos Slim Helu, the New York Times reports. The new network, which will be called, will be officially announced today. King says the show... More »

Satellite, Cable TV Customers Flee in Record Numbers

Combined figure hits 580K in second quarter

(Newser) - Sign of the times: The six biggest satellite and cable TV companies lost a combined 580,000 customers in the second quarter, which Bloomberg calls a record high. Take your pick of reasons: rising prices, increased online competition from the likes of Netflix, a lousy economy, the slump in home... More »

96.7% of Homes Have TVs, 1st Drop in 20 Years

Rocky economy, online TV to blame: Nielsen

(Newser) - The rocky economy and an upswing in Internet viewing contribute to a surprising new statistic: In America, 96.7% of households have a television set—down from 98.9% previously. It's the first such drop in two decades, the New York Times notes. The Nielsen Company, which collected the... More »

Kiefer Sutherland Stars in Hulu Web Thriller

Online serial The Confession debuts

(Newser) - Kiefer Sutherland is starring in a new series, but you won't find it on traditional TV. The 24 star plays a hit man trying to save his soul in The Confession, an online serial that made its debut on Hulu this week, reports the Independent . The series—consisting of ten... More »

Microsoft Planning XBox TV Service

Television tech battle back on

(Newser) - Microsoft is planning to leap back into the battle for American living rooms with a new TV service, sources tell Reuters. The company has held talks with TV networks about creating a TV service to be delivered through the XBox console, establishing a "virtual cable operator" that would charge... More »

Apple, Amazon Joining Battle for Your TV

Apple to announce revamped version of Apple TV with Netflix

(Newser) - Amazon and Apple are both planning major pushes into the online TV business, insiders say. Apple will announce today a new set-top box that will deliver TV to consumers and include movies from Netflix, reports Bloomberg . Apple will offer 99-cent rentals of TV shows through its revamped, $99 version of... More »

Google TV Spooks Hollywood

Entertainment execs fear Google plan could upend industry

(Newser) - Google wants to bring the Internet to your TV set, but many in Hollywood want Google to stay off their turf. Companies fear that the search king's Google TV project —which will allow users to search for and watch online videos via their TV sets—will encourage viewers to... More »

Please, Apple, 'Blow Up' the Cable Companies

Steve Jobs and crew are getting closer to an online subscription service

(Newser) - Apple is getting closer to launching an online television subscription service, and MG Siegler relishes the challenge it could pose to cable companies. “Just as Apple transformed the music industry thanks to the iTunes/iPod combination, and the mobile industry thanks to the iPhone, a device that offered all the... More »

Current TV: Palin a 'TWILF'

Jury still out, sort of, on what that means

(Newser) - Let the Web 2.0 acronym wars commence! Al Gore’s Current TV took a swipe at multiple conservative leaders and the media in a cartoon video dubbed “Stupid Virus,” but its treatment of Sarah Palin has been singled out. In the video, Palin’s twitter handle is... More »

Online TV, Movie Guide Impresses

Clicker takes the drudgery out of finding what you want

(Newser) - The Web is so rich with TV and movie options that organizing the content is a daunting task. “You could browse multiple sites, including crowd-pleasers like Hulu, but that's too slow and tedious,” Jeff Bertolucci writes. Enter Clicker , a new aggregating website its CEO calls “one part... More »

Obama Grabs Highest TV Ratings Since Reagan

Web audience sends numbers skyrocketing

(Newser) - Barack Obama's inauguration was the most-watched ever but it failed to set a TV ratings record, USA Today reports. Neilsen estimates 37.8 million television viewers tuned in for the ceremony, while 41.8 million watched Ronald Reagan's 1981 inauguration. But internet viewership broke records and sent figures through the... More »

Fallon to Launch Late Night Online

New host will post short programs on the web

(Newser) - Jimmy Fallon is launching his career as host of NBC's Late Night on the Internet, reports the New York Times. Late Night producer Lorne Michaels will produce 10-minute segments with Fallon for an online audience months before he takes over on TV from Conan O'Brien, who's set to replace Jay... More »

MySpace Cuts Distribution Deal for Its Video Content

Social network labels itself 'digital playground'

(Newser) - MySpace has signed with a British production firm for international distribution of video content it develops, in a sign that News Corp's social network aims to be a breeding ground for small-screen programming. Indeed, in revealing the deal with the Shine Group—whose CEO is News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch’... More »

South Park Online? Sweet!

Every episode is now legally watchable

(Newser) - Every episode of South Park is now available online on one (legal) website. The South Park Studios production company site features every full episode of the show and about 3,000 embeddable clips. CNET blogger Harrison Hoffman wonders why the full shows aren't also embeddable. "Their reach may suffer... More »

Web Preempts Boob Tube

Millions of viewers stream shows on demand

(Newser) - If you watch “The Office” or “Ugly Betty” online, you’re among millions of consumers who have forsaken the boob tube. Nielsen recently found that 25% of Internet users had watched TV online in the last three months. “It has become a mainstream behavior in an extraordinarily... More »

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