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GOP Has Alternate Plan to Kill Health Care Bill

They'd essentially cut off all the money for it

(Newser) - The vote Republicans take to repeal the health care law next week will be purely symbolic—there’s no way repeal would get through the Senate and White House—but Republicans have a Plan B. It's called choke off the money. Congressman Steve King is floating a rule that would...

Uh, Oh: GOP Wakes to World Without Earmarks

Conservatives scramble to get cash for legit transportation projects

(Newser) - Killing earmarks in an era of big government and bigger deficits sure sounded like great conservative politics at the party last night, but none other than the House GOP is waking up with a hangover, wondering "What were we thinking?" As Politico reports, it turns out that ix-naying porky...

Bachmann Rules House Wingnuts Index

Steve King, Louie Gohmert not far behind among fringe congressmen

(Newser) - A week after releasing its Senate Wingnut Index , the Daily Beast investigates wingnuttery in the House. Using a “semi-scientific” process to identify the most extreme members on both sides of the spectrum, the site ranks them:
  1. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): From calling the president “anti-American” to warning of tyranny,

Obama Gives Illegal Haitians Temp Amnesty

Iowa rep objects: Deported, they could help with relief

(Newser) - President Obama today gave Haitians in the US illegally the OK to stay for 18 months under “temporary protective status” while the quake-devastated nation rebuilds. And while critics don’t see much daylight between that and a blanket amnesty, one Republican says if the illegal immigrants were sent home,...

Anti-New Deal Book Is GOP's New Bible

Republicans flock to The Forgotten Man in fight over stimulus

(Newser) - For the Republican Party, looking for any kind of traction for its opposition to President Obama’s stimulus spending, anti-New Deal book The Forgotten Man is a godsend, Politico reports. Author Amity Shlaes suggests, in what some call revisionist history, that FDR’s plan, pushed by government bureaucrats on a...

Terrorists Will Party if Obama Wins: Iowa Rep.

Conservative GOP congressman stands by controversial slam

(Newser) - An Iowa congressman isn't going to back down from remarks that terrorists will be "dancing in the streets" if Barack Obama is elected, the Des Moines Register reports. Republican Steve King told a radio station last week that Obama's middle name—Hussein—would be one reason terrorists would hail...

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