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Black Woman Harassed by Seatmate: Delta Did Me Right

Demetria Poe says airline took care of her after white seatmate got confrontational

(Newser) - A young Black kindergarten teacher from Minnesota has a new favorite airline after the way it handled an unpleasant incident with a fellow passenger. Per USA Today , 25-year-old Demetria Poe took a Delta Air Lines flight last month from Minneapolis to Washington, DC, to attend the Commitment March for racial...

Delta's Posh New Upgrade: Private Jet

It costs $300 to $800, and it's barely available

(Newser) - For frequent flyers who'd like to feel wealthy for a day, Delta's got a new upgrade that will cost the shirts off their backs yet still feel like a pretty big bang for the buck. For $300 to $800 a flight, "high-value customers" who've achieved elite...

Windows 7 Drops: Microsoft Is Back
 Windows 7 Drops: 
 Microsoft Is Back 
David Pogue: SO LONG, VISTA

Windows 7 Drops: Microsoft Is Back

Redmond can be proud of its new OS: Pogue

(Newser) - At last, you can put your Vista woes behind you. Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7, which drops today, takes what's good about its predecessor—especially security and good looks—and eliminates the parts that drove users bonkers. Windows 7 isn't just substantially faster and more compatible with users' machines,...

Apple's Snow Leopard Sleek, Speedy
 Apple's Snow Leopard 
 Sleek, Speedy 

Apple's Snow Leopard Sleek, Speedy

(Newser) - Apple's Snow Leopard arrives in stores tomorrow, and advance reviews find it a sleeker beast than the typical upgrade. Rather than decking out OS X Leopard with new features, Apple has shrunk and sped up the program. David Pogue in the New York Times greets the upgrade as a long-overdue...

10 Ways to Game the Airlines

(Newser) - Airlines offer more than you know—and would rather you didn't know about it. The Chicago Tribune runs down a list of ways to benefit from airline secrets:
  • Complain early and often: Whatever the problem, "airlines tend to buy grouchy passengers off with frequent-flier miles."
  • Travel agents work

Microsoft's Windows 7 Prices Include Early-Bird Discount

Free upgrades for Vista PC buyers starting Friday

(Newser) - A pre-ordered upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system will cost US customers $49 or $99 from tomorrow until July 11, depending on version: Home premium or Professional, CNET reports. Also starting tomorrow, anyone who buys a new Vista PC will get a free upgrade to Windows 7 when...

Windows 7: Finally, an End to Vista Misery
 Windows 7: 
 Finally, an End 
 to Vista Misery 


Windows 7: Finally, an End to Vista Misery

'New' Microsoft OS is major improvement, say critics

(Newser) - Microsoft is rolling out a successor to Vista, its universally reviled operating system, with Windows 7 now available in a relatively bug-free beta download. Early users report that the new edition is a marked improvement. David Pogue, in the New York Times, says Windows 7 ends “a big part...

Vista Update Expected Today
 Vista Update Expected Today 

Vista Update Expected Today

Amazon says first service pack for OS will be ready for download

(Newser) - The long-awaited first service pack for Microsoft Vista will be available online starting today, at least according to Amazon, which is taking orders for boxed copies of the upgrade pack and says it will start shipping them tomorrow. Many of the pack's updates and security fixes have already been sent...

Late Adopters Send Message to Tech Industry

Using their Netscape browser over a dial-up AOL connection

(Newser) - Netscape Navigator is still the browser of choice for 0.14% of Internet users, which doesn’t sound like a lot, until you realize that’s over a million people. They, and other late adopters like them, are becoming a rare breed in today’s world of automatic updates, but...

Firms Are Waiting on Windows Vista
Firms Are
Waiting on
Windows Vista

Firms Are Waiting on Windows Vista

Problems could prompt many to hold out for big '09 upgrade

(Newser) - It has been almost a year since Windows Vista was released to businesses, but a spate of hardware compatibility issues has many still waiting to upgrade until the release of the first service pack, scheduled for early next year. With the next version of Windows due in late 2009, PC ...

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