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Ash Tweets Pic of Demi's Butt
 Ash Tweets Pic of Demi's Butt 

Ash Tweets Pic of Demi's Butt

And she doesn't seem to mind

(Newser) - The celebrity oversharing on Twitter has reached a new level. Ashton Kutcher, infamous for his Twitter proclivities, posted a picture of his wife’s bikini-clad butt as she was bending over, Gawker reports. “Shh, don’t tell wifey,” he Tweeted, but Demi Moore (no stranger to Twitter herself)...

Our Skivvies, Ourselves: Saudis Seek Female Sellers

Lingerie stores can employ women, but don't

(Newser) - Saudi women aren’t allowed to be alone in a room with an unrelated man, but they have to buy their undergarments from men, a situation some are calling unacceptable. In theory, women are permitted to work in shops selling women’s products, but the traditional society has, somewhat ironically,...

Jacko's Undies for Sale
 Jacko's Undies 
 for Sale 

Jacko's Undies for Sale

Bidding starts at $1M, bleaching cream also up

(Newser) - A pair of Michael Jackson’s Calvin Klein briefs, which were confiscated as evidence during his child-molestation case, is on sale for at least $1 million, reports the New York Post. The unwashed size-28 tighty whities will go up for bid on eBay tomorrow, now that a businessman who obtained...

Queen Victoria's Giant Knickers Fetch $9K

1890s bloomers with 50-inch waist auctioned for princely sum

(Newser) - A pair of bloomers that belonged to Queen Victoria were auctioned off yesterday for $9,000, almost ten times the expected price, the BBC reports. The royal knickers, which sport a 50-inch waist and a "VR" monogram, date from the 1890s. The queen was apparently "a very big...

Canadians Bully Burmese Junta With... Panties?

Women mail skivvies to embassy to spook superstitious tyrants

(Newser) - When international pressure fails, try… underwear? Canadian women think they can change the Myanmar junta’s ways by mailing a steady stream of panties to the Myanmar embassy in Ottawa, Sify reports. The military dictators apparently harbor a superstitious fear that touching a woman’s undergarment will “rob them...

Yanks' Giambi Puts Hope in Thong

Slumping hitter shares gold underwear with teammates

(Newser) - Slumping Yankees slugger Jason Giambi has a secret weapon: a gold thong. He wears it when he’s struggling for hits—as is the case now, with his average well below .200—and has passed it to teammates Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Johnny Damon when they needed it, Portfolio...

Men Trade Crunches for Corsets
Men Trade Crunches
for Corsets

Men Trade Crunches for Corsets

Spandex briefs and belly compressors are a hot market

(Newser) - Undergarments that tuck the tummy and boost the butt are enjoying a surge in sales—and not just in the women's department. The male "shapewear" industry is growing by leaps and bounds as men discover that they don't have to lunge and crunch to get that taut shape. Say...

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