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A Bra That's a Putting Mat
 A Bra That's a Putting Mat 

A Bra That's a Putting Mat

A perfect gift for the naked golf enthusiast

(Newser) - Lingerie maker Triumph has really outdone itself this time in the “wacky Japanese novelty bra” category. Its “Nice Cup in Bra,” a corset made to highlight the increasing popularity of golf among Japanese women, has pockets for balls and tees and rolls out into a 5-foot-long practice...

I Sold Panties on Craigslist

 I Sold Panties on Craigslist 

not-so-easy money

I Sold Panties on Craigslist

The buyers weren't bad, but some of the nonbuyers were slimy

(Newser) - An "impoverished journalist" not quite desperate enough to sell her body on Craigslist decided to try the next best thing—selling used panties. "Unlike sex for money, selling used underwear didn't feel inherently sleazy or immoral," Meghan Pleticha writes for Nerve. She drew the line at posing...

'Tighty-Whities' Get Ready to Turn 75

Company launches media blitz to celebrate iconic undies

(Newser) - "Tighty whities" are turning 75 soon and Jockey International has launched a media blitz to rocket their briefs into the spotlight. The men's underwear, created after an exec was inspired by a postcard from France showing a man's bikini-style swimsuit, made its debut in Chicago in January 1935—a...

Lefties Finally Get Their Undies
 Lefties Finally Get Their Undies 

Lefties Finally Get Their Undies

Thanks to one genius store in Britain, left-handed men will no longer suffer at the urinal

(Newser) - Male lefties of the world have long suffered inconvenience and embarrassment at the urinal, thanks to their underwear. One British store is making up for the indignity with a new line of undies featuring a horizontal, rather than vertical, opening—giving Britain’s lefties an alternative to boxer shorts, Reuters...

German Thief Caught With 1,000 Pairs of Underwear

Police suspect man may be behind string of undie thefts

(Newser) - A German man arrested for shoplifting may be the culprit behind a string of recent underwear thefts, der Speigel reports. The 56-year-old resident of Gelnhausen, near Frankfurt, escaped after staff noticed him trying to steal three pairs of men’s underwear from a sports shop. Police identified him and collared...

Saudi Women Learn to Sell Bras—But Still Can't

Women push for the right to work in underwear shops

(Newser) - Two dozen Saudi women are pushing change in Saudi Arabia, one underwear at a time. The graduates of the first lingerie class in the kingdom—where women can't sell such products—learned essentials such as how to measure bra sizes during the 10-day class. An Australian woman taught the course,...

Town's Dress Code Mandates Deodorant, Underwear

(Newser) - A Florida town is requiring its employees to wear underwear and deodorant under a new dress code passed this month, the Tampa Tribune reports. Aimed at promoting “strict personal hygiene,” the rules ban “sexually provocative” apparel and forbid “the observable lack of undergarments and exposed undergarments....

More Want Brad in Skivvies, But Give Obama Style Edge

Pres ranks as world's most stylish

(Newser) - Americans would rather see Brad Pitt in his undies than any other man, the Los Angeles Times reports. Rounding out the top five in a Jockey survey pegged to Father’s Day are Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Will Smith, and President Obama. Underwear fantasies aside, Reuters adds, the president is...

US Soldier Battles Taliban in Pink Boxers

Private didn't have time to don pants before rushing to return Taliban fire

(Newser) - An American soldier who rushed out of bed when the Taliban attacked his Afghanistan base ended up on the front page of the New York Times in his underwear, the Daily Telegraph reports. Zachary Boyd grabbed his weapon, body armor, and helmet then joined the firefight clad in a red...

Fla. Student Overexposed in HS Yearbook Photo

(Newser) - A Tampa teen is skipping school for the rest of the year because of a supposedly revealing yearbook photo, WTSP reports. The girl, a junior, didn’t wear underwear the day of the picture because she was worried about visible panty lines—and when the yearbooks came out this week,...

Lingerie Football Heats Up NYC

Big Apple gets team in undie-clad league

(Newser) - New York’s getting a new football team, WPIX11 reports: the New York Majesty of the Lingerie Football League. That's right, the Lingerie Football League. Tryouts were yesterday, and a few dozen women showed up. “I'm just looking for the next fun thing,” said one. Another described her...

Rabbi Seeks Boycott of 'Revolting' Mannequins

Stores could lose kosher certification

(Newser) - An Israeli rabbi has called for a boycott of shops that display scantily clad mannequins, AFP reports. Mannequins and "obscene photographs" of models wearing swimsuits or underwear "elicit sorrow among the passers-by," said the rabbi. Stores in the northern city of Tiberias that keep their racy displays...

Organizers Defer to Trump on Miss Cali Title

(Newser) - Officials of the Miss California USA pageant have strongly criticized titleholder Carrie Prejean, but said today it's not their decision whether she should be stripped of her crown. Co-executive directors Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler told a Beverly Hills press conference that only Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump can...

UK Shop Ends Bra-Size Discrimination

Surcharge for large-chested women corrected after public uproar

(Newser) - British retailer Marks & Spencer has agreed to standardize prices across bra sizes so bustier women won’t pay more for their undergarments, the BBC reports. The store ran advertisements in UK newspapers admitting it had “boobed” by adding an extra $3 for bras over DD size. It was...

Merkel in Her Undies Drives Berliners Wild

Berliners fascinated by provocative billboard

(Newser) - A striking new ad featuring a drawing of Angela Merkel wearing only underwear has attracted the fascination of Berlin residents, the Local reports. Placed prominently in a busy shopping district, the billboard depicts Merkel with other figures from German politics—also in their skivvies—looking on. "The chancellor's office...

UK Women Wash Bras Just 6 Times Per Year

(Newser) - British women wash their bras only six times a year, the Daily Express reports. The slightly confusing results of a study indicate that although women own an average of 15 bras, they wear each one seven times before throwing it in the hamper. “The extra dirt is clearly not...

'Craigslist' Suspect Kept Victims' Panties

(Newser) - A search of the suspected Craigslist killer’s home uncovered 2 pairs of underwear belonging to his victims, the Boston Globe reports. Police could not determine the garments' owners but did identify them as “mementos” of the crimes. Police are also testing the gun found in suspect Philip Markoff's...

Mideast Loves Syria's Weird, Sexy Lingerie

Moms stock up on skimpy goodies for soon-to-be-married daughters

(Newser) - After picking up dishes and washing powder at local markets, Syrian women love to purchase something more intimate: edible, fruit-flavored underwear, Der Spiegel reports. Naughty skivvies have been hot for years in Damascus, where veiled mothers regularly buy maid’s costumes, musical negligees, and remote-controlled undies for their betrothed daughters—...

Men's Skivvy Sales Spell More Trouble

Stimulus package or not, underwear metric indicates downturn

(Newser) - More bad news, this time from the men’s underwear department. One of former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan’s favorite metrics for predicting changes in consumer spending was the sales of men’s skivvies, the Huffington Post reports. It seems that sales are projected to decline 2.3% this year,...

Indian Women Fight Extremism With Underwear

Journalist wages campaign in response to group that beats women

(Newser) - A group of Indian women is fighting back against Hindu fundamentalism with an unlikely weapon: pink underwear, the Times of London reports. The “Consortium of Pub-going, Loose and Forward Women,” a protest group, has encouraged women to send their pink underwear to the leader of the Sri Ram...

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