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Nation Might Lift Ban on Elephant Hunting

Review ordered by Botswana leader suggests using meat for pet food

(Newser) - A third of Africa's elephants—an estimated 130,000—are found in Botswana. That's one reason animal activists are alarmed to learn the country is considering lifting its four-year ban on hunting the giant animal, 87 of which were found slaughtered and stripped of their tusks in a... More »

Method of Killing Questioned in Florida Iguana Cull

Scientists say blunt force trauma is humane

(Newser) - Scientists are sometimes tasked with saving animals from extinction. But in Florida, extinction, at least locally, is the goal. As part of a three-month project aimed at culling high numbers of invasive iguanas in the Sunshine State, researchers at the University of Florida are killing the animals with blunt force... More »

Russia Plans to Slaughter 250K Reindeer This Year

Officials say it's about curbing overgrazing, illness—but is it really about oil?

(Newser) - In 2013, 61,000 reindeer in Russia's northern Yamal region, a remote section of Siberia, starved to death when ice and deep snow sealed off the Arctic tundra where they graze. This summer, the region's first outbreak of anthrax in 75 years —an epidemic thought to be... More »

Why Australia Is Killing Koalas

Animals were euthanized after 'falling out of the trees'

(Newser) - Koalas' numbers on one part of Australia are too big for their own good, and some are starving—so officials have quietly been culling their population, Australia's ABC News reports. "We have had koalas suffer in that Cape Otway area because of ill health and starvation" amid overpopulation,... More »

Australia Captures 172 Sharks, 0 Great Whites

50 of biggest are killed

(Newser) - Australia killed 50 big sharks in the first test of its controversial shark cull program , though none were great whites—the type blamed for the attacks on swimmers that sparked the cull in the first place, reports ABC News of Australia . The government set baited hooks near seven beaches in... More »

Sochi Poisons 'Threatening' Stray Dogs

Man hired to cull dogs calls them 'biological trash'

(Newser) - Visitors to the winter Olympics in Sochi won't have to worry about stray dogs pestering them—because the city is killing them off with poison, Business Insider reports. Homeless dogs are a common feature throughout Russia, but now dog bodies are lying around Sochi and "don't appear... More »

Kill Geese to Protect Jets: Sen. Gillibrand

Birds involved in pair of air emergencies this week

(Newser) - Jets' collisions with birds have caused two emergency landings in New York in the past week , and geese in the engine prompted the near-disaster before the miracle landing on the Hudson in 2009 . Now, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says it's time to let wildlife officials cull the goose population near... More »

Aussies Will Kill 6K Thirsty Camels Besieging Town

Officials to shoot 6K thirsty, marauding camels

(Newser) - A town in the Australian outback is “under siege by 6,000 marauding, wild camels,” says a local official: Record-breaking drought drove the thirsty creatures to trample fences, smash water tanks, and terrorize locals, the AP reports. To stop the rampage, the government plans next week to herd... More »

Slaughter of 37K Dogs Outrages Chinese

Angry response to slaughter highlights shifting attitude towards animal welfare

(Newser) - The slaughter of 37,000 dogs, both strays and pets, in a city in eastern China has outraged the country's growing ranks of animal lovers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Dog ownership has become more widespread as China becomes wealthier, and the Hanzhong cull, ordered in response to a rabies... More »

Australia to Kill 6K Kangaroos

Burgeoning population is harming rare plants; protests planned

(Newser) - Australia's army has started shooting 6,000 kangaroos to thin the animal population on an army training ground near the capital, an official said today, outraging conservationists who have vowed to protest. The killings are intended to protect endangered plants and insects that share the grassy habitat with the kangaroos.... More »

UN Approves China to Buy Ivory

Critics say allowing imports plays 'Russian roulette' with elephants' lives

(Newser) - China has been given a green light to begin importing African ivory by a UN body that banned the sale 10 years ago, a decision that has infuriated conservation groups, the Daily Telegraph reports. African states say they need to sell stockpiles of ivory from elephants that are culled or... More »

S. Korea Culls 3M Birds in Flu Fight

Nation on alert as troops sent in to slaughter poultry

(Newser) - South Korea has sent in soldiers to kill and bury birds as bird flu spreads rapidly throughout the country, Reuters reports. More than 3 million farm birds have been culled so far, but fresh cases continue to be reported and the disease is heading for the capital. The entire country... More »

Aussies Face Protests Over Kangaroo Cull

Pro-whaling Japan pounces on neighbor's seeming hypocrisy

(Newser) - Australia is planning to cull 400 kangaroos on a military base, and Japan—oft-criticized by Australia for its whaling practices—is jumping at the opportunity to hail its neighbor as hypocritical, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Not so, says Australia’s PM. The whaling issue is subject to "an... More »

Whales Fall as Hunt Resumes

With Greenpeace gone to refuel, fleet harpoons 5 more

(Newser) - Japanese whalers have resumed their hunt in Antarctic waters, killing at least five whales when protest ships pulled back to refuel, the Australian News Network reports. Witnesses reported seeing the whales harpooned in the Southern Ocean after ships from Greenpeace and another protest group withdrew. In Tokyo, the Australian foreign... More »

UK Bird Flu Cull Widens to 22K

Culling seen as precautionary; no sign of disease spreading

(Newser) - Some 22,000 more birds are being killed in Britain after an outbreak of bird flu on a turkey farm in Suffolk, northeast of London. The cull has been extended to four nearby sites, although the disease has only been detected at the first farm. "This is a precautionary... More »

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