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EU Trims Tuna Catch, Experts Warn: 'Not Enough'

New quotas well above sustainable limit

(Newser) - The European Commission completed a deal this week cutting back on the fishing of bluefin tuna, the Economist reports, but not sharply enough to save the species, scientists argue. The deal gradually reduces the legal catch from 28,500 tons this year to 19,950 tons in 2010—but conservationists... More »

Bluefin Swim Toward Extinction

Politicking produces bad management of big tuna

(Newser) - Bluefin tuna are disappearing from the Atlantic and Mediterranean because of overfishing and an ineffectual world agency that's failed in its sole mission of protecting the fish, the Economist reports. Up to 60,000 tons are hauled in each year, legally or otherwise, when the limit should long have been... More »

Bluefin Tuna Tricked Into Spawning

Australian aims to overcome fish shortage by simulating breeding grounds

(Newser) - A seafood entrepreneur thinks he can solve the world's bluefin tuna shortage by making the fish feel frisky, Time reports. German ex-pat Hagen Stehr, the baron of a $230-million Australian seafood empire, is simulating the tuna's breeding grounds in a hatchery—a "fishy virtual reality" with 14 hours of... More »

Can Fish-Hungry Japan Go Sustainable?

Slowly, world's sushi capital seeing more eco-friendly seafood in supermarkets

(Newser) - Japan loves its fish: The island nation consumes an average of 147 pounds per person a year, compared to America’s 17. So, Samuel Fromartz wonders in Gourmet, how can Japanese fisheries continue to support supermarket fish counters as large as an entire US meat section? The answer, slowly gaining... More »

Greenpeace Wages Tuna Wars

Group goes after 'plunderers' wiping out Pacific stocks at unsustainable rates

(Newser) - The world's tuna stocks are in danger, and Greenpeace is taking matters into its own hands, reports the Times of London. Faced with little action from regulators and boosted by success in tackling Japanese whalers, activists have vowed to continue to "interfere" with boats they say are plundering Pacific... More »

McCain Recipes Cribbed From Food Network

Rachael Ray 'flattered' as aide blames intern, Cindy to hit 'The View'

(Newser) - Rachael Ray tells Us Magazine she’s “flattered” John McCain’s website passed off some of her recipes as belonging to wife Cindy. An aide was embarrassed that dishes like Passion Fruit Mousse and Ahi Tuna with Napa Cabbage Slaw were lifted from Food Network sites, and blamed an... More »

'Sushi Capital' Japan Isn't Sweating Tuna Scare

Sushi capital continues to eat up

(Newser) - New Yorkers may be in the throes of a sushi scare after the Times reported on the dangerous mercury levels in tuna, but the Japanese aren't batting an eyelid. One official's biggest concern was that the controversy would ignite "groundless rumors" about a healthy food, AP reports. "We're... More »

High Mercury Levels Found in Tuna Sushi

FDA reconsidering warnings on seafood mercury

(Newser) - A quarter of tuna sushi sampled in New York contained mercury levels so high that the FDA could take legal action to ban the fish from the market, reports the New York Times.  Although the sushi was collected in New York City, experts believe samples elsewhere would be similar.... More »

Scientists Try to Save Bluefin

Fishing practices slammed as 'totally out of control'

(Newser) - Bluefin tuna can grow to three-quarters of a ton, traverse the Atlantic in less than a month, and are growing rapidly extinct—thanks to fishing practices that are "totally out of control," one US official said. Marine biologists who track Bluefin populations are finding their suggestions rejected by... More »

Tuna Shortage Triggers Sushi Crisis

Japanese chefs resort to deer and even horse meat

(Newser) - Plummeting supplies of tuna have become a recipe for disaster in Japan, where sushi lovers eat 60,000 tons of the fish a year. Desperate chefs are experimenting with increasingly bizarre sushi substitutes, including deer and even horse, the New York Times reports. But sushi without tuna in Japan is... More »

Vitamin D Slashes Cancer Rates

New study ties nutrient in milk, tuna, salmon to 60% decrease

(Newser) - The first research linking vitamin D directly to cancer prevention shows the nutrient sharply reduces cancer rates in older women. Only 3% of the 1,179 women monitored while taking a combination of vitamin D and calcium developed cancer over 4 years, a 60% lower rate than those given placebos,... More »

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