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Mercury Levels in Tuna Just as High as in 1971
Mercury Levels in Tuna
Just as High as in 1971

Mercury Levels in Tuna Just as High as in 1971

Despite environmental efforts, methylmercury levels remain unchanged

(Newser) - Despite decades of pollution controls put in place to reduce mercury in the atmosphere, researchers have learned that tuna contains the same high levels of the toxic substance that it did 50 years ago. This likely comes from old accumulations of mercury, which is being stirred up to the shallower...

Missing Fisherman's Last Words: 'This Fish Is Huge'

Mark Knittle's friend says he hooked the fish, then went overboard

(Newser) - Rescuers searched for a third day Tuesday for a Hawaii fisherman who went overboard from a boat after hooking a tuna over the weekend, authorities said. Mark Knittle, 63, of Captain Cook, was fishing with a friend off Honaunau on the Big Island on Sunday around 5am when he hooked...

Judge: Plaintiff Can Try to Prove Claim About Subway's Tuna

Chain slams 'meritless' suit

(Newser) - A lawsuit alleging that there's something fishy—or not fishy enough—about the tuna subs at Subway can proceed, a federal judge in San Francisco has decided. US District Judge Jon Tigar ruled that the chain can be sued over claims that its tuna sandwiches are not "100%...

Subway's Tuna Isn't Tuna, Alleges Lawsuit

2 California residents file claim against the chain, which denies the allegation

(Newser) - At least one court doesn't think Subway's bread is actually bread . Now, a new lawsuit alleges that Subway's tuna isn't actually tuna. As Law and Crime reports, two California residents are bringing a class-action suit that asserts the chain's tuna sandwiches "are made from...

Ex-Bumble Bee Tuna CEO Guilty of Price-Fixing

Prosecutors say he oversaw conspiracy

(Newser) - The former CEO of Bumble Bee Foods was convicted Tuesday for his part in a canned tuna price-fixing conspiracy involving the industry's top three companies. A jury in San Francisco found Christopher Lischewski guilty after a four-week trial, the US Department of Justice said in a release. He had...

Tuna Price Conspiracy Will Cost StarKist $100M

Company ordered to pay fine over 5 years

(Newser) - A federal judge in San Francisco on Wednesday ordered StarKist Co. to pay a $100 million fine in a canned tuna price-fixing conspiracy involving the industry's top three companies. The Pittsburgh-based company was also sentenced to 13 months of probation. The tuna giant had asked US District Court Judge...

StarKist to Plead Guilty in Tuna Price Conspiracy

Company faces fine of up to $100M

(Newser) - StarKist Co. agreed to plead guilty to a felony price fixing charge as part of a broad collusion investigation of the canned tuna industry, the Department of Justice announced Thursday. The DOJ said StarKist faces up to a $100 million fine when it is sentenced. Prosecutors say the industry's...

Report: Big Distributor's Claims About 'Local' Seafood Are False

AP investigation exposes Sea to Table

(Newser) - In a global industry plagued by fraud and deceit, conscientious consumers are increasingly paying top dollar for what they believe is local, sustainably caught seafood. But even in this fast-growing niche market, companies can hide behind murky supply chains that make it difficult to determine where any given fish comes...

Jessica Simpson Reacts Awesomely to Whole Foods' Chicken Salad Issue

'It happens to the best of us'

(Newser) - As soon as the Whole Foods chicken-salad-that's-actually-tuna debacle made headlines, people started making Jessica Simpson jokes. (One example: "Please don't tell @JessicaSimpson that Whole Foods sold chicken that was actually tuna," Jezebel tweeted when the news first came out.) The jokes were, of course, recalling...

Whole Foods Chicken Salad Recalled; It Doesn't Contain Chicken

It's actually tuna salad

(Newser) - If you recently bought "buffalo style chicken salad" at Whole Foods thinking it was, well, chicken ... it might not be. The retailer is recalling approximately 404 pounds of product that was mislabeled as chicken salad but is actually cranberry apple tuna salad, Mashable reports; the affected packages were distributed...

US Loses Court Fight to Mexico Over Tuna

WTO's ruling could cost the US millions in trade sanctions

(Newser) - The latest source of US-Mexico trouble: tuna. The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of Mexico to the tune of $163 million in a longtime dispute over the fish. As NPR explains, the dispute centers on "dolphin-safe" labels on cans of tuna adopted by the US in 1990....

New Year's Tuna Sells for $118K

80-year-old Tokyo tradition is about to change

(Newser) - It's among the biggest of Japan's many New Year holiday rituals: Early on Tuesday, a huge, glistening tuna was auctioned for 14 million yen, around $118,000, at Tokyo's 80-year-old Tsukiji market. Sushi restaurateur Kiyoshi Kimura has prevailed in most of the recent new year auctions, and...

Bought Tuna Recently? StarKist May Owe You Money

If you purchased one of 4 varieties between 2009 and 2014

(Newser) - Sorry, Charlie, time to pay up. StarKist is offering $25 in cash or $50 in free tuna to eligible consumers as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement worth a total of $12 million, the New York Times reports. Those who meet the qualifications—namely, that they're US residents who...

Bumble Bee Forced to Pay $6M for Worker Cooked Alive

Worker Jose Melena died a horrific death

(Newser) - Bumble Bee Foods will fork out $6 million for the horrific death of an employee cooked alive in 12,000 pounds of tuna fish, NBC News reports. Announced Wednesday by prosecutors, the plea agreement is California's biggest ever for a workplace safety violation. It consists of $3 million to...

Tuna Plant Charged After Worker Cooked to Death

Colleagues at Calif. plant turned on oven while Jose Melena was inside

(Newser) - Felony charges have been filed more than two years after the horrific death of a worker at a California tuna plant. Bumble Bee Foods and two of its employees have been charged with willfully violating safety rules in the death of 62-year-old Jose Melena, who was cooked to death inside...

Shrimp You're Eating Might Be an Impostor
 Shrimp You're Eating 
 Might Be an Impostor 
in case you missed it

Shrimp You're Eating Might Be an Impostor

30% is mislabeled across US, group finds

(Newser) - Before biting into that pricey "wild" shrimp caught in the ocean, know that there's a pretty good chance it might taste like rubber because it came from a farm instead. A new study by the advocacy group Oceana suggests that 30% of shrimp sold across the US is...

Obama May Create Earth's Biggest Ocean Sanctuary

Would use executive authority to expand Bush-created monument

(Newser) - In 2009, President Bush created an 87,000-square-mile marine sanctuary in the Pacific. Now, his successor wants to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument to 782,000 miles, a move that would double the area of protected ocean worldwide, the Washington Post reports. The marine sanctuary would be...

More Than a Third of Fish Mislabeled
Third of US Fish Mislabeled
... Often Dangerously

Third of US Fish Mislabeled ... Often Dangerously

Seafood fraud has health implications, researchers warn

(Newser) - DNA testing has revealed that there is something extremely fishy going on with seafood labeling in the country's biggest city. The testing found that a startling 39% of seafood samples collected from stores and restaurants in New York City had been mislabeled, usually as fish that was either more...

Worker Cooked to Death at Tuna Plant

Not clear how Jose Melena ended up inside 'steamer machine'

(Newser) - Authorities say a 62-year-old employee has been cooked to death at a Southern California seafood plant for tuna maker Bumble Bee Foods. Local media report that Jose Melena was found shortly before 7am Thursday at the plant in Santa Fe Springs. It's not clear how the man ended up...

Is 'Tuna Scrape' the Next Pink Slime?

Consumers worried, but experts say it's not nearly as disgusting

(Newser) - First came "pink slime," the processed beef too dubious even for McDonald's . Now "tuna scrape" might be poised to become the seafood equivalent. With a recent salmonella outbreak being linked to tuna scrape—ground backmeat scraped from the bones of the fish—people are asking whether...

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