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Avril Lavigne Is the Most Dangerous Person Online

Bruno Mars is pretty perilous, too

(Newser) - One-time pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne has beaten superstar Beyonce at something, but she may not be totally happy with her victory—she's been named the most dangerous celebrity on the internet. Cybersecurity firm McAfee said Tuesday that Lavigne, whose last album came out in 2013, was the celebrity most...

Avril: Zuckerberg an Online Bully for Nickelback Crack

'#TheJokeIsOld' she posted on Twitter in note to Facebook co-founder

(Newser) - Making us feel guilty this week for every Nickelback crack we've ever made is Avril Lavigne, but she's not going after us—she's going after Mark Zuckerberg, People reports. The Facebook co-founder showed off Jarvis, his new AI home assistant voiced by Morgan Freeman, in a video...

Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger Split Up

Rockers have been married two years

(Newser) - Avril Lavigne and Nickelback's Chad Kroeger will no longer be making sub-par music together. They're separating after two years of marriage, Lavigne announced in a statement on Instagram today, per the Los Angeles Times . "Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created...

7 Celebs Who Like to Hunt
 7 Celebs Who Like to Hunt 

7 Celebs Who Like to Hunt

Including some you might not expect

(Newser) - Fox News rounds up a list of celebrities who like to hunt—and some of them may surprise you:
  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: The model and Transformers star calls herself a "farm girl," and says that growing up, she ate animals she shot herself, including "a few pheasants

9 Weird Celeb Addictions
 9 Weird Celeb Addictions 

9 Weird Celeb Addictions

No cocaine for these stars, just chicken wings and cake

(Newser) - You often hear about celebrities struggling with addictions … but usually those addictions involve drugs, alcohol, or sex. Not so with these nine stars, rounded up by The Frisky :
  • Scarlett Johansson: She's "addicted" to buffalo wings, she admitted recently. "I can't stop eating them, I just

AMA Fashion: the Good, the Bad, the Wacky

We've got really long trains, super wide shoulder pads, and more

(Newser) - Yeah, yeah, yeah—Justin Bieber took home the top prize last night at the American Music Awards. But more importantly, who looked hottest on the red carpet? Radar offers up a list of the best, worst, and wackiest fashions. Browse through a sampling in the gallery or click here for...

Thirst Is the 'Anti- Twilight '
 Thirst Is the 'Anti-Twilight
movie review

Thirst Is the 'Anti-Twilight'

This is a vampire flick for adults

(Newser) - The Twilight series found its remarkable success in subverting the traditional vampire story, turning the monsters of legend into symbols of teenage narcissism and self-pity—another “youth tribe” like jocks and geeks, writes Brendan O’Neill at Spiked. If that treatment leaves you well, cold, check out the "...

Some UK Tabloid Stories Are Fake: Documentary

Starsuckers exposes tabloids' habit of publishing fabricated gossip

(Newser) - The upcoming British documentary Starsuckers proves what we’ve always suspected: Tabloids—at least, UK tabloids—will print just about anything, including “complete and utter babble,” the director tells the Guardian. Among the fake stories he got published—and, often, reprinted around the world: Avril Lavigne passed out...

Paramore's Latest One of Year's Best
 Paramore's Latest 
 One of Year's Best 

Paramore's Latest One of Year's Best

Group is a welcome 'throwback' and—thanks to Hayley Williams—soars

(Newser) - Paramore’s third album will likely enter the charts at No. 1—and it deserves to. Not only is it “the group’s best record yet,” Brand New Eyes is “one of 2009’s most exhilarating releases,” writes Jonah Weiner for Slate. “That sense of...

Lavigne, Hubby Headed for Split

Sources spot her partying solo

(Newser) - Rocker couple Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley are headed for divorce, sources tell the New York Daily News. The two, married since 2006, haven’t been photographed together since last December, and have been spotted at events and on vacations alone. Lavigne recently “wanted to get away from Deryck...

Paparazzi Punk Plan Doesn't Scare Mags

Editors rip Kutcher's turn-the-tables show as 'conceited celebrity'

(Newser) - Avril Lavigne with a baby bump. Paris Hilton out with a monk. Ashton Kutcher's plans to punk gossip rags by teaming up with celebrity friends to serve fake news stories doesn't have many editors shaking in their boots, the New York Daily News reports. “A fake belly doesn’t...

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