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Race Looms Large After Obama Loss

Dems start asking whether a black candidate can win

(Newser) - Until recently, Barack Obama seemed to have quashed concerns about the chances of an African-American winning the White House. But as he inches closer to the nomination, more Democrats are beginning to ask whether white and other non-black voters will elect a black man in November. The question has taken...

Obama Loses Ground: Poll

Support softens, lead among men falls

(Newser) - Barack Obama's popularity has slipped in the past month, especially among men and rich voters, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll. His favorability rating dropped 7 percentage points to 62% during the fallout over inflammatory remarks from his pastor, but the dropoff appears to have leveled off, the...

Clinton's Next Real Test: Indiana

Hillary counts on economy to win state, silence doubters

(Newser) - Right now all eyes are on Pennsylvania, but Hillary Clinton’s real proving ground will be Indiana, the Wall Street Journal says. Barack Obama led big in mid-February polling there, but the state is rife with the lower-income white voters who have so far flocked to Clinton. Winning them over...

Vs. McCain, Clinton Beats Obama in 3 Swing States

Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida polls show Hillary faring better in November

(Newser) - Polls in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida show Hillary Clinton faring better than Barack Obama in swing state head-to-heads with John McCain. Clinton beats the Republican by 8 points, 9 points, and 2 points, respectively, in those states while Obama wins by 4 points in the Keystone State and 1 point...

Clinton Slips to New Low in Poll

37% approval rating worst of campaign; Obama appears to weather pastor storm

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton is suffering some of the worst poll numbers of her political career, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. Clinton chalked up a personal approval rating of just 37%, the lowest since March 2001, two months after her election to the Senate. And of Clinton, Barack Obama, and...

Clinton Pulls Ahead in Polls

White, working-class voters dismayed by Obama pastor's remarks

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton has scored her first statistically significant national lead over Barack Obama in several weeks—49% to 42%—in a Gallup poll taken early this week, Reuters reports. And her edge in Pennsylvania has doubled since February, two new polls show. They put her lead at 51%-35% and 53%-41%,...

Pundits Mull Dems' Race the Day After

It might look bright for Obama, but he'll have to play expectations right

(Newser) - Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are deadlocked after yesterday's nearly national vote. Here are four takes on their race:
  • Upcoming votes favor Obama heavily, Noam Scheiber argues. Primaries in black-heavy Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland and DC—and several caucuses—should break for him. Clinton has a March 4 firewall in

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