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Battleground States Are Tilting Toward Biden

He's up in 6 states Trump carried in 2016, and by double digits in some of them

(Newser) - The latest polls haven't been good news for President Trump, and a new one from the New York Times and Siena College has a particularly rough takeaway for his campaign: Joe Biden is leading in six pivotal battleground states. The survey, taken June 8-18, has Biden up in Michigan... More »

Democrats to White Men: We Want You Back

But white men have preferred Republicans for generations

(Newser) - As midterm elections get closer, Democrats are debating whether to court a long-disaffected group of voters: white men, especially working-class ones without college degrees, the New York Times reports. Frank Houston, a party chairman in Michigan, says he and others like him refuse to "just write off 30-year-old to... More »

In a First, Blacks Voted at Higher Rate Than Whites

African-Americans turned out at a record high 66.2%

(Newser) - The US had a political milestone last November: Black people voted at a higher rate than whites for the first time in history, reports the Los Angeles Times . It was close, with blacks at 66.2% and whites at 64.1%, but long-term trends in both groups suggest that it... More »

Beck Rally the 'Waterworld of White Self-Pity'

Nativist demonstrators voice anxieties of the coming white 'minority'

(Newser) - What was it like to be at Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally? Like visiting a political event in the not-so-distant future when white people are a minority in America, writes Christopher Hitchens for Slate . The prescriptions offered by speakers and attendees for restoring "honor"—and exactly what... More »

With Race in Play, Obama's White Support Softens

Poll numbers plummeted amid Sotomayor, Gates controversies

(Newser) - President Obama’s downward opinion-poll trajectory among whites seems to be linked to the “blackening” of his image, writes Joan Walsh in Salon. It accelerated during two racially charged moments this summer: Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination to the Supreme Court, marked with debate over her “wise Latina” comment,... More »

Obama's Support Slides Among Whites

Prez's poll numbers drop among key demographics

(Newser) - President Obama’s support is eroding among those he fought hard to win over: whites, including independents and members of his own party, the Los Angeles Times reports. Since the close of his first 100 days in April, the president has seen his support among white Democrats plummet 11 points,... More »

White Obama Support Defies Doubters

44% of white voters swing to Obama

(Newser) - A minority of white voters—44%—are now supporting Barack Obama, but he trails by less than previous Democratic presidential candidates, reports the New York Times, including Bill Clinton. Both the impact of racial attitudes and the proportion of white voters in the electorate have diminished, analysts say. In a... More »

Economy Trumps Race Even for Some Racists

Voters openly negative on African Americans

(Newser) - It looks like the economic crisis has gained Barack Obama a surprising number of supporters among those who might be considered racists, Politico reports. Even before the events of the past few weeks bolstered the Dem's numbers, a poll showed that a quarter of respondents who expressed negative views of... More »

Black Politicians' Rise Signals Changing Electorate

More white voters may be growing comfortable with black officials

(Newser) - A change in the electorate may be under way as a growing number of blacks are winning local elections nationwide—more and more often across color lines, the New York Times reports. Some 16% of black legislators represented mainly white districts in 2001; by 2007, that figure had nearly doubled.... More »

'Rednecks' Endorse Obama

Two seniors look to bridge a cultural gap

(Newser) - Two self-described "rednecks" from the South are on a mission to help elect the nation's first black president. AFP looks at the efforts of the Missouri senior citizens who are defying stereotype with their tounge-in-cheek “Rednecks for Obama” campaign. Their banner drew big crowds at last week's debate,... More »

'Regular Joe' Wades Into Fray

Dem VP in his element talking up a storm with voters

(Newser) - If VP candidates are a campaign’s attack dog, Joe Biden is “a big, thirsty St. Bernard,” who loves kissing babies and getting in the mix, reports the LA Times. Now that the media obsession with Sarah Palin is fading, reporters are remembering that Biden is still out... More »

It's Not Race That's Holding Him Back

Blaming white voters will only be counterproductive, says Bai

(Newser) - Barack Obama goes into this week's convention in Denver with only the slimmest of leads—or, as some polls suggest, trailing John McCain. In a year when it's widely assumed that any Democratic candidate should be a shoo-in, many in the press have suggested that Obama's race is costing him... More »

Obama Camp Steers Clear of Arkansas

Campaign avoids state's Hillary-loving, white Democrats

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a novel strategy in Arkansas, a Southern state that likes Democrats: He's not there. The presumptive nominee has no Arkansas office and hasn't even visited in 2 years. Yet analysts aren't surprised, noting that conservative Democrats heavily favor Hillary Clinton and backed President Bush the past two... More »

Two National Polls: Obama Up 9, 8

Age more of a problem than race

(Newser) - Barack Obama leads John McCain nationally in a new Quinnipiac poll, 50% to 41%, with huge advantages among female and young voters. The two split independents with 44% apiece, and McCain led 47%-44% among men and 49%-42% among white voters, the Boston Globe reports. Far more respondents said they were... More »

To Court Blue-Collar Vote, Light Up

Fellow Nicorette user urges Obama to take up smoking again

(Newser) - Everyone has ideas about how Barack Obama can attract the working-class white voters that eluded him in the primaries. Author Tony Horwitz goes for the throat: Start smoking again. West Virginia and Kentucky, where Hillary Clinton clobbered Obama, lead the nation in cigarette consumption among whites, and lighting up could... More »

Why White Supremacists Prefer Obama

3 of 4 support him, despite racial differences

(Newser) - McCain may lead Obama by 10% among white voters, but three of four white supremacists say they prefer the Illinois senator, Esquire reports.
  1. The Director of the White Aryan Resistance calls Obama a "black racist," but still supports him because of McCain's economic policies. He "hates the
... More »

5 Things to Watch for in Kentucky Tonight...

W. Va.-like thumping could give Clinton campaign more 'electability' ammo

(Newser) - If Hillary Clinton pulls off another landslide in today's Kentucky primary, she can make a stronger case to superdelegates that she's more "electable" than Barack Obama. With this in mind, here are five things to watch, via Politico:
  1. Montgomery County: The small district accurately predicted the statewide margin in
... More »

Does W. Va. Blowout Really Hurt Obama?

It's all about whether he can woo those pesky blue-collar white voters

(Newser) - Barack Obama's West Virginia loss by a whopping 30 points probably won’t cost him the Democratic nomination, writes John Dickerson in Slate. But the loss does put a chink in Obama’s argument that he can unite disparate groups, since, apparently, these powers have failed him among at least... More »

Who Is Brave Enough to Tell Hillary to Stop?

Democrats should be celebrating; instead, they're cowering

(Newser) - Now that Hillary Clinton has lost, Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal, she’s busy tearing her party apart. Democrats "should be dancing in the streets" after the brutal campaign, but instead they’re holed up at DC bars, regarding the former first family with “depressed... More »

Obama's Must-Fix List

Among his chores: broadening his base of voters

(Newser) - Deeming Hillary Clinton knocked out, John Judis takes a look at Barack Obama’s flaws in the New Republic and finds the Democrat with much to work on before Election Day:
  • His base: Obama has become too dependent on young and black voters, after early success with white men.
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