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In McGahn Ruling, the Stakes Are High
In McGahn
the Stakes 
Are High
the rundown

In McGahn Ruling, the Stakes Are High

Could affect separation of powers, along with the impeachment inquiry

(Newser) - Will former White House counsel Don McGahn have to testify before Congress about his old boss? A federal judge ruled Monday that he must, but the Justice Department said Tuesday that it will appeal, reports the Hill . No word yet on when a final resolution to the case might come,...

The Shutdown: Democracy at Work?
 The Shutdown: 
 Democracy at Work? 

The Shutdown: Democracy at Work?

Debate rages over the GOP's big stand

(Newser) - The first government shutdown since the Clinton/Gingrich years has some people bemoaning our divided government. And yes, "separation of powers is inefficient," admits Charles CW Cooke at the National Review ; "it will not only 'allow' gridlock, but it is explicitly designed to encourage it." And...

Public: Obama Needs Congress' Blessing on Syria

80% say White House shouldn't go it alone

(Newser) - The American people aren't excited about the prospect of attacking Syria, and they overwhelmingly believe that President Obama should get congressional approval before doing it. In a new NBC News poll, a whopping 80% said the White House should get the OK from Congress before attacking. While the Constitution...

Obama Skirts Accountability With Policy Czars: Hutchison

Rules are being bent to expand executive power, senator writes

(Newser) - The Obama administration is using its many policy “czars” to skirt the accountability and transparency established by the founding fathers, writes Kay Bailey Hutchison in the Washington Post. The administration has an “unprecedented” 32 czar positions, and “unfortunately,” the senator from Texas writes, “virtually no...

Blame Founding Fathers for Paralysis on Climate Change

Minority's outsize power prevents real change: Tomasky

(Newser) - Barack Obama's narrow victory last week, when the House passed the climate change bill by just 7 votes, raises the question of why it's so tough to get change enacted even when the president is popular and his party has majorities in both houses of Congress. The problem Democrats face...

Top Court Candidates Differ Widely on Exec Power

New justice will be key to defining prez limits

(Newser) - Most Supreme Court watchers say that Barack Obama's choice to succeed David Souter will change little, since the retiring justice was a reliable member of the court's liberal bloc. But on critical questions of presidential power, which Souter regularly sought to check, the new justice's vote could...

Calif. Supreme Court Hears Prop 8 Arguments

Court weighs constitutionality of ballot initiative, effect on couples married before the ban

(Newser) - California Supreme Court justices heard arguments today on lawsuits seeking to overturn the state's voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage as thousands demonstrated outside the San Francisco courthouse. Gay-rights advocates are urging the court to overturn Proposition 8 on the grounds it was put before voters improperly, or at least prematurely....

Make Lawsuits, Not War, Over OPEC Oil

President, states have standing in attempt to cap gushing prices

(Newser) - There’s no question OPEC’s price-fixing is illegal under American law, a former Reagan and Bush I adviser writes in the New York Times—so why not sue the oil cartel? US states are permitted to seek relief against aliens, and a joint suit by several attorneys general would...

Supreme Court Stands Pat on FBI Raid of Rep's Office

Separation of powers violated, appeals ruled

(Newser) - The Supreme Court declined today to hear an appeal of a ruling that the FBI violated separation-of-powers law in a 2006 raid on the office of Rep. William Jefferson, the New York Times reports. Though the raid itself was not unconstitutional, an appeals court found, the FBI went too far...

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