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1K State Department Officials Sign Dissent Memo

Spicer says they should 'get with the program' or go

(Newser) - President Trump's refugee and visa ban "runs counter to American values" and "will hurt America economically," according to a dissent memo signed by an unprecedented number of State Department officials. More than 1,000 officials, including American diplomats all over the world, had signed the cable...

Money Clash Divides Occupy Protesters

'I've seen this coming for a while': protester

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street seems to have its own 1%: Over the past few days, a fracture has opened between leaders of the movement who control its cash and tent-dwellers who are feeling rather frosty and forgotten, MSNBC reports. The divide led to yelling and jockeying at a general assembly meeting...

UC Muslims Appealing Free-Speech Conviction

They got fines, community service for disrupting speech by Israeli ambassador

(Newser) - Ten Muslim students are appealing a conviction for disrupting a speech by an Israeli ambassador presented at a Unversity of California campus. The controversial case is seen as a test of the right to dissent. The students last year shouted out preplanned phrases to interfere with the ambassdor's speech...

China Bans Ai Weiwei From Media, Internet

Rights activists criticize Beijing's conditions for release

(Newser) - Chinese artist and provocateur Ai Weiwei may be out of jail , but that hardly means he's out of trouble, as authorities have banned Ai from traveling or talking publicly for a year, reports Reuters . It's effectively a gag on the talkative and media-savvy artist. "The key thing...

China Detains 169 for Praying in Public

Protestant group latest target of government clampdown

(Newser) - China’s weeks-long campaign against dissenters continues: Some 169 congregants of an unofficial Protestant church were detained yesterday after they tried to pray in public in Beijing, the New York Times reports. The thousand-member Shouwang church, which has for years sought official recognition, had been evicted from its rented space...

Iraq War Critic to Serve Final Tour in Iraq

Jon Soltz of VoteVets will see the end of the war he despised

(Newser) - Jon Soltz, the outspoken Iraq war critic who runs VoteVets.org, will soon take a year-long leave of absence from the group—so he can be deployed to Iraq. “I'm not an idiot. I've known the possibilities of this for a long time,” Soltz, a longtime Army Reserve...

US Ambassador Disagrees on Afghan Troop Surge

Wants Karzai government to shape up first

(Newser) - The US ambassador to Afghanistan—a former general who served there as recently as 2007—is against increasing troop levels until the Afghan government gets its act together. In classified cables ahead of President Obama’s deliberations on a surge, Karl Eikenberry cites rampant corruption and mismanagement in Hamid Karzai’...

Palin Channels Ahmadinejad
 Palin Channels Ahmadinejad 

Palin Channels Ahmadinejad

Her self-presentation, politics, and biography are like his

(Newser) - Sarah Palin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have their differences—but their images, politics, and even life stories show significant overlap, writes Juan Cole for Salon. Both are former governors of “frontier states,” both drum up support through “wounded nationalism,” and both battle foreign influence. “Above all,...

At 89, Influential Justice Stevens Isn't Budging

Oldest Supreme is vindicated as dissents become majorities

(Newser) - John Paul Stevens turned 89 last week, and the senior associate justice of the Supreme Court has lived to see many of his dissenting opinions eventually become the majority during his 33 years on the court. Stevens—who has given no indications of impending retirement—has led a number of...

French Mock Sarkozy by Reading Book He Hates

La Princesse de Cleves gets a boost of unexpected popularity as a protest symbol

(Newser) - France is in the grip of a nationwide strike, but dissatisfaction with Nicolas Sarkozy’s reforms is also taking a more cultured form: the reading of a classic 17th-century book the president has said he hates. The book has become an odd symbol of dissent. Sales are climbing as Sarko’...

Palin Swings Hard, Lacks Follow-Through
 Palin Swings Hard, 
 Lacks Follow-Through 

Palin Swings Hard, Lacks Follow-Through

Record shows her taking bold stances, shying away from follow-through

(Newser) - Those who have worked with Sarah Palin in Alaskan politics—Democrats and Republicans alike—are split on the governor's leadership style. While most praise her bold, tough approach, they also point out her lack of follow-through and seeming disinterest in the details of governing, and her inability to work with...

Chinese Teacher Sent to Labor Camp Over Quake Dissent

Man posted photos of collapsed schools

(Newser) - A Chinese teacher has been sent to a labor camp for a year of "re-education" after he posted online photos of school buildings that collapsed during the Sichuan earthquake, the Guardian reports. The man, who was neither formally charged with a crime nor given a trial, is one of...

Chinese Rights Advocate Jailed
 Chinese Rights Advocate Jailed 

Chinese Rights Advocate Jailed

EU, US slam China's handling of Hu Jia's case

(Newser) - A top Chinese human-rights activist has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison for writings and comments considered subversive, the New York Times reports. The case of Hu Jia, 34, been watched closely around the world; critics see it as part of a government crackdown on dissidents...

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