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Proposed Passport Form Is Basically Impossible

Unless, of course, you've been keeping detailed records since before birth

(Newser) - Need a passport? Better find your birth certificate, because the State Department is considering a new, and nearly impossible to complete, form that would be required for those who can't produce one. In addition to "easy" questions like listing every residence and job you've had since birth...

Hyatt Guest Sues Over Cross-Dressing Employee

She found him wearing her underwear, skirt

(Newser) - A Los Angeles woman came back to her Hyatt hotel room to find that a male cleaning person was still inside … and wearing her panties, skirt, and high heels. Dayanara Fernandez, who is now suing the hotel company, found Oscar Garcia-Franco in her Illinois room on June 6 wearing...

Molly Wei Is Innocent, Being Maligned: Lawyer

'Wonderful, caring, talented young woman' should not be used to further agenda

(Newser) - Molly Wei faces charges— perhaps even hate crime charges —for her alleged role in the webcasting of Tyler Clementi’s sexual encounters with another male, but her lawyers insist she’s innocent, the AP reports. Wei, from whose room Clementi’s roommate Dharun Ravi is accused of broadcasting his...

RIM to India: Fine, You Can Read BlackBerry Email

Firm will allow officials to read users' email

(Newser) - With India threatening to kick the BlackBerry out of the country if it couldn't spy on users' messages, Research In Motion has proposed, well, allowing India to spy on users' messages, CNET reports. India's ban is on hold for 60 days while it reviews RIM's proposals for giving it access—...

Colbert Rips Facebook/Google for Selling Us Out

'They're mining our privacy for profits'

(Newser) - Stephen Colbert managed to get serious yesterday as he blasted the "invasive" personal data mining undertaken by Google and Facebook to "sell our private lives to the highest bidder." The harsh dig came at the end of a long hilarious riff about how Facebook users now must...

Erin Andrews Sues Hotel Chains, Stalker

ESPN reporter seeks civil remedies from Marriott, Radisson

(Newser) - Erin Andrews is suing the insurance exec who stalked her as well as the hotels where he videotaped her nude, alleging they gave out her room number and allowed him to book rooms next to hers. The ESPN reporter and Dancing With the Stars competitor wants "to hold accountable...

Spying School District Has Thousands of Secret Pix of Kids: Lawsuit

Official who saw photos called them a school 'soap opera'

(Newser) - The suburban Philly school district that spied on its students by giving them laptops with webcams to take home is getting sorrier and sorrier. A lawsuit by one of the students claims the district snapped thousands of images of kids, including pictures of them sleeping and in various states of...

School Gives Kids Laptops, Spies on Them Via Webcam

Lawsuit slams HS for watching kids at home

(Newser) - A well-heeled Philadelphia school district gave out laptops to students—then used the webcams attached to covertly spy on them, both at school and at home, according to a class-action lawsuit. The case, Blake J. Robbins v. Lower Merion School District, was filed after one of the school’s vice...

Polanski Sues Media for Privacy Invasion

Director seeks end to media spotlight

(Newser) - Roman Polanski and his wife are suing several French publications for invading their privacy during the film director's house arrest. The photographs the couple object to include one of Polanski standing at the window of his Swiss chalet, and one of Polanski's wife, Emmanuel Seigner, walking down a street. The...

Cops Use Facebook to Bust Underage Drinkers
Cops Use Facebook to Bust Underage Drinkers

Cops Use Facebook to Bust Underage Drinkers

Phony 'friend' gains access to drinking photos

(Newser) - Wisconsin college student Adam Bauer should represent a cautionary tale for Facebook users under 21, or otherwise on the wrong side of the law: be careful what you post, and whom you friend. Shortly after accepting a request from an unfamiliar, “good-looking girl,” Bauer was invited to the...

Privacy Advocates Hijack 300 Facebook Groups

Protesters say it's too easy to gain access to personal information

(Newser) - A group advocating for social-networking privacy has hijacked nearly 300 Facebook groups over the past few days to point out weaknesses in the site’s control of personal information. The protesters renamed all the Facebook groups “Control Your Info,” pointing out that after administrators of groups step down,...

ESPN's Andrews Tells Oprah About Nude Video 'Nightmare'

(Newser) - ESPN reporter Erin Andrews tells Oprah Winfrey that having secretly videotaped nude footage of her distributed on the Internet was a "nightmare." In an interview taped last week and scheduled to air Sept. 11 on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Andrews also tells Winfrey she "opened up the...

Obama Rethinks Ban on Tracking Web Visitors

(Newser) - Privacy groups are up in arms over a White House proposal to allow tracking technology to be used on government websites, the Washington Post reports. Supporters argue that social networking sites have used cookies and other tracking tools to spectacular effect, but the ACLU says the proposal is a “...

Facebook Crosses Line on Privacy ... Again
Facebook Crosses Line
on Privacy ... Again

Facebook Crosses Line on Privacy ... Again

Recognize that face in an ad? It could be your friend—or you.

(Newser) - Imagine Peter Smith’s surprise when an ad for “hot singles” on Facebook featured a picture of … his wife. The site blames that flap on a third-party company violating policy, but the incident underscores Facebook’s notoriously unclear privacy settings, writes Bob Sullivan for MSNBC: “A hard-to-spot...

Post to ESPN: Vid Scandal Is Your Fault

Paper, angry at being banned by network, plays the blame game

(Newser) - ESPN may have banned New York Post staffers from its airwaves after the paper printed images from the Erin Andrews nude video, but the Post shot back today, blaming ESPN itself for the video coming to light. It had gone basically unnoticed since February, but that changed when ESPN demanded...

'Smut-Merchant' O'Reilly Plays Naked ESPN Vid

All the while complaining about the 'ultra-disturbing' nature of the whole thing

(Newser) - Bill O’Reilly is building himself a reputation, at least in the Gawker offices, for self-righteously discussing “softcore porn on YouTube or underage strippers or whatever” while simultaneously running the “salacious clips” as he bemoans “the gross injustice.” It’s not surprising, then, that “the...

ESPN Bans NY Post Staffers Over Nude Andrews Photos

(Newser) - ESPN has declared every New York Post reporter persona non grata on its programming in retaliation for the paper's printing photos taken from a nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, Newsday reports. The move will affect several Post reporters who regularly appear on ESPN TV and its radio outlet....

Naked ESPN Vid May Have Been Inside Job

Network launches investigation to identify peeper

(Newser) - Nude video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews—which hackers started using to spread viruses—was likely an inside job, a source tells Radar. ESPN employees are often booked at Hilton hotels when traveling for work, but the hotels Andrews was videotaped in have not been identified. ESPN is “freaking...

Video of Naked ESPN Reporter Inspires Hackers

In victory for karma, download attempts unleash virus

(Newser) - Peephole video of an ESPN reporter naked in a hotel room is lighting up the sports blogosphere—and not just because Erin Andrews is the star of many a basement-dwelling mama's boy's fantasy. Some attempts to download illicit footage have led to the spread of a computer virus. "Hackers...

Hospital Fires Staffers for Octuplet Snooping

(Newser) - The hospital where octuplet mom Nadya Suleman birthed her brood has fired 15 of its employees and disciplined another eight for unauthorized peeking at Suleman’s medical records, the Los Angeles Times reports. The breech, discovered 10 days ago, has been reported to state authorities and to Suleman. The snoopers...

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