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Firefox 3.5 Could Upgrade the Whole Web

New browser is faster and ready for HTML upgrade

(Newser) - Firefox, once lauded for “speed, stability, and customizability,” seemed lately to have fallen behind the competition—but with version 3.5, out today, it’s back and better than ever, writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate. The new version “adds a much-needed speed boost” alongside bug fixes. And... More »

Microsoft Move Won't Derail Antitrust Case

Company has unfair advantage, European Commission says

(Newser) - The European Commission is moving forward with its antitrust case against Microsoft even after the company's promise to sell its Windows 7 operating system without Internet Explorer in Europe. The commission "notes with interest" Microsoft's announcement, CNET News reports, but adds that "Microsoft has apparently decided to supply... More »

EU Going After Microsoft, Again

(Newser) - European Union regulators are taking yet another shot at Microsoft, and this time they’re hoping to do more than fine the software giant, the Wall Street Journal reports. Their latest strategy: forcing Microsoft to bundle alternative web browsers with Windows, thereby diluting Internet Explorer’s inherent advantage. They may... More »

Google Brings Online Chrome Ad to TV

With browser far behind competitors, innovator goes traditional

(Newser) - In a desperate bid to heighten the visibility of its little-used web browser Chrome, Google has launched its first American television advertising campaign, the Guardian reports. The TV ad was made by a Google Japan team and uses stop-motion animation. Google says it’s “excited to see how this... More »

Tech Leaders Unite Against Microsoft

Nokia, IBM, Oracle join EU antitrust case over Explorer's dominance

(Newser) - A technology consortium whose members include IBM, Nokia, and Oracle has joined the European Commission’s antitrust case against Microsoft, the Financial Times reports. The consortium, Ecis, joins Google and the Mozilla Foundation in accusing Microsoft of using Windows to distort the web browser market in favor of Internet Explorer.... More »

New IE8 Promising But Slow: Mossberg

While some features are unmatched, slow page loads hinder updated browser

(Newser) - Internet Explorer 8 becomes available at noon, but don’t go ditching your current browser just yet, writes Walter S. Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft's latest is "a big improvement over its predecessor, IE7, and a much closer competitor to its main rival, Mozilla's Firefox"—but... More »

New Safari 4 Frustrates, but Is Blazing Fast

Apple browser's UI improvements flop, but halve load times

(Newser) - Apple’s new Safari 4 browser is the fastest available by far, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal, but the much-hyped “user-interface changes are a big disappointment.” In most cases, Safari just follows other browsers with helpful improvements to its format. But moving tabs to the... More »

Hackers Trigger Security Panic for Internet Explorer

Experts suggest switching browsers until Microsoft issues emergency patch

(Newser) - A security flaw in Internet Explorer has so alarmed web experts that they are advising people to switch browsers until the problem is fixed, reports the BBC. Microsoft is preparing an emergency software patch to fix the flaw, which has allowed hackers to seize control of individual computers and steal... More »

Chrome Is 'Smart, Innovative'

Google's beta version hows promise, but lacks key features, too

(Newser) - Google's innovative new browser Chrome could unseat Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but the beta version lacks some important features, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. Chrome introduces the "Omnibox," a combination search box and address bar, as well as tabs that operate as self-contained browsers. However, its... More »

Explorer 8's Privacy Feature Boon to Users

... though advertisers surely won't like Microsoft's addition

(Newser) - The privacy features available with the next version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer will appeal to users “paranoid or perverted,” Peter Bright writes on Ars Technica, but will “go some way to curtailing the power of large Internet companies to monitor how people are using the web.... More »

New Firefox Browser Enjoys Massive Downloads

May set Guinness record

(Newser) - The new Mozilla browser Firefox 3 was downloaded more than 8 million times in its first day of availability, a figure that may spark a Guinness title if the record keepers certify that new category. At its peak, the Firefox site was giving away 17,000 copies of the free... More »

Firefox 3.0 Is Best Browser Out There

Forget Explorer and Safari—Mozilla's update has them beat

(Newser) - If you’re still using the Internet Explorer or Safari that came with your computer, it’s just about time to upgrade. Mozilla's Firefox, the leading free, open-source, nonprofit Web browser, has a shiny new 3.0 version in beta testing, and it’s “the best Web browser out... More »

Among New Browsers, Firefox Bests Safari and IE

Safari isn't good enough vs. spyware and IE is still in development

(Newser) - Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft are in the final stages of developing new versions of their Web browsers, and Firefox 3 is the winner over spyware-susceptible Safari 3.1 and work-in-progress IE 8. The new Mozilla product has outstanding memory management and speed, boasts great groundbreaking bookmark features, and is impressively... More »

Speedier Firefox Aims to Lead the Way

Mozilla says new version of browser will boost Web 2.0 development

(Newser) - Early tests have found Mozilla's latest version of Firefox is much speedier than earlier versions and it runs rings around its rivals, PC World reports. One blogger found Firefox 3 Beta 4 was nearly twice as fast as Safari and Opera, and the Beta 4 version, and three times faster... More »

Explorer Hurt By Scorn for Web Standards

Uncompliant legacy code becoming an albatross over time

(Newser) - Microsoft is caught in a web-prison of their own design, the Guardian reports. In 2001, IE6’s flawed but ubiquitous programming forced web developers to make two versions of their sites: one that worked with IE6’s quirks, and another that complied with web standards. Pages identified the user’s... More »

Microsoft Faces New Suit on Competition

Small Norwegian company says industry giant stifles rivals

(Newser) - An independent Norwegian software company is taking on Microsoft in an antitrust complaint filed today with the European Commission. Opera charges the industry behemoth with monopolizing the market by packaging Windows with the Internet Explorer browser, Reuters reports. The moves comes three months after Microsoft had to pay a huge... More »

Security Firm: AIM Is Fatally Flawed

AOL instant messenger software vulnerable to worm attack

(Newser) - Hackers could exploit a glitch in AOL's instant messaging program and take control of users' computers , a security firm reports. Core Security discovered that the way AIM uses HTML code provides a loophole for hijacking PCs, via a web link that implants a self-copying worm. AOL says it has solved... More »

Apple Takes a Bite Out of the Competition

iPod maker replaces Microsoft as industry bully, monopolist

(Newser) - Apple has replaced Microsoft as the tech industry’s “biggest bully,” according to PC World. The iPod dynamo has shed its rebel rep and assumed Microsoft’s former mantle as a monopolist, copycat, and bully. “Bundling,” a tactic Microsoft used to tie together Windows and Internet... More »

Firefox Takes a Bite of Microsoft in Europe

Web browser grows fast, challenges Internet Explorer

(Newser) - Mozilla's Firefox is aggressively moving in on Microsoft's territory in the European web browser market. While Redmond's Internet Explorer continues to dominate with a 66.6% share, Firefox has won over 27.8% of the market—up from 21.1% last July and a spike of 3.1% in the... More »

Apple Wants to Send Windows Users on Safari

Jobs sees chance to grab larger share of browser market

(Newser) - Apple will venture into Microsoft's turf again, this time making a version of its web browser Safari compatible with Windows. Microsoft's Internet Explorer commands 78% of the browser market compared to Safari's 5%, reports the Wall Street Journal, but Apple's interest in expanding its share is only part of the... More »

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