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Nuclear Scientist Crowned Miss USA

'I love science,' says Miss DC Kara McCullough

(Newser) - Kara McCullough, a scientist working for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, has been crowned Miss USA. McCullough, who represented the District of Columbia in the decades-old pageant, was born in Naples, Italy, and raised in Virginia Beach, Va. She says she wants to inspire children to pursue careers in the... More »

Nuke Plant Leaked Oil Into Lake Michigan for 2 Months

Cook plant isn't sure how much it spilled

(Newser) - A nuclear plant leaked oil into Lake Michigan for almost two months, and although the oil wasn't contaminated with radiation, safety groups are alarmed by how long it took the plant to spot the leak. Officials at the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant in southwest Michigan reported the problem... More »

US Court: No Dithering on Nuke Waste Project

Nuclear Regulatory Commission told to decide on Yucca Mountain facility

(Newser) - The plan for a long-delayed nuclear waste dump limped forward today, possibly toward its own demise. A federal appeals court told the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it must decide on whether to approve the facility at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, Reuters reports. But the Obama administration and Senate Democratic... More »

NJ Nuclear Plant Declares Alert After Storm Surge

Oyster Creek plant still safe, NRC says

(Newser) - America's oldest nuclear plant has declared an alert amid rising water levels from superstorm Sandy, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says. The alert, the second-lowest of the four NRC action levels, was issued after water levels at New Jersey's Oyster Creek nuclear power plant rose more than six feet... More »

US OKs First Nuclear Reactors in 30 Years

Georgia plant gets approval to build two

(Newser) - It's a milestone for the nuclear energy industry: The feds today gave their blessing to a Georgia utility company to build two new reactors, the first such approval in 30 years, reports CNN . Southern Co. and its partners will build the reactors in Waynesboro, Ga., about 170 miles east... More »

Judge: Vermont Can't Shut Down Nuke Plant

Federal judge says only federal government can regulate nuclear safety

(Newser) - Vermont is the only state with a law allowing it to have a say over whether a nuclear plant's license should be renewed, but a federal judge has slapped down Vermont's attempt to withhold such a renewal. The judge ruled that Vermont Yankee, the state's only nuclear... More »

Quake Raises Nuke Plant Worries

Time to review standards at nuclear plants, experts say

(Newser) - Yesterday's East Coast earthquake was the strongest to hit the region since the beginning of the nuclear age, and safety advocates say it should serve as a wake-up call to nuclear plants using outdated safety standards. At Virginia's North Anna nuclear plant, just a few miles away from... More »

US Nuclear Regulators Routinely Weaken Rules

Changing standards keep ancient reactors running, despite wear and tear

(Newser) - US regulators are helping the nuclear power industry keep its aging plants in line with safety requirements by repeatedly loosening those requirements, according to a year-long AP investigation . The AP found thousands of problems—from cracking tubes to failed cables to leaking valves—all of which made the plants less... More »

Lax Nuclear Oversight Will Cost US Someday: Critics

Civil penalties by NRC plunge as industry lobbying increases

(Newser) - When corrosion thinned the pipes that circulate cooling water in Exelon Corporation's nuclear reactors outside Chicago, the company had a simple solution—it kept lowering the minimum thickness it considered safe. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission did not notice for eight years, and when it did discover the safety violation—... More »

US Warns of Fresh Threats at Fukushima

But radioactive water leak is finally plugged at crippled nuke plant

(Newser) - The Fukushima nuclear plant is facing fresh threats that could persist indefinitely, according to a report prepared by American experts and obtained by the New York Times . The engineers warn that steps being taken to stabilize the plant are presenting threats of their own, including the risk that containment structures... More »

US Launches Safety Review of All 104 Nuke Plants

As do other countries, like China

(Newser) - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is launching a comprehensive review of all 104 reactors in America. Other countries, including China, are taking similar steps as the Japan nuclear crisis unfolds. President Obama called for the review yesterday as he assured Americans that they are unlikely to face harmful radiation from the... More »

Traces of Radiation to Reach US Friday

UN charts radiation plume

(Newser) - A plume of radiation from stricken Japanese nuclear reactors is crossing the Pacific and will be detectable in southern California by tomorrow, according to a United Nations forecast. Experts stress that the radiation in the plume will be extremely diluted and will, at worst, have very minor health consequences for... More »

Radiation Levels 'Extremely High': US Nuclear Official

Watchdog Chief Says Japan Is Understating Dangers

(Newser) - The situation at the Dai-ichi nuclear plant is worse than Japanese officials are acknowledging, says the head of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. “We believe that radiation levels are extremely high, which could possibly impact the ability to take corrective measures," Gregory Jaczko told Congress, while advising Americans... More »

Red Tape Chokes Path to Next-Gen Nukes

Government must get out of the way of cheap, clean energy sources

(Newser) - A handful of startups are designing an exciting new generation of modular nuclear reactors that could solve our energy woes, writes legendary tech investor Bob Metcalfe in the Wall Street Journal. Small enough to fit on a kitchen table, they’re cheap and safe and use non-weapons-grade fuel. “As... More »

McCain Calls For 45 New Nuke Plants by 2030

It's time for US to reinvest in nuclear energy, candidate argues

(Newser) - John McCain continued his energy campaign theme last night by calling for 45 nuclear power plants to be built by 2030, Reuters reports. He said he would eventually like to see 100 new plants to combat global warming and make the US energy independent. The nation's 104 reactors provide about... More »

NRC Warns of Shoddy Nuke Parts

Counterfeit parts flood US from China

(Newser) - An influx of shoddy and counterfeit parts from China and elsewhere could pose safety hazards in US nuclear power plants, warn officials of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A dramatic decline in the number of domestic suppliers is making reliable nuclear parts harder to find, reports the Wall Street Journal. The... More »

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