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2011: Lost His Feet to Frostbite. 2018: Finishes a Marathon

Marko Cheseto also just became a US citizen

(Newser) - A former University of Alaska Anchorage runner who lost both of his feet to frostbite in 2011 ran his first marathon and became an American citizen last week, the AP reports. Marko Cheseto, 35, finished 613th overall out of nearly 53,000 runners at the New York City Marathon on... More »

Scientists ID Largest Dino Foot Ever Found, 20 Years Later

Body part from Wyoming belongs to 'Bigfoot' brachiosaur

(Newser) - "Bigfoot" has been found, just not the apish version. An international team of paleontologists has announced the discovery of the largest known dinosaur foot, which belonged to a close relative of the Brachiosaurus now dubbed "Bigfoot." Appropriately so, as a nearly complete left hind-foot fossil totaling 13... More »

Hiking Boot Stuck in Logjam Still Had Foot Inside

This is 14th such find in BC since 2007

(Newser) - A hiking boot stuck in a logjam on the shores of British Columbia's Gabriola Island yielded a grim find—yet another severed foot. This is at least the 14th time since 2007 that a foot has washed up on the coastline of the Canadian province, the Guardian reports. There... More »

Man Puts His Feet Through Lego Ordeal for Charity

At least Russell Cassevah thinks he set a world record after his 120-foot torture stroll

(Newser) - Most people go to great lengths to avoid stepping on their kids' Legos. Not Russell Cassevah, described as a "madman" by ALT 103.7 for what appears to be a (painful) new world record. WAVY reports the Virginia man traversed 120 feet of the sole-puncturing plastic bricks on Sunday,... More »

Viral Pic of 'Nightmare' JetBlue Passenger Takes Flight

'The toes were in full wiggle,' horrified woman tweets

(Newser) - When your pilot announces your flight's cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, that shouldn't be a Manchurian Candidate-like cue for someone's actual feet to emerge. It's not clear if that's why Jessie Char suddenly found a fellow passenger's tootsies poking into her row of... More »

Jenna Bush Spills 'Wait, What?!' Secret on Grandma Barbara

Former first lady apparently only has 8 toes

(Newser) - If someone were to ever put together a biography on former first lady Barbara Bush entitled Everything You Never Knew (and Didn't Necessarily Want to Know) About Barbara Bush, it would now have to include a rather odd factoid supplied by her own granddaughter. The Hill reports that Jenna... More »

Disney Gets Patent to Take Pictures of People's Feet

It could track theme park guests by their shoes

(Newser) - Disney has received a patent to take pictures of visitors' feet at its theme parks, the Los Angeles Times reports. Specifically, the patent titled System and method using foot recognition to create a customized guest experience would scan guests shoes when they enter the park then track them as the... More »

Body Wearing 'Cement Shoes' Floats Ashore in NYC

The corpse had a Virgin Mary tattoo

(Newser) - Police are trying to identify the body of a man who washed ashore in New York City with his arms tied behind his back and his feet encased in concrete, the AP reports. At a news conference Tuesday in Queens, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said that the body was... More »

They're Back: Shoes Containing Human Feet Found in Canada

More than a dozen have washed ashore since 2007

(Newser) - After a short respite, athletic shoes containing human feet are once again washing up on Canadian shores, the Guardian reports. Earlier this month, a family visiting a Vancouver Island beach made a "grisly discovery," according to the CBC . "We had a look at it for about five... More »

Women Have Surgery So Designer Heels Fit Better

When Hitchhiker's Toe and Christian Louboutins clash

(Newser) - How far are women willing to go for fashion? According to the New York Times , pretty far. The newspaper walks a mile in the shoes of a handful of LA- and NYC-based podiatrists who perform procedures specifically designed to help women fit comfortably into designer heels. What types of surgery... More »

Your Feet: Home to Lots of Fungus

New study finds nearly 200 different types of fungi on feet

(Newser) - If you always thought feet were kind of gross, you were right: There are almost 200 different types of fungi living on them, a new study finds. In fact, though fungi live all over your skin, they most like to congregate on the heel (home to 80 different types), between... More »

Want to Run Barefoot at Your Gym? Good Luck

Fellow joggers will be 'repulsed' by the practice

(Newser) - Joggers who love running barefoot are trying to bring the fad into fitness clubs—but fellow members and gym owners are saying no way, the Wall Street Journal reports. Fitness chains cite health concerns in banning the practice, and shoe-wearing members cite disgust over naked feet sweating on tracks and... More »

Participants Burn Feet at Tony Robbins Seminar

San Jose Fire Dept treated 'several' people for injuries

(Newser) - Ouch—mind was overcome by matter at a self-help seminar last night when participants scorched their feet during a motivational walk across hot coals. The San Jose Fire Department swooped in and treated "several" people for burn injuries, reports the Mercury News . The event was hosted by feel-good guru... More »

'Serial Foot Licker' Busted

Anthony Perri faces sex abuse charges

(Newser) - Gross Crime of the Day: A man was arrested yesterday after allegedly fondling and licking the feet of two children in an upstate New York library. Anthony S. Perri faces sex abuse and other charges; he is accused of taking off the children's shoes and then pressing their feet... More »

Another Foot Sneaks Ashore in Canada

Appendage doesn't jog any theories

(Newser) - This mystery has legs. Yet another sneakered foot has washed ashore in Canada, becoming about the 12th such find in four years. The foot, inside a running shoe, with a bit of leg bone attached, was spotted floating along the shore of Vancouver's False Creek, reports AP . The others... More »

Woman Stabs Man Who Called Her Feet 'Smelly'

Washington teen overreacts to taunting at party, prosecutors say

(Newser) - Smell someone's fragrant feet? Might be best to keep your mouth shut. An 18-year-old Washington woman has been charged with assault after stabbing a fellow partygoer for taunting her about her smelly feet, prosecutors say. Dallas Smith tried and failed to do a backflip, which led to some taunting, the... More »

Canada May Have a Match in Case of Severed Feet

New left foot also in New Balance sneaker

(Newser) - Another severed foot in an athletic shoe has washed up on a Canadian shore, the sixth in a bizarre series of feet found over the last 15 months, reports the Vancouver Sun. The left foot, encased in a New Balance running shoe, was found earlier this week on a riverbank... More »

Canadian Foot Linked to Depressed Man

First to be identified in mysterious case of dismembered feet

(Newser) - One of five dismembered feet that have mysteriously washed ashore near Vancouver over the past year has been linked by DNA to a depressed man who disappeared a year ago, police announced. Investigators released no other information at the family's request. The foot is the first to be identified in... More »

Mysterious Human Feet Baffle Police

Speculation afoot around washed up body parts

(Newser) - Police are struggling to explain a string of washed up human feet found on beaches along one 125-mile stretch of British Columbia. So far five of the grisly, sneaker-clad appendages have been found, and all are right feet. “It’s a mystery,” said one Royal Canadian Mounted Police... More »

Keep Your Feet Pain-Free

Hint: Ditch the flip-flops for comfy sneakers

(Newser) - Watch out for those summertime flip-flops and ballet flats: Prolonged use could give you a painful foot condition, a podiatrist tells NPR. Shoes without enough arch or back support put too much strain on an important piece of tissue called the plantar fascia. Fashionable or not, it's better to go... More »

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