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Science Just Made Milk Chocolate Healthy Like Dark Chocolate

And without altering milk chocolate's supremely sweet taste, scientists say

(Newser) - The virtues of noshing on dark chocolate have long been extolled , but its more milquetoast cousin may now be able to capitalize on its health benefits—and it's all thanks to peanuts, the Independent reports. In a study published in the journal Food Science , scientists from North Carolina State...

FDA: Dark Chocolate Often Not What It Seems

Unless you like milk in your dark chocolate

(Newser) - Like snacking on dark chocolate? Then we hope you're not doing it to avoid milk, because the US Food and Drug Administration tested 94 dark-chocolate bars and found milk in 61% of them, Quartz reports—including not just products with descriptions like "may contain milk" or "may...

The World Is Running Out of Chocolate

Two chocolate makers warn of huge annual deficit

(Newser) - Like grabbing a Snickers on the run or savoring a little dark chocolate in the evening? Then brace yourself, because chocolate production is failing to keep up with worldwide consumption and could fall behind by 2 million metric tons annually by 2030, two big chocolate makers tell the Washington Post...

What Makes Dark Chocolate Healthy?

The bacteria inside us love it: researchers

(Newser) - You've probably heard about the highly convenient health benefits of dark chocolate . As io9 points out, the stuff is good for your heart, your brain, and even your teeth. But just why is it so healthy? Researchers are explaining that the healthy bacteria in our digestive systems love dark...

Another Study Raves About Daily Dark Chocolate

This time, it's for heart disease

(Newser) - Regular exercise might be bad for you , regular chocolate consumption might be good? So says a new study, so long as it's dark chocolate. (It's just one more study on the theme .) For people with hypertension and metabolic syndrome, eating about 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate...

Chocolate Lovers Are ... Leaner

Compounds may fight weight gain

(Newser) - Sweet news: People who regularly eat chocolate tend to be thinner, scientists have discovered. Of 1,000 subjects studied, those who ate chocolate a few times a week were on average slimmer than those who only ate it occasionally, reports the BBC . Frequency of eating chocolate appeared to be more...

Chocolate as Good as Exercise

Dark chocolate boosts cell mitochondria, researchers find

(Newser) - Some scientists are good enough to eat—like the ones who just published a study saying munching on dark chocolate is as valuable for health as exercise. Researchers have found that a compound found in chocolate—epicatechin—seems to trigger the same muscle response as vigorous activity. ''Aerobic...

Does Chocolate Build Muscle?

Scientists say, "sort of"

(Newser) - Can you finally replace your energy bar with a candy bar? Scientists have discovered a connection between chocolate and building muscle, reports the New York Times . Researchers at the University of California in San Diego have found that giving mice a purified form of epicatechin—the main nutritional ingredient of...

Dark Chocolate Healthier Than Juice ...Says Hershey

Call it a 'super-fruit,' researchers say

(Newser) - Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Your beloved treat may actually be healthier than fruit juice. A comparison of cocoa products to fruit juice powders suggests dark chocolate has more antioxidant power than juices, as well as more of certain chemicals that are good for your heart, the New York Daily News reports....

Eat Chocolate, Live Longer

Exciting news for chocoholics: It's good for your heart, brain, and more

(Newser) - Need an excuse to eat chocolate? The Daily Mail offers up not one excuse, but five, culled from recent research. But for these good things to apply, you'll need to get your fix from high-quality dark chocolate with a 70% or higher cocoa content:
  • It’s good for your heart:

Chocolate Sales Are Bittersweet

Battle to elevate taste to expensive brands proves bittersweet as economy sours

(Newser) - Chocolate sales, reputed to be recession-proof, are taking a hit in this downturn as consumers’ taste for more expensive brands has soured, reports the Financial Times. Companies that jumped into premium candies have been hurt by the downturn, and analysts say the market has been “trading down” from premium...

Chocoholics: Science Wants You

Scientists hope chemical compound holds key to curbing heart disease

(Newser) - A bar of chocolate a day may keep heart disease away, Reuters reports—or so goes the theory British scientists want to test by recruiting 150 postmenopausal women willing to do their part for science. Eating one bar each day for a year will help study whether a key chemical...

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