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Bob Schieffer Signs Off

'Face the Nation' moderator retires after 24 years, 46 with CBS

(Newser) - Bob Schieffer won't see you next Sunday when CBS' Face the Nation airs with a new lineup of politicians and pundits. He moderated his final broadcast today after 24 years, ending a journalism career that started at age 20 at a radio station in Fort Worth, Texas. During the... More »

Bob Schieffer Is Retiring

Veteran newsman says CBS is in a great place, he'll leave this summer

(Newser) - Most people don't keep the same spouse or home for nearly half a century, much less the same job, but veteran newsman Bob Schieffer has stuck it out with CBS News for 46 years. That's a run that will end this year, he announced at alma mater Texas... More »

Quick Debt Ceiling Fix: $1T Coin

Or, Obama could just raise limit himself

(Newser) - Think the whole debt-ceiling debate is silly? Paul Krugman does, too, and he's been pushing an admittedly "silly" way out of it. A legal loophole intended for making commemorative coins, he writes in the New York Times , could come in handy: Thanks to the rule, the US Treasury... More »

What to Expect at Tonight's Debate

Foreign policy clash will be tough one for Romney

(Newser) - With the candidates tied at one debate win each—and 47% of the vote, according to a new poll —don't expect either man to pull any punches in tonight's foreign policy showdown in Florida. Pundits think President Obama has the edge, but he is by no means... More »

Now in Crosshairs: Debate Moderators

Social media, confrontational candidates turn up heat

(Newser) - Jim Lehrer has been moderating presidential debates for decades, but lately, it's a lot tougher than it used to be. Candidates have started confronting not just their opponents but the moderators themselves, as Newt Gingrich showed us during the GOP primaries. And the general public can easily hammer chosen... More »

Libya Prez: Consulate Attack 'Planned' By Foreigners

Says 50 arrests of foreigners have been made

(Newser) - Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif took to the US airwaves this morning, Politico reports, telling Face the Nation that his nation has made 50 arrests in the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi . "The way these perpetrators acted and moved—and they're choosing the specific date for this... More »

Cain: Smoking Ad Was Letting 'People Be People'

CBS host Schieffer hammers GOP frontrunner for glamorizing smoking

(Newser) - Herman Cain got a dressing-down from Bob Schieffer this morning over the viral video of aide Mark Block smoking , with the GOP frontrunner defending it as self-expression. “One of the things within this campaign is, let Herman be Herman,” Cain explained. “Mark Block is a smoker, and... More »

A Year Later, Russert Remembered

Legendary host's shoes may never be filled

(Newser) - Tim Russert died suddenly one year ago this weekend, and while a new moderator inhabits his chair on Meet the Press, no clear successor to his legacy has emerged, Patrick Gavin writes for Politico. “Of course there’s a void,” says CNN’s John King. “Tim was... More »

Schieffer Vows to Get Straight Answers in Debate

Says he will get tough with both candidates

(Newser) - CBS veteran broadcaster Bob Schieffer has vowed to stand firm when he moderates the final presidential debate tonight, and will press the candidates to answer questions put to them, Politico reports. Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill and Tom Brokaw have come under fire for being too easy on candidates in previous... More »

These Hot-Button Issues Need Pressing in Last Debate

Abortion, Supreme Court among issues ignored in McCain-Obama encounters thus far

(Newser) - There's just one debate to go, and a surprising number of "hot buttons have gone unpressed," writes John J. Pitney, Jr. in the National Review. A search of the previous debates' transcripts turned up plenty of topics that demand a visit:
  • Abortion: “So far, nobody has even
... More »

Usual Suspects to Host Debates

(Newser) - The moderators for the three presidential debates have been announced, and none of them are particularly gasp-inducing, the Swamp reports. Tom Brokaw, interim host of Meet the Press, Jim Lehrer, of PBS’ News Hour, and Bob Schieffer of CBS’ Face the Nation, will each host a debate, while Gwen Ifill,... More »

Talking Heads Call Nomination for Obama

Clinton camp still fighting punditry's pronouncement that race is over

(Newser) - America’s pundit class has deemed the Democratic race over, shifting the conventional wisdom away from Hillary Clinton’s whisker of a chance, the New York Times reports. From Tim Russert’s assertion that “We now know who the Democratic nominee’s going to be, and no one’s... More »

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