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Olympic Flame Lands in Japan
Olympic Flame
Lands in Japan

Olympic Flame Lands in Japan

Organizers insist Games will go ahead

(Newser) - The Olympic flame completed its difficult journey from Greece to Japan on Friday. That signified a small, symbolic victory for the IOC and local organizers, who maintain the Tokyo Olympics will open on July 24 amid a chorus of doubters who believe they should be postponed or canceled because of...

Putin Lights Olympic Flame, Wind Blows It Out

Ceremonial lighting doesn't exactly go off without a hitch

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin might be capable of herculean feats , but keeping the Olympic flame lit proved a little vexing today in Moscow. "Today is a joyous and momentous day," he said at the Red Square lighting ceremony for the Sochi Games, as per the BBC . "The Olympic flame—...

Sochi's Olympic Flame Lit —With the Sun

Torch begins 40K-mile trek to Russia's Winter Olympics

(Newser) - The sun's rays were harnessed today to spark the flame that will travel some 40,000 miles to kick off Sochi's 2014 Olympic Games, reports the BBC , in a ceremony held in Olympus, Greece. The flame first passed to Russian hockey sensation Aleksandr Ovechkin, who carried the torch...

Olympic Flame Pulls Vanishing Act
 Olympic Flame Pulls 
 Vanishing Act 

Olympic Flame Pulls Vanishing Act

Organizers move cauldron out of sight, for now

(Newser) - Where did that giant fire go? The traditional Olympic flame was ignited in an enormous cauldron inside London's Olympic stadium during the finale of the opening ceremony, but now the cauldron is nowhere to be seen. What gives? Officials temporarily extinguished the cauldron (keeping the "mother flame" alive...

Olympic Flame Lit in Greece
 Olympic Flame Lit in Greece 

Olympic Flame Lit in Greece

Torch begins first leg of its journey

(Newser) - The Olympic flame has been lit and is on its 1,800-mile journey around Greece before it makes its way to London next week. A “high priestess” (read: actress) ignited the flame by catching the sun’s rays in a mirror at a ceremony in Olympia’s Temple of...

Olympic Cops Need Therapy After Games End

Guards for Olympic torch will receive psychological debriefings

(Newser) - As an officer for the Scotland Yard, this assignment sounds like a dream come true: Forget your regular duties for 70 days and travel throughout Britain with the Olympic torch in the run-up to the 2012 London Games. But the officers hand-picked for the once-in-a-lifetime assignment will receive psychological counseling...

Luge Death Can't Dim Opening Bash
 Luge Death Can't 
 Dim Opening Bash 

Luge Death Can't Dim Opening Bash

50K pack indoor arena to kick off Vancouver Olympics

(Newser) - Despite the training-run death earlier in the day of a luger from the country of Georgia, the Olympics' opening ceremonies went on tonight in Vancouver, with a jubilant countdown by the crowd filling BC Place Stadium. The festive mood, and the opening rain of confetti, contrasted sharply with the grief...

Olympic Flame Arrives in Canada

It'll make cross-country trek before landing in Vancouver

(Newser) - The Olympic flame touched down in Canada today, with a relay kicking off in Victoria, British Columbia, which will take it across the continent before returning it to Vancouver—less than 70 miles away—for the start of the Winter Games on Feb. 12. Its first day didn't exactly go...

Delirious Throngs Greet Torch in Beijing

But Yank, Brit protesters busted for 'Free Tibet' banner

(Newser) - After a beleaguered relay dogged by Tibet protesters in many of its legs around the world, the Olympic flame finally reached Beijing today. Ecstatic crowds under smog-choked skies shouted "Go Olympics, go Beijing" to greet torchbearers in Tiananmen Square, with Chinese basketball sensation Yao Ming holding the torch above...

Olympic Flame Lit Atop Everest
 Olympic Flame Lit Atop Everest 

Olympic Flame Lit Atop Everest

Display designed to counter protests

(Newser) - Chinese and Tibetan climbers lit an OIympic torch at the top of Mount Everest today, the BBC reports. The climbers unfurled Chinese and Olympic flags and chanted slogans for TV cameras beaming their images live onto the nation's TVs. The Chinese hope the elaborate stunt will counter the damage from...

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