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Burger King on Staying Open in Russia: It's Complicated

Parent firm RBI says its hands are tied, because franchise partner has 'refused' to shutter eateries

(Newser) - McDonald's is shuttering operations in Russia due to the country's invasion of neighboring Ukraine, so it's not surprising that Burger King would try to follow suit. But there's now a wrench in those plans, as the latter fast-food giant is seeing its efforts stymied by a...

American in Russia Has No Plans to Close His Papa John's

Colorado native Christopher Wynne owns company that oversees franchisees

(Newser) - Last week, Papa John's joined the companies that are suspending corporate ties with Russia over the invasion of Ukraine. As Fox Business reports, that means no "operational, marketing, and business support to, and engagement with, the Russian market." Russians themselves probably haven't noticed much of a...

The Papa John's N-Word Saga Continues

Founder and former CEO John Schnatter denies racism charge

(Newser) - Papa John's founder and former CEO insists he's not racist. John Schnatter recently went on the far-right network OAN to disavow those who insist that he is, Mediaite reports. Since reports of him using the n-word on a company call in 2018 led to his exit from the...

You've Had Papa John's. Now Visit 'Papa Castle'

PJ's John Schnatter gives brief virtual tour of his Kentucky mansion

(Newser) - If you've ever wanted to take a peek inside John Schnatter's "Papa Castle," here's your chance. The ex-Papa John's CEO, who was forced to step away from the company in 2018 after using the n-word in a conference call, offered a brief virtual tour...

Papa John's Founder Walks Back Big Pizza-Eating Claim

John Schnatter didn't 'eat' 40 pizzas in 30 days, he 'had' 40 pizzas in 30 days

(Newser) - Back in November, ousted Papa John's founder John Schnatter said he'd eaten 40 of his former company's pizzas in 30 days—or so we all thought. He's now playing a bit of a semantics game with his original wording, and he may get off on a...

Wife of Papa John's Founder: It's Over

M. Annette Cox files for divorce from John Schnatter after 32 years as husband and wife

(Newser) - The "finest human being" John Schnatter says he's ever met has filed for divorce from him. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that M. Annette Cox, 59, submitted paperwork Thursday in Kentucky to end her marriage to the 57-year-old Papa John's founder. Schnatter stepped down as CEO in early...

Papa John's Ousted CEO: 'It Just Doesn't Taste as Good'

John Schnatter says he's eaten 40 pizzas in the last 30 days

(Newser) - The ousted founder of Papa John's is feeling angry, disappointed—and possibly bloated. In an interview with WDRB , John Schnatter said he has eaten 40 Papa John's pizzas in the last 30 days, and it's not as good as it was when he was running the company....

Papa John's Picks a New Pitchman
Papa John's Turns to Shaq

Papa John's Turns to Shaq

Shaquille O'Neal will replace founder John Schnatter as pitchman after controversy

(Newser) - Papa John's has a new pitchman: Shaquille O'Neal. The chain says the basketball Hall of Famer will appear on TV commercials and promote Papa John's in other ways, per the AP . He will also join the company's board of directors and invest in nine of its...

Once-Defiant Founder Makes a Deal With Papa John's

John Schnatter will help pizza chain find new board director, then step down from board himself

(Newser) - The protracted battle between Papa John's and its former CEO appears to be coming to a close. CNBC reports the pizza chain has reached a settlement agreement with John Schnatter that dictates Schnatter, who owns about a third of the company's shares, will help pick an independent director...

Papa John Now Alleges Sexual Misconduct

He accuses CEO Steve Ritchie's 'inner circle,' as board hits back in a letter

(Newser) - Getting Papa John out of the Papa John's kitchen has done nothing to quell the heat between the pizza chain and its former CEO. A special committee of the chain's board of directors penned a letter Wednesday accusing John Schnatter of "promoting his self-interest at the expense...

Papa John's Thanks You for Your Anger

Airs new ad on social media

(Newser) - "I'd rather have frozen pizza than racist pizza." So reads a customer tweet about Papa John's, and it's not one the pizza company is shying away from. Quite the contrary, the message is highlighted in the chain's first new ad since John Schnatter was...

Papa John Gets Serious in His Fight for Papa John's
First the N-Word, Now a
'Love Letter' From Papa John
the rundown

First the N-Word, Now a 'Love Letter' From Papa John

Runs full-page open letter to company's 120K team members

(Newser) - Who gets the kids in the divorce? John Schnatter is hoping it's him. The former Papa John's chairman, ousted in the wake of his use of the n-word while on a conference call , has published a full-page ad—or "love letter," as the Louisville Courier Journal ...

Papa John's Lays the Blame at the Feet of Papa John

Company blames founder for 10.5% sales drop

(Newser) - Sales were way down at Papa John's outlets across the country in July—and "Papa John" himself is the reason why, the company says. President and CEO Steve Ritchie revealed Tuesday that sales were down 10.5% in July, and said "results have been challenged by recent...

Papa John's Founder Fires Another Shot at Pizza Chain

John Schnatter has 'no confidence' in management team

(Newser) - Former Papa John's CEO John Schnatter has lobbed another grenade in his war with the pizza chain he founded, telling CNBC Thursday that he has "no confidence" in the company's leadership team. At the head of that team is CEO Steve Ritchie, Schnatter's handpicked successor (Schnatter...

Now Papa John's Founder Is Suing
Papa John's Founder Is Suing

Papa John's Founder Is Suing

John Schnatter wants corporate records

(Newser) - The founder of the Papa John's pizza chain filed a lawsuit Thursday seeking access to the company's books and records following his resignation as chairman earlier this month amid reports that he used a racial slur during a media training session, the AP reports. In a complaint filed...

Papa John's Adopts 'Poison Pill' to Keep Founder at Bay

Plan will prevent John Schnatter from securing a controlling stake in the company

(Newser) - Papa John's is attempting to ward off its disgraced founder by adopting a poison-pill plan. The company is struggling to distance itself from John Schnatter, who resigned as chairman this month after his use of a racial slur during a media training session was revealed. He stepped down late...

Pizza Scandal May Have Killed Big Fast-Food Merger

Papa John's and Wendy's were talking before John Schnatter's mess

(Newser) - The fallout from a scandal involving Papa John's founder is still being felt, with reports now suggesting the world's third-largest pizza-delivery company missed out on a possible merger. Per the Wall Street Journal , John Schnatter held preliminary merger talks with executives from Wendy's before a scandal erupted...

Papa John's Founder: I Shouldn't Have Stepped Down

John Schnatter calls it a 'mistake,' explains why he wouldn't work with Kanye West

(Newser) - John Schnatter is having second thoughts about resigning from the company he created. The Papa John's founder, who stepped down as chairman of the company's board of directors last week after admitting he had used the n-word on a conference call, said in a letter to the directors...

Sports Teams Dropping Papa John's Like It's Hot

Source says founder John Schnatter regrets resignation

(Newser) - Papa John's founder has stepped down as chairman and been kicked out of his office at company headquarters—but the company is still experiencing fallout from John Schnatter's use of a racial slur . Since the former CEO admitted using the n-word during a conference call, numerous professional and...

Papa John's Kicks Founder Out of His Office

Fallout over John Schnatter's use of n-word continues

(Newser) - One more punishment for Papa John's founder John Schnatter over his use of the n-word : He just got the boot from his office at company headquarters in Kentucky, reports CNBC . Schnatter had previously resigned as chairman of the board—though he remains on the board in a lesser capacity...

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