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Everyone Wants 'The Bieber' Haircut

Your kid will soon be flipping his bangs—with attitude

(Newser) - Bieber Fever is everywhere—and it’s not just tween girls who are susceptible to it. No, even their male counterparts love Justin Bieber…or his hair, at least. Six out of every 10 boys want “the Bieber” when they come into her salon, one stylist tells the New ... More »

Teens: Um, Twitter Is for Lame Oldsters

Turns out it's only un-hip adults who use it

(Newser) - Sure, you keep hearing about the 140-character miracle that is Twitter, but that’s because old people are writing about it, not because all the cool kids are doing it. When old person Patrick Goldstein asked some teenagers about the microblogging site, he found out how the next generation feels:... More »

Forget Push-Up Bras: These Panties Plump Up Your Butt

What's with the newfound love of cushy derrieres?

(Newser) - First the “ butt bra ,” now padded panties: Obviously big booties are the latest trend. Amy Keyishian discovered Booty Pop panties, which are basically “fake butt cheeks,” she writes on Café Mom , “so you can get the Beyoncé effect without all the tasty food.” Yours... More »

4 Things You Can't Do on Chatroulette

Cyber sex loses its luster, and using 'LOL' exposes you as a liar

(Newser) - Sure, Chatroulette is great if you really want to see a lot of bored guys —but at least four online activities are much more difficult on the site. From Andrew B. at CollegeHumor :
  • Snagging sexual predators: If the pervy old guy is staring right at your police uniform, it’
... More »

Hipster Style Invades Olympics

From the fake mustache to the faux denim leggings

(Newser) - Gawker uncovers a disturbing fashion trend at the Winter Olympics: hipster clothes. Maureen O'Connor unveils the “leggings-esque faux denim, a surfeit of plaid, and the world's most ironic mustache.” Take a tour in the gallery. More »

5 Fashion Week Trends

Not interested in fashion? Check out the falling models

(Newser) - Wondering what you’ve missed so far from Fashion Week? We’ve rounded up five trends to keep your eye on—check out examples of each in the gallery:
  • Wearability: Designers from Derek Lam and Vera Wang to, yes, even Marc Jacobs and Rodarte are offering clothes the average person
... More »

Churches Ask Men to Fight Like Jesus

The latest trend combines Christianity with mixed martial arts

(Newser) - Jesus just too wimpy for you? Fear not: A new crop of churches that combine religion with mixed martial arts could solve all your spiritual problems. "Compassion and love—we agree with all that stuff, too," one pastor tells the New York Times , "but what led me... More »

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead

Yes, that most uncomfortable undergarment is finally out

(Newser) - The G-string has finally, truly peaked—and the end of the intrusive undergarment's reign merited a spread declaring the death of the thong in that bible of women’s magazines, Cosmopolitan. “The glory days of that skimpy, silky triangle of fabric—coveted by exhibitionists, praised by poets (well, Sisqo... More »

New Site Lets 'Friends' Point Out Your Faults is the latest truth-seeking social networking site

(Newser) - If you really want to know what people think of you, the Web can help. A flurry of new sites—basically intense versions of Truth or Dare—offer constructive criticism or, in the case of the latest, just plain truth. Sites like allow people to ask users anonymous... More »

Denim's Back, But Denim-on-Denim Is Pushing It

Jeans are back in the spotlight, but how much is too much?

(Newser) - Thanks in part to the recession, denim is all the rage—but the growing tendency to layer denim on denim (on, sometimes, even more denim) might be too much. “It can look silly, too contrived,” a video producer tells the Wall Street Journal . Nonetheless, the look is everywhere,... More »

Today's Hippest Beer Accessory: The Growler

64-ounce takeaway bottles offer cheaper alternative to bar-hopping

(Newser) - Looking to host your Super Bowl party with beer that’s a bit more interesting than Coors Light? Look no further than the current beer trend sweeping New York: Growlers. The 64-ounce glass containers allow for fresher, cheaper, more interesting beer in the comfort of your own living room—and... More »

10 Reasons Sexting Is Better Than Sex

No judging allowed: Sexting is, after all, safer

(Newser) - Sexting is getting a bad rap—but you really shouldn’t judge until you’ve tried for yourself. Simcha Whitehill offers 10 reasons why sending sexy text messages is better than doing the deed in real life, on The Frisky :
  • Imagination: As in, you actually have to use it—and
... More »

What It Means When Straight Girls 'Marry'

Decoding today's teenage love vocabulary is a difficult task

(Newser) - A generation ago, gay teens hid their sexual orientation from everyone around them—now, straight girls “marry” each other on Facebook and write each other love poems, while parents struggle to catch up with the language of today’s love. “Was there a difference between going out, hanging... More »

New Cocktail Hotshot: Sherry

Don't just cook with it; mix a drink with it

(Newser) - After decades relegated to a spot in the cooking aisle, sherry is making a comeback. The Spanish fortified wine is becoming a trendy cocktail ingredient, especially in Los Angeles, the Times reports. The drinks can get pretty swanky—one involves gold dust; another, reportedly loved by Frank Sinatra, flamed orange... More »

Women's Fashion Turns Tough

Floral prints? Baby doll dresses? No way, say today's stylists

(Newser) - Women are starting to turn their backs on girly pastels, floral prints, and strappy heels in favor of a more aggressive, tough-but-sexy look. “It’s not cool to be demure,” one stylist, who prefers big T-shirts over ripped jeans, tells the New York Times . The trend toward a... More »

Man Cleavage: It's All the Rage

Chest hair is no longer a 1970s relic—it's back

(Newser) - Plunging necklines: They’re not just for women anymore. Male cleavage is back, and if you like chest hair and heaving pecs, you’re sure to appreciate the variety of V-necks and scoop-neck tops for men that are hitting the runways. The Wall Street Journal takes a look at the... More »

Why Grandma Texts Better Than You

Careers that revolved around shorthand give grannies fast fingers

(Newser) - Text messaging opened up a new—and better—method of communication for Matthew DeBord and his mother (gone were the days of “rambling, nonlinear” phone calls), but he was shocked when he realized his 70-year-old mom wasn’t just good at texting: “Mom texted like someone who’s... More »

Leave Porn Sex to Porn Stars

In a real-life bedroom, no one cares about the money shot

(Newser) - In the middle of an underwhelming bedroom session with a lover she dubbed “Mr. Jackhammer,” Mary Elizabeth Williams had an epiphany: Men (and probably some women) are learning far too many of their moves from porn, and it’s time to stop. “Thinking you can learn to... More »

How Skulls Took Over Fashion

Once scary, now stylish, skulls are trendy—and not just at Halloween

(Newser) - Skulls, once seen as sinister symbols, are now used on everything from children's shirts to underwear. Sara Dickerman of Slate takes a look at how the trend developed:
  • In the 16th century, artists like Albrecht Dürer were still using skulls to remind people of their mortality.
  • French pirate Emanuel
... More »

Dress Like a Mad Man for $998

Mad Men 's Don Draper, John Slattery inspire real-life Brooks Brothers suits

(Newser) - Need an excuse to chain smoke and drink excessively in true 1960s style? No problem: Come Monday, you can dress up like Mad Men’s Don Draper for a mere $998. Brooks Brothers, which has collaborated on the show’s costumes, is rolling out 250 of the “Mad Men... More »

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