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Proposal for City's Stinky Water? Add Pumpkin Spice

It appears petition in Tempe, Ariz., is a joke, but the water can smell and taste awful there

(Newser) - Residents of an Arizona city with foul-smelling, unpalatable drinking water have proposed a solution that would make Starbucks proud: have the water company infuse it with pumpkin spice flavoring. The Arizona Republic reports on Tempe's tap-water woes, which are so pervasive the city is forced to acknowledge them on... More »

Ladies, Meet the Lumbersexual

He's the answer to the metrosexual and the latest thing in men's fashion

(Newser) - He's unshaven, a little dirty, and dresses like a woodsman. No, he's not a slob, he's … sexy? This guy—think Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor, Nick Offerman, or Chuck Norris—is a lumbersexual, apparently. And just what is that? He's the opposite of the... More »

Hottest Fad in Plastic Surgery: the 'Arm Lift'

Procedure up 4,728% over a decade

(Newser) - Facelifts and nose jobs are old news: The cosmetic surgery of the moment, it seems, is the "arm lift." Brachioplasties have soared 4,728% over the past decade, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, even as overall cosmetic surgeries have fallen 16% since 2000. While other forms... More »

Zombies Trendiest When We're Dissatisfied

Interest peaks 'when as a culture we feel disempowered' : expert

(Newser) - How to explain the current fascination with The Walking Dead, the "zombie walks" occurring across the country, or the televised warnings of zombie apocalypse? It's no coincidence that we're in the midst of a zombie obsession, says a professor who's studied the phenomenon: People get into... More »

Hey, Baby: What's Your Credit Score?

Financial history becoming a bigger factor in dating decisions

(Newser) - Forget about your sign, the new hot first date question is, "What's your credit score?" As the New York Times reports, more and more daters are getting questions about their financial history, and in some cases, a weak credit score (under 660) could yank some of those fish... More »

America's Trend-Setter in Music: Atlanta

Residents listening now to what the rest of us will hear soon: Study

(Newser) - Researchers have combed online data to determine which cities set the trend for music listeners—and the results are surprising. In North America, Atlanta residents are ahead of the curve with their playlists for new music overall and hip-hop in particular, while Montreal is tops for indie tunes, Time reports.... More »

The 9-to-5 Workday Could Soon Punch Out

Young workers are demanding flexibility

(Newser) - Show of hands, how many people are still clocking in at 9 and out at 5 every day? Well, you might be in the minority soon. In its annual list of top trends, communications firm Euro RSCG Worldwide is predicting that “Generation Y will upend the traditional workday, as... More »

Cassette Tapes Are Back

Amongst a certain set of people, at least

(Newser) - Proving once again that everything will someday become cool again, the Wall Street Journal today brings us the news that cassettes are making a comeback. A small comeback, sure, but a comeback nonetheless. “I want them fresh, sealed in the package,” says one collector. “I know one... More »

Forget Planking, Owling: 'Horsemaning' Is Here

'Fake beheading' the latest photo trend

(Newser) - Forget planking , cone-ing , and owling : Horsemaning is the new trend when it comes to bizarre photo opportunities. Horsemaning, first made popular in the 1920s, is basically taking a picture where it appears you have been beheaded. The term comes from the "Headless Horseman," reports the International Business Times... More »

Forget Planking, Try Owling

Looks ... fun?

(Newser) - Planking is so over. The bizarre Facebook trend (blamed in the death of a man in May ) of taking a picture while you're lying face down in a weird location has been replaced with "owling." Owling, as the Washington Post explains, is the act of taking... More »

Why I Got the 'Manzilian' Wax

Brazilians for guys? Increasingly popular, but not for the faint of heart

(Newser) - Jed Lipinksi didn’t realize it at first, but it would prove to be impossible for him to write a story about male waxing without getting waxed himself. After steadfastly declining several offers, Lipinski found himself getting a “Manzilian” from none other than Janea Padilha herself, the inventor of... More »

'Toning Shoes' Don't Work

'Shoes are not a magic pill,' says exercise advocate

(Newser) - “Toning shoes” promise to get you in shape—“without setting foot in a gym,” one Skechers ad claims. Surprise, surprise: That may not be true. The trendy “athletic” shoes, which cost $100 to $245, have unstable soles that supposedly force your muscles to work harder, resulting... More »

'Bald Is Back'...for Ladies

And guess what? It's green, too

(Newser) - Not so long ago, women who went bald by choice were deemed crazy (hello, Britney Spears). But now, the look is increasingly becoming a fashion statement. Women “are either shaving the complete head or one side of the head, as we have seen with Jada Pinkett-Smith,” one barber... More »

Hot Adult Accessory: Silly Bandz

Fad alert! Better buy a pack before they sell out

(Newser) - Thanks to schools banning Silly Bandz and putting them on the national radar, the elastics-slash-bracelets are the hottest new accessory…for adults. “If kids are going crazy over these, I have to have them,” says one 30-year-old who mixes her palm tree and monkey-shaped Bandz with her Rolex... More »

The New Bachelor Party Excess: Food

Goodbye strippers, hello suckling pig

(Newser) - Heading to a bachelor party soon? Instead of waking up the next morning wondering, “Do you remember anything?” you might find yourself saying, “Do you remember the agnolotti with the octopus and the pork belly?” More and more soon-to-be brides and grooms are opting to spend their dollar... More »

WTF Trend: Diapers for Brides

Won't that be fun to deal with at the end of the night?

(Newser) - Dancing at your wedding while wearing a wet, dirty diaper: Doesn’t that sound like every bride’s dream come true? Despite how bizarre and gross it seems, apparently there is a market for bridal diapers, Courtney Dunlop discovered. Sure, some dresses take a lot of time and effort to... More »

This Is the Latest Dance Craze?

Surra de Bunda is definitely, definitely NSFW

(Newser) - Mourning the death of the Macarena? Perhaps it’s time for you to learn the latest dance craze sweeping Brazil: Surra de Bunda or, according to Google Translate , “ass licking.” Gawker explains that the move, featured in dozens of NSFW YouTube videos, involves “hooking your feet over... More »

Hot Trend for Summer: Boots

Sales surge as starlets embrace combat-style footwear

(Newser) - They look sweaty and uncomfortable, but make no mistake: Boots are hot—as in trendy—this summer. "It’s a way of saying, ‘I am a tough, cool and bad girl and don’t mess with me,’ and at the same time, women want to stay feminine,... More »

Single? Divorced? There's a Ring for That

New trend reminds us we can buy our own jewelry

(Newser) - Not engaged, but just dying for an oh-so-special ring to call your own? Great news: Thanks to today’s brilliant jewelry marketers, there’s a ring for every relationship status you’d like to broadcast to the world, be it “available and happy” or “divorced, available, and happy.... More »

Bad '90s Fashion Is Back

Oh, yes: You might find yourself wearing overalls again

(Newser) - It may be time to resurrect the flannel shirts and scrunchies—‘90s fashion, for better or for worse, is back. The Daily Beast points to 16 reemerging trends:
  • Grunge: Ripped jeans, fraying flannels, Doc Martens—remember those days? Trendsetters from Peaches Geldof to Elle style director Kate Lanphear are
... More »

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