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Lusty Nude Is Booted From MoMA Exhibit

Male was growing problem at Marina Abramovic exhibit

(Newser) - It's not only spectators who are getting frisky at a Museum of Modern Art show featuring live nude models. One male on display in the Manhattan exhibit was so aroused by the experience that he was asked to leave, reports Page Six . The exhibit by artist Marina Abramovic features a...

Museumgoers Keep Groping the Nude Models
 Keep Groping 
 the Nude 
in case you missed it

Museumgoers Keep Groping the Nude Models

MoMA visitors are getting a little too personal

(Newser) - The nude models in the Museum of Modern Art just can't get any privacy. Visitors have been pointing, touching, groping, snapping photos, and even trying to find the models, part of a Marina Abramovic performance art exhibit, on Facebook. One of the males tells the New York Times of one...

Ladies, It's Time to Go Topless

 It's Time to 
 Go Topless 
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Ladies, It's Time to Go Topless

People will never stop staring until we normalize it

(Newser) - Two dozen women in Maine were scoffed at for getting angry when men ogled their topless march—but female toplessness doesn’t have to be a big deal, and it’s about time we all “grow up a little.” Going bare up there is perfectly legal in many...

Maine Topless Protesters Draw Oglers

Go figure

(Newser) - The ideal: A topless woman walking down a street on a hot day would arouse no more attention than a guy parading his beer gut and back hair for all the world to see. The reality: A few dozen Maine women yesterday flaunting their right to go sans shirt ran...

Dallas Pissed Over Erykah Badu Naked Video

Singer was naked in public...without a permit

(Newser) - Dallas officials aren't happy with Erykah Badu's new video , in which she gets naked, in public, at the site of JFK's assassination. But of all possible reasons to be mad, they're upset she didn’t get a permit for filming first, the Dallas Morning News reports. Luckily for her—though...

40% Bare Is How Women Best Attract Men

But too much flesh smacks of infidelity

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered that women who bare 40% of their body are the most effective at attracting males. Female scientists studied women at a popular nightclub, and placed percentage values on how much skin they exposed. A bare arm counted for 10%, a leg 15% and so on. They found...

Boulder Cops Nix Naked Halloween Streak

Wacky local tradition draws big crowds, annoys authorities

(Newser) - Killjoy cops in Boulder, Colo., plan to shut down the town's annual naked Halloween run tonight, dispatching 40 police officers to the four-block course, backed up, believe it or not, by SWAT teams. Tolerated for nearly a decade, the run aroused police ire last year when the ranks of streakers,...

Need a Vacation? World's Top 5 Nude Events

Nude Recreation Week is celebrated this month

(Newser) - To mark the 32nd year of Nude Recreation Week, TripAdvisor has put together a list of the top five nude events worldwide, Reuters reports:
  1. World Naked Bike Ride, worldwide, June and July: Riders, advocating cycling over driving, often paint messages on their bodies.
  2. World Record Skinny Dip, across North America,

Conn. Man Bares All for Dentist

(Newser) - A Connecticut man was arrested Monday after showing up for a dental appointment 5 days late and completely naked, the Connecticut Post reports. The man quickly fled the office when his arrival elicited screams from a female receptionist. Police caught up with him at his home, where he claimed he...

Swedes Shed Hangups at Nudist B&amp;B
 Swedes Shed 
 Hangups at  
 Nudist B&B 


Swedes Shed Hangups at Nudist B&B

(Newser) - It’s quaint, relatively cheap, breakfast is included in the price, and oh yes, everyone’s naked. Welcome to Hylteberga gård, one of the first naturist bed and breakfasts in Europe. Helena Frith Powell of the UK Times took a holiday there, and found it a tad … distracting,...

Disney Axes Boob Screeners as Fewer Flash Splash Mountain

Women keep shirts on, editors lose theirs

(Newser) - A decline in breast-baring has triggered job cuts at Disneyland, reports the Orange County Register reports. Disney is axing photo editors tasked with screening out photos of people flashing cameras that snap automatically on Splash Mountain and three other rides. The photos are posted for sale at kiosks at ride...

German Hotel Is a Strip Joint

Naturists want it to be family-friendly lodging

(Newser) - Germany's first mandatory-nudity hotel hasn't even opened yet, but management is laying down the law: Towels must be placed wherever guests sit. The Black Forest resort's clothing ban is an oddity even in Germany, a hotbed of naturism for over a century, reports the Times of London. In fact, clothing...

Nude Hikers Shock Sleepy Swiss Town

Deep in the Alps, a village encounters influx of naked visitors

(Newser) - Appenzell is a remote, conservative town in the Swiss Alps; it has just 5,600 residents, makes famed cheese, and finally awarded women the right to vote in 1990. Yet in recent years, a growing number of Swiss and foreign visitors have taken to hiking through the mountains wearing nothing...

Execs Aim to Tame Rowdy SF Race

Organizers move to make revelers straighten up in Party Town, USA

(Newser) - San Francisco, the “City That Knows How,” is notoriously adept at throwing hedonistic events—but it also knows how to fight to keep them, the Los Angeles Times reports. Protesters are fuming at the organizers of the annual Bay to Breakers footrace, who want to ban nudity and...

'Pumpkin Streaker' Cops a Plea in Colo.

Student, one of 12, will do community service, avoid sex-offender status

(Newser) - A University of Colorado student who ran through a pedestrian mall naked except for a pumpkin on her head on Halloween agreed yesterday to a plea deal, the Boulder Daily Camera reports. The 20-year-old will do 6 months of probation and 8 hours of community service, and will not have...

They're Naked, and Not Going to Take It Anymore

Paris' nude life models strike—in the buff—to demand better pay

(Newser) - Paris is notorious for constant protests by striking workers, but yesterday the French capital witnessed an uncommon work action: dozens of nude life models who braved freezing temperatures—naked—to demand a pay increase. As the Guardian reports, the models took to the street and re-created Delacroix's Liberty Leading ...

Woman Charged With Buff Bartending

Second recent naked incident in suburban St. Louis

(Newser) - Lowered inhibitions aren’t uncommon in bars, but one in suburban St. Louis has been having trouble keeping its female bartenders clothed, the Alton (Ill.) Telegraph reports. Something strange is going on around Alton, where Jamie Day, 24, was charged Friday with bartending in the nude—the area’s...

Naked Lunch? Maine Town Strips Diner of Booze

Locals unamused by skinny dip sandwich

(Newser) - A Maine restaurant has been denied a liquor license over a promotion that encourages skinny dipping in a nearby lake, the Bangor Daily News reports. The offer promised a free sandwich to any diner intrepid enough to strip and take the plunge behind the Black Frog Restaurant. After numerous complaints...

Naked NY Man Falls to Death After Cops' Taser

Stunned suspect falls to his death from fire Brooklyn escape

(Newser) - A naked man fell to his death yesterday in Brooklyn after police fired a Taser at him, the New York Post reports. The man, 35-year-old Iman Morales, had been ranting on a second-story fire escape. His mother begged police not to hurt him, saying he was sick, but when Morales...

New Yorkers Bullish on Bare Market

Naked dining, yoga and comedy keep Big Apple residents cool

(Newser) - Naked dinner, yoga in the buff and comedy clubs au naturel are turning the Big Apple into Nude York City, the New York Post reports. One New Yorker rents out restaurants for monthly nude dinner parties—the motto for a group often numbering 50 is “no hot soup”—...

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