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Madonna: My Daughter Doesn't Have My Drive

The Material Girl talks kids, career in 'Vogue'

(Newser) - Madonna spoke candidly about her kids during a recent interview with Vogue , saying that she gave her older kids phones at 13—and that was "a mistake" she's not planning to make with her younger kids, including now-13-year-old David, who doesn't yet have a phone. Giving her...

Netscape and Joe Camel, Class of '18 Never Knew Ye

Saturday morning cartoons not a big thing for them

(Newser) - Kids these days, with their Firefox and Chrome … Members of the incoming Class of 2018 probably never used Netscape or got hooked on Saturday morning cartoons, according to an annual list apparently aimed at making you feel old. Beloit College in Wisconsin notes in its yearly Mindset List that...

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots
 10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots 

10 Totally Spoiled Celeb Tots

Apparently, fancy tree houses are a thing

(Newser) - It comes as little surprise that celebrity children are quite a spoiled bunch, but even by Hollywood standards, these 10 tots rounded up by the Stir seem to have it particularly good:
  • Katie Holmes recently bought daughter Suri Cruise a $100,000 tree house, complete with running water, electricity, and

This Week in Insanely Pricey Celeb Purchases...
This Week in Insanely
Pricey Celeb Purchases...
$12K for what?!

This Week in Insanely Pricey Celeb Purchases...

Usher buys a $12K puppy, Kim gets a $2K wig...

(Newser) - In case you had forgotten that celebrities are not just like you, we have a bunch of recent evidence for you:
  • Madonna’s daughter Lourdes turned 16 recently, and as we all know, 16 is a big deal. So of course her mum bought her … an apartment, the Daily

Madonna Cut Her Own Daughter From Film

Lourdes' 'WE' scenes ended up on cutting room floor

(Newser) - Madonna "dragged" daughter Lourdes into a small part in her new movie WE ... and then cut her from it. "It was quite unfair of me, what I did and what I asked her to do," the Material Girl tells MTV in a recent interview. "But she...

Madonna's Fashion Line 'Underwhelming'

 Fashion Line 
fashion review

Madonna's Fashion Line 'Underwhelming'

Material Girl line should have been more '80s, says stylist

(Newser) - Madonna’s fashion line, co-designed by her daughter , debuts today—and one celebrity stylist is not impressed. “There are some good pieces but it's a bit one-note,” says Phillip Bloch, who was “underwhelmed” by the Material Girl designs. “I'm surprised Madonna's collection is not more Madonna,...

Madonna to Design Teen Fashion Line
Madonna to Design Teen Fashion Line

Madonna to Design Teen Fashion Line

Pop star's daughter Lourdes inspires label for Macy's

(Newser) - Madonna will launch a fashion line for kids inspired by her 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes. The pop queen has engineered a fashion deal that will give her a stake in labels like Candie's, Rampage, and Ed Hardy through the acquisition of the firm Iconix by her company MG Icon. This could...

Eyeing Marathon, Madonna Carts Gym in Jet
 Eyeing Marathon, 
 Madonna Carts Gym in Jet 

Eyeing Marathon, Madonna Carts Gym in Jet

For video, Lourdes dresses as mom circa 1984

(Newser) - No wonder Madonna needed 11 suites and 25 rooms at the Tel Aviv hotel where she stayed for the Israeli finale of her Sticky & Sweet Tour—the material girl's entourage included chef, four children, boy toy Jesus Luz, and a private jet's worth of exercise equipment, the New York ...

Madonna Shares Stage With Lourdes

12-year-old on hand for tour's final show

(Newser) - Madonna's daughter Lourdes has officially entered the spotlight: The 12-year-old joined her famous mom on stage in Israel during the final show of the Sticky & Sweet tour last night, the Sun reports. In the concert's final moments, Madonna hugged her daughter as she thanked fans then the pair walked...

Madonna Will Move Kids to NYC

Singer wins cusody battle with Ritchie; things 'amicable'

(Newser) - After a battle over residency with ex-husband Guy Ritchie, Madonna has emerged victorious and will take her two sons to live in New York, the Sun reports. Rocco, 8, and David, 3, will join forces with their sister Lourdes, 12, in the Big Apple. It’s a temporary move but...

Madonna Searches for Softer Side

Pop queen is in therapy

(Newser) - The Material Girl is in therapy, reports the Daily Mirror. Madonna has started counseling sessions with—of course—a Kabbalah center rabbi, in an effort to “tweak her tikkun.” In English? The famously controlling pop star wants to be “less domineering.” Along those lines, she had...

Madge's Family Xmas Includes A-Rod

Ritchie wants kids in London for holiday; singer counters by bringing Yankees star

(Newser) - Madonna agreed to her ex-hubby’s request that she bring the kids to Britain for Christmas—as long as Alex Rodriguez can come along, the Sun reports. Madge offered the Yankees star first-class airfare and a room in a top hotel in London because “she wants to treat him,...

Guess Where A-Rod's Spending Thanksgiving?

Wife blasts his decision to ditch kids

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez will be spending the holiday with family—just not his own, the New York Post reports. The Yankee slugger’s wife told a friend, “My soul-less, soon-to-be ex-husband is abandoning his kids on Thanksgiving to be with Madonna.” Cynthia went on to describe the singer in...

Pope Calls for Holding Line on Divorce

Benedict, in France, urges bishops to ignore trends

(Newser) - Pope Benedict XVI urged bishops to uphold the Catholic tradition of marriage today during a 150,000-strong mass in Lourdes, the French town where apparitions of Madonna reportedly appeared in 1858, AFP reports. Benedict pledged not to allow divorced Catholics into the church and told bishops to "uphold firmly,...

Madge Kid Wants Tour Gig
 Madge Kid
 Wants Tour Gig 

Madge Kid Wants Tour Gig

Lourdes, 11, is rehearsing so she can cut up dance floor with mom

(Newser) - At 11, Madonna's daughter Lourdes is studying to be a chip off the ol’ block. Lourdes—nicknamed Lola—is practicing her moves at a famous London dance studio in the hopes she can join her mom on tour in the fall, the Daily Mirror reports. "Lola is the best...

Madonna to Adopt Indian Baby
 Madonna to Adopt Indian Baby 

Madonna to Adopt Indian Baby

Material Mom plans a fourth for her expanding brood

(Newser) - A year and a half after Madonna's controversial adoption in Malawi, the Material Mom will bring home another baby—this time from India, reports the Sun. Hubby Guy Ritchie was initially "against the idea," a friend told the paper. "But when she wants something, she gets it....

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