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University Moving Statue of Confederate President

Jefferson Davis will no longer be on Main Mall at University of Texas

(Newser) - In the midst of a continued backlash against Confederate symbols following the deadly shooting at a black church in South Carolina, the University of Texas at Austin said today it will be relocating a statue of Jefferson Davis, the Dallas Morning News reports. The statue of the Confederate president, which...

Affirmative-Action Case Will Go Before SCOTUS Again

Abigail Fisher's lawsuit against University of Texas will get 2nd look by court

(Newser) - The Supreme Court says it will dive back into the fight over the use of race in admissions at the University of Texas, a decision that presages tighter limits on affirmative action in higher education. The justices said today they'll hear for a second time the case of a...

Case of Missing Brains Takes Another Twist

Now school says they were destroyed

(Newser) - First came yesterday's reports that about 100 human brains had gone missing from the University of Texas at Austin . Then followed the news that they had been located, with psych professor Tim Schallert telling the LA Times that UT San Antonio called him to say, "We got those...

100 Brains Go Missing at University of Texas

It's a mystery ...

(Newser) - The University of Texas at Austin has a macabre mystery on its hands: It's missing brains, about a hundred of them—potentially among them one belonging to clock tower sniper Charles Whitman. The brains were those of patients at the Austin State Hospital, formerly the Texas State Lunatic Asylum....

UT Fears ... Flower Sabotage
 UT Fears ... Flower Sabotage 

UT Fears ... Flower Sabotage

Texas A&M maroon is infiltrating campus' bluebonnets

(Newser) - There's a devious plot afoot, or, as the Houston Chronicle cheekily puts it, "a scandal of potentially epic proportions." The University of Texas in Austin has noticed some maroon bluebonnets popping up in flowerbeds beneath the UT Tower, a place where only traditional bluebonnets (that is, blue...

Who Does Affirmative Action Help Most? White Women

Sally Kohn argues that Abigail Fisher has little room to complain

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is about to hand down a major decision on affirmative action, based on the case of Abigail Fisher, who claims she was denied admission to the University of Texas because she's white. Which is kind of ironic, writes Sally Kohn at Time , because "Abigail Fisher...

Rare Dialect Dying in US: Texas-German?

Last speakers in their 60s, as professor tries to preserve it

(Newser) - Another unique American dialect is fading into obscurity, and it's a safe bet that most never knew it existed in the first place: "Texas German." It's so unusual that University of Texas linguist professor Hans Boas tells the BBC he has "found no two speakers...

UTexas Minority Students Hit With Bleach Balloons

Summer incidents had gone unreported

(Newser) - University of Texas at Austin students and staff are protesting after four students were reportedly hit with "bleach bombs"—balloons filled with bleach—while off campus. The attacks on minority students occurred between June and September, but they'd gone unreported until the campus police chief began investigating....

Texas, N. Dakota Campuses Reopen After Bomb Scares

Bomb threats hit two universities, but no explosives found

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people streamed off university campuses in Texas and North Dakota today after telephoned bomb threats prompted officials to warn students and faculty to get away as quickly as possible. Both campuses eventually were deemed safe and reopened by early afternoon, as authorities worked to determine whether...

Affirmative Action May Lose Place in College Admissions

More conservative court agrees to weigh in on racial preferences

(Newser) - The Supreme Court has twice backed up the idea that colleges can take race into account in college admissions, but the third time might not be the charm for supporters of affirmative action. The court today agreed to hear a major case brought by a white student against the University...

Iran Puts University of Texas Student on Trial

Iranian Omid Kokabee was studying optics in America

(Newser) - Iran began the trial of 29-year-old Omid Kokabee this week, an Iranian who had, until his arrest, been studying physics at the University of Texas, Austin. Kokabee returned to Iran to visit his parents in February, only to be arrested and charged with espionage, NPR reports, but his case is...

Ryan O'Neal Sued for Farrah's Warhol Portrait

Actor says he has second painting, not the one in dispute

(Newser) - Actor Ryan O'Neal has been sued for hanging on to an Andy Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett that a university charges was bequeathed to the institution. University of Texas officials say they spotted the Warhol hanging over O'Neal's bed during a reality TV show featuring the actor....

Colleges With Lowest Graduation Rates

Golden Gate University tops list at 10%

(Newser) - Graduation rates at US institutions of higher learning have dropped 33% since 2002, a Chronicle of Higher Education study finds, and the recession may be to blame. The Huffington Post lists the 12 colleges with the lowest graduation rates:
  • Golden Gate University, San Francisco: 10%
  • Alliant International University, San Diego:

Texas Cops ID Campus Shooter as Student, 19
 Texas Cops ID Campus  
 Shooter as Student, 19 
'showed no signs'

Texas Cops ID Campus Shooter as Student, 19

Sophomore Colton Tooley killed himself

(Newser) - The gunman who killed himself with an AK-47 at the University of Texas today has been identified as a 19-year-old sophomore at the school. Colton Tooley was a smart kid who "showed no signs at all, whatsover," a family spokesman tells the Austin American-Statesman . “He wouldn’t...

Shooting at Univ. of Texas; 1 Dead in Apparent Suicide

Police working to rule out possibility of second suspect

(Newser) - A ski mask-clad gunman toting an AK-47 opened fire on the University of Texas' Austin campus today before killing himself in a library, police say. No other victims have been reported. Police locked down the campus for several hours before giving the all clear, though the Austin American-Statesman says they...

Biggest Party Animals Attend Georgia
 Party Animals 
 Attend Georgia 
princeton review rankings

Biggest Party Animals Attend Georgia

In student survey, Ohio U. finishes second

(Newser) - Good news for parents paying for their kids to study at the University of Georgia: The school is finally No. 1. The bad news: The Princeton Review list ranks the nation's top party schools. "UGA has been on the party school list for a while, but it’s one...

10 Biggest College Libraries
 10 Biggest College Libraries 

10 Biggest College Libraries

Labyrinthine stacks good for more than reading

(Newser) - Whether your purpose is to study, flirt or nap, college libraries are "labyrinths" of opportunity. The editors of College on the Record list the biggest, and why they like them.
  1. Harvard (13,617,133 books): "Because size matters."
  2. Yale (9,932,080 books): "Because it’s

Predicting Cancer Is All in Your Head

Test on smokers' mouths shows link to disease in lungs

(Newser) - A simple test on cells from the mouth could help doctors predict which smokers will develop lung cancer, Reuters reports. In a test group, 95% of subjects with the genetic damage associated with cancer in their lungs had the same damage in their mouths.

On the Road Scroll on Display
On the Road Scroll on Display

On the Road Scroll on Display

Visitors can see the scroll of Kerouac's classic novel

(Newser) - Beat lovers can check out the manuscript of Jack Kerouac's classic novel On the Road at the University of Texas, where it is displayed complete with scribbles and scratch outs. A long glass case allows visitors to view about a third of the book, which was written uninterrupted in a...

Best Undergrad Biz Schools
Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Best Undergrad Biz Schools

Wharton keeps the top spot for undergraduate business education

(Newser) - The financial world may be on its ear, but undergraduate business schools are booming as increasing numbers of quality high school grads drive up standards and B-school grads command more on the employment market. Here are the 10 best, as ranked by Business Week:
  1. Pennsylvania (Wharton): Can be too competitive.

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