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California Rejects Parole for Sirhan Sirhan, 78

RFK assassin already asked a judge to reverse governor's earlier decision blocking release

(Newser) - The man convicted of assassinating Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 will not yet be freed from prison. Sirhan Sirhan's bid for parole was rejected Wednesday in California, the AP reports. Angela Berry, his lawyer, said the board found Sirhan lacks insight still into why he shot Kennedy, a...

Kennedy's Killer Isn't Ready for Release, Newsom Decides

California board had recommended Sirhan Sirhan for parole

(Newser) - Update: Gov. Gavin Newsom has decided Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's killer will remain in a California prison, ignoring a parole board's recommendation. Newsom said Sirhan Sirhan has yet to accept responsibility for the crime, Politico reports. Nor has he disclaimed violence, the governor's statement said. "Sirhan...

Sirhan Sirhan Moves Big Step Toward Freedom

Parole board votes to free RFK's assassin, but governor will have the final say

(Newser) - California’s parole board voted Friday to free Robert F. Kennedy’s assassin after two of RFK’s sons said they supported releasing him and prosecutors declined to argue he should be kept behind bars. But the governor ultimately will decide if Sirhan Sirhan leaves prison, per the AP . Douglas...

Sirhan Sirhan's Friday Parole Hearing Could Be Different

No prosecutor will be present

(Newser) - The 16th time could be the charm for Sirhan B. Sirhan, or so suggests the Washington Post . It reports the 77-year-old, who assassinated Sen. Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, will on Friday go before a California parole board. He has done so 15 times before, but this time will be...

Sirhan Sirhan Stabbed in Prison
Sirhan Sirhan
Stabbed in Prison

Sirhan Sirhan Stabbed in Prison

The RFK assassin is in stable condition

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan, imprisoned for more than 50 years for the 1968 assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, was hospitalized Friday after being stabbed by a fellow inmate at a San Diego prison, the AP reports. A statement from the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said the stabbing occurred Friday...

RFK Jr: It Wasn't Sirhan Sirhan
RFK Jr: It Wasn't Sirhan Sirhan 

RFK Jr: It Wasn't Sirhan Sirhan

Slain candidate's son says he believes there was a 2nd shooter who fired the fatal shots

(Newser) - Nearly a half-century after bullets took the life of Robert F. Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, the man convicted of firing those bullets, has an unlikely defender: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The slain presidential candidate's third-eldest child tells the Washington Post that "I got to a place where I had...

RFK Assassin Denied Parole After Dramatic Hearing

Man shot by Sirhan says somebody else killed Kennedy

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan didn't kill Robert F. Kennedy, according to a man who was shot in the head the same night Kennedy was assassinated. Paul Schrade, a 91-year-old Kennedy family friend and former labor leader, told Sirhan's parole hearing on Wednesday that he believes Sirhan was the one who...

RFK Witness: I Heard 2nd Shooter

Nina Rhodes-Hughes insists Sirhan Sirhan didn't act alone

(Newser) - In a new interview with CNN , a Robert F. Kennedy campaign volunteer and witness to his assassination insists that convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan did not act alone. "There were more than eight shots," Nina Rhodes-Hughes says. "There were at least 12, maybe 14," which would have...

Sirhan Was Hypnotized Before RFK Murder: Lawyers

And a bullet that convicted him was switched, attorneys say in push for appeal

(Newser) - Convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized before he fired shots when Robert F. Kennedy was killed, and a bullet used as evidence at his trial was switched, his lawyers are arguing in their latest push for an appeal. The attorneys cite reports from experts claiming Sirhan was programmed with hypnosis...

In Sirhan's '68 Notes, a Calculating Assassin

The picture they paint is not one of a brainwashed killer

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan claims he was brainwashed into assassinating Robert F. Kennedy, but notes he purportedly wrote 42 years ago tell a different story. The handwritten four-page chronology, which he wrote in front of a member of his defense team, shows a more calculated approach. In it, Sirhan describes his...

Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole
 Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole 

Sirhan Sirhan Denied Parole

Kennedy killer's appeal for release rejected 14th time

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy's assassin has been denied parole for a 14th time. A California parole board decided that Sirhan Sirhan, who has spent 42 years behind bars for the 1968 shooting, has failed to accept the magnitude of his crime, the Los Angeles Times reports. Board members noted that Sirhan...

Sirhan: I Was Brainwashed Into Killing RFK

Assassin says he doesn't remember killing, didn't act alone

(Newser) - It might have been a more convincing story 43 years ago, but Sirhan Sirhan now says he was brainwashed into assassinating Robert F. Kennedy, has no memory of the 1968 shooting, and did not act alone. "There is no question he was hypno-programmed," Sirhan lawyer William F. Pepper...

Questions Linger About Sirhan Sirhan

40 years on, conspiracy theorists still wonder about RFK's shooting

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy 40 years ago this week, remains behind bars in California. Police at the time called the killing an open-and-shut case, but over the years so many have expressed doubts about the prosecution's version of events that the investigation may yet be reopened. The...

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