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70-Year-Old Lobster Deserves Freedom
 70-Year-Old Lobster 
 Deserves Freedom 
food critic's lament

70-Year-Old Lobster Deserves Freedom

Larry's plight stirs conscience of restaurant writer

(Newser) - Restaurant writer Ryan Sutton has dined on his share of lobsters, but the plight of one venerable crustacean has left him without an appetite. "Larry" is a 70-year-old lobster at New York's Oceana restaurant awaiting its fate as a $275 entree. Sutton admits he's never given much thought to...

In Search of a Good Death for Lobsters

Lobsters' bubbling execution is the latest claws celebre in animals rights battle

(Newser) - The debate is growing heated over killing lobsters by boiling them alive, reports the Atlantic. Experiments earlier this year that purported to prove that shellfish feel pain have given momentum to efforts to ban the scalding death sentence. Shellfish are already covered by animals rights laws in New Zealand, and...

Lobster 'Fiona' Is 1-in 30-Million Phenomenon

Fiona is a 1-in-30-million genetic mutation

(Newser) - The one-in-30-million special at one Boston eatery isn’t on the menu. Caught off the Canadian coast, “Fiona” is believed to be a rare yellow lobster. The spotted 7-year-old (the coloring is actually closer to orange) is fed sushi-quality tuna and will eventually be sent to live at a...

In Uncertain Economy, Maine Lobstermen Stew

(Newser) - Maine lobster prices are uncharacteristically low, leaving the industry unsettled on the eve of the all-important summer tourist season, the Portland Press Herald reports. Wholesale prices are as low as $3.25, and retail prices start at $5.50. But some aren’t worried by the mercurial interplay of supply,...

Top Recession Bargains
 Top Recession Bargains 

Top Recession Bargains

Buy these 10 items and make Keynes proud

(Newser) - Recessions typically are the worst of times, but they can be the best of times if you know what to buy at discounted rates. Time unveils its list of top recession buys:
  • Stores have a glut of fancy duds like cashmere sweaters and formalwear (discounted about 75%), meaning now you,

No Wonder They're Crabby: Crabs Feel Pain

Laws should consider the suffering of crustaceans, scientist says

(Newser) - Before you drop another crab into a boiling pot of water, take note: Crabs feel pain. Scientists don’t fully understand pain in humans, but do now know that crustaceans respond to discomfort and keep a memory of it, LiveScience reports. Hermit crabs that were shocked fled their shells, “...

140-Year-Old Lobster Liberated
 140-Year-Old Lobster Liberated 

140-Year-Old Lobster Liberated

Restaurant heeds PETA call to let old-timer return to the sea

(Newser) - A lobster almost as old as the Lincoln presidency will return to the ocean today after being freed by PETA, the Village Voice reports. The animal rights group persuaded a New York City seafood restaurant to release George, estimated to be 140 years old, and plans to free the old-timer...

At Deep-Sixed Prices, Consider the Lobster

Cost of crustaceans hits 25-year low

(Newser) - Prices are dropping on all sorts of luxury goods—and lobster, now less than $10 a pound, is no exception. It’s the lowest price in 25 years, and might not last as fishermen give up on the trade. Spending $30 for the star of a weeknight dinner at home...

As Food Prices Rise, Lobster Treads Water
 As Food Prices Rise,
 Lobster Treads Water

As Food Prices Rise, Lobster Treads Water

In Maine at least, local economies dodge the perils of globalization

(Newser) - As global demand drives food prices to new highs, there’s one high-end food item whose price is in decline, Daniel Gross points out in Slate: lobster. In Portland, Maine, a pound of lobster costs slightly more than a gallon of gasoline, a ratio that historically was more like 4-to-1....

Step Away From the Green Lobster Goop

Crustaceans' guts may contain toxins: FDA

(Newser) - Many people consider tomalley, the green substance inside lobsters, a delicacy—but the FDA doesn't. The agency is warning tomalley fans that the crustaceans' internal organs can contain dangerous levels of a specific toxin, the Boston Globe reports. Eating tomalley from Atlantic lobsters can cause paralytic shellfish poisoning, which can...

Dear Lobster, I Hardly Knew Ye
 Dear Lobster,
 I Hardly Knew Ye 

Dear Lobster, I Hardly Knew Ye

A conscience-clearing letter to the author's slain-in-the-name-of-succulence dinner

(Newser) - Francis Lam eases his guilt about chowing down on a certain tasty crustacean by creating an unlikely enemy on his dinner plate, writing an open-ended letter to “Lobster” in Gourmet. He's not sorry for chowing down, "for your meat was like butter and nuts," but his conscience...

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