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Elizabeth Smart: 'It Is Possible to Move On'

Says she's 'thrilled' with her kidnapper's guilty verdict

(Newser) - A smiling Elizabeth Smart pronounced herself "thrilled" with today's guilty verdict of kidnapper Brian David Mitchell. But she's happy for another reason as well: "I am so thrilled to stand before the people of America today and give hope to other victims who have not spoken out about...

Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Found Guilty
Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Found Guilty
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Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Found Guilty

Federal jury finds Brian David Mitchell guilty on both counts

(Newser) - A federal jury has convicted a former street preacher of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart more than eight years ago. The verdict reached today finally brought justice for Smart and her family after the ordeal that began when Brian David Mitchell took her from her home at knifepoint and held her captive...

Elizabeth Smart Storms Out of Trial

Loses cool after shrink testifies Mitchell intended to impregnate her

(Newser) - Losing her cool for the first time, Elizabeth Smart stormed out of her alleged kidnapper's trial yesterday, glaring at a state psychologist as he testified that Brian David Mitchell intended to impregnate her and that the two had talked about baby names. Paul Whitehead, who evaluated Mitchell for three years,...

Mitchell: Elizabeth Smart Had a 'Glorious Experience'

Witness testifies he was controlling, not delusional

(Newser) - Trial resumed in the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case today, with jurors hearing testimony that Brian David Mitchell was not delusional, but rather deliberately controlling and intimidating, reports the Salt Lake Tribune. Mitchell "has a personality that is much larger than I’ve ever encountered," testified a former cop...

Elizabeth Smart Stayed With Captor to Protect Family

He promised to kill them if she fled

(Newser) - Elizabeth Smart continued her poised testimony today, explaining that she didn't try to escape captor Brian David Mitchell because he promised to kill her family if she did. The Salt Lake Tribune highlights this wrenching detail: Mitchell forced her to burn the red pajamas she had on when he abducted...

Elizabeth Smart Takes the Stand Against Alleged Kidnapper

She recalls 'begging' him not to rape her

(Newser) - Elizabeth Smart took the stand today against the man accused of kidnapping and raping her, recounting in a calm voice how Brian David Mitchell allegedly woke her up on the morning of June 5, 2002, with a knife to her throat. He said, “Come with me or I will...

Judge Boots Elizabeth Smart Defendant From Court
Judge Boots Elizabeth Smart Defendant From Court

Judge Boots Elizabeth Smart Defendant From Court

Brian David Mitchell couldn't contain his urge to sing hymns

(Newser) - Brian David Mitchell may have been found mentally competent to stand trial, but that doesn't mean he's capable of controlling his urge to sing hymns in court, reports the AP. The serenading of Elizabeth Smart 's alleged kidnapper lasted about a half-hour during jury selection before the judge kicked him...

Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping Trial Begins Today

Smart will testify against Brian David Mitchell

(Newser) - More than seven years after she was found, Elizabeth Smart is preparing to take the stand against the man accused of kidnapping her. Brian David Mitchell’s trial begins today in Salt Lake City, and Smart will fly back from her Mormon mission in Paris this weekend for it. After...

Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Gets 15 Years

Barzee has already served nearly half her sentence

(Newser) - Wanda Barzee was sentenced to 15 years in prison today for her role in the 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart. Barzee, who pleaded guilty in November, has spent 7 years in jail or a mental hospital during a dispute over whether she was mentally fit to stand trial, the Salt ...

Judge: Smart's Alleged Abductor Fakes Mental Illness

Brian Mitchell ruled competent to stand trial

(Newser) - The man charged in the 2002 kidnap and rape of then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart has been faking mental illness and is in fact competent to stand trial, a Utah judge ruled today. Nothing “impedes his rational and factual understanding,” Dale Kimball writes of Brian Mitchell, 56. “It is...

Smart's Co-Abductor: 'I Am So Sorry, Elizabeth'

Barzee expected to serve another 9 years in prison

(Newser) - A woman charged in the 2002 kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart pleaded guilty today as part of a deal with prosecutors and asked Smart to forgive her. Wanda Eileen Barzee is expected to receive a 15-year sentence, with credit for about six already served. "I am so sorry, Elizabeth, for...

Elizabeth Smart's Co-Kidnapper to Plead Guilty

Wanda Barzee in court on kidnapping charges today

(Newser) - A woman accused of helping kidnap schoolgirl Elizabeth Smart in 2002 is expected to plead guilty today. Wanda Barzee could face a life sentence on kidnapping charges, although her lawyer declined to comment on whether her guilty plea is coming as part of a deal. Barzee was ruled competent to...

Swayze Widow: I'll See Him Again

 Swayze Widow: 
 I'll See Him Again 


Swayze Widow: I'll See Him Again

Lisa Niemi, Elizabeth Smart, Maria Shriver take part in Women's Conference

(Newser) - Just six weeks after losing her husband, Lisa Niemi spoke publicly for the first time about Patrick Swayze's death at yesterday's Women's Conference in California. "I am so grateful for what I had and my connection to him, and part of me believes that I will see him again,...

Elizabeth Smart Recounts Daily Sexual Abuse

She testifies that captor uses religious rants to get his way

(Newser) - Elizabeth Smart delivered frank testimony in federal court today on the abuse she suffered at the hands of Brian David Mitchell during a 9-month abduction, describing how Mitchell used religion to justify repeatedly raping her. Smart, 14 at the time, said Mitchell chained her leg to a tree at the...

Elizabeth Smart to Testify on Sanity of Her Kidnapper

Will detail his behavior during 9-month captivity

(Newser) - Elizabeth Smart is ready to testify against the homeless street preacher who abducted her at knifepoint seven years ago. At a hearing Thursday to determine if Brian David Mitchell is fit to stand trial, Smart will tell the court how he acted over her nine-month captivity. The prosecutor thinks she’...

Elizabeth Smart: 'Don't Worry, I'll Be Here in the Morning'

Slept in bed she was kidnapped from

(Newser) - The night Elizabeth Smart was rescued from her 9-month captivity in 2003, she asked to sleep in the same bed she was kidnapped from, her father tells People. "She said...'Don't worry, I'll be here in the morning,' " Ed Smart recalled. “I don’t think anything...

Elizabeth Smart: 'I Feel So Lucky'

Kidnapping victim says abduction made her grow up

(Newser) - Elizabeth Smart was just 14 when she was kidnapped from her bedroom 6 years ago, but says she emerged from the 9-month ordeal unscathed. People profiles the 20-year-old, now a music major at Brigham Young University, who says, "I feel so lucky to be here. From the day I...

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