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David Gregory Leaving NBC, Meet the Press

Chuck Todd is his expected successor as host of the show

(Newser) - Rumors have been swirling about David Gregory's future at NBC for a while now, and today the man himself confirmed: He's leaving the network, including his hosting gig at Meet the Press. "I leave NBC as I came—humbled and grateful," he tweeted . "I love...

Why Did NBC Do a 'Psychological Assessment' of David Gregory?

'Washington Post' article raises questions

(Newser) - A long Washington Post article on David Gregory and the troubles he faces as moderator of NBC's Meet the Press has quite a few people wondering what's going on at the show. As the Post explains, the longest-running television program has been declining in the ratings for three...

Calif. Gov: Stoners Will Be Our Downfall If Pot Is Legal

Jerry Brown says we won't be 'alert' enough

(Newser) - Jerry Brown thinks legalizing marijuana would put California and the rest of America at a competitive disadvantage, because we'd have too many stoners. Toward the end of a brief Meet the Press interview yesterday, the California governor was asked about Colorado and Washington's legalization moves. It was just...

NBC’s Gregory Won't Face Charges Over Gun Stunt

But he did get a sternly worded letter

(Newser) - NBC's David Gregory won't be going to jail for using a visual aid that just happened to be a high-capacity ammunition magazine. DC's attorney general exercised "prosecutorial discretion" and said the host of Meet the Press will not be charged for waving the 30-round magazine during...

Obama to House GOP: Time to Move
 Obama to 
 House GOP: 
 Pressure's On 


Obama to House GOP: Pressure's On

Prez talks fiscal cliff, gun control in rare 'Meet the Press' interview

(Newser) - President Obama left his minions at home and did the talking himself this morning on Meet the Press , blasting House Republicans' insistence on keeping tax breaks for the rich as the main obstacle to reaching a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. "They say that their biggest priority is...

Gregory Could Face Prison Term Over Magazine

Washington, DC, police denied NBC request to display magazine

(Newser) - NBC asked if David Gregory could hold a high-capacity magazine on Meet the Press Sunday, and police said no—but Gregory did it anyway, according to a police email. "NBC was informed that possession of a high capacity magazines is not permissible and their request was denied," reads...

Did David Gregory Break DC Gun Laws?

Cops investigating whether magazine he waved at Wayne LaPierre was real

(Newser) - Turns out that if you're going to wave around a 30-bullet magazine on national television, you might want to check your local gun laws: In a contentious interview Sunday with NRA chief Wayne LaPierre, Meet the Press host David Gregory held up what he said was just such a...

Brown, Warren Both Falter in 2nd Debate

Brown gets snarky; Warren fumbles on bipartisanship

(Newser) - Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren faced off last night in the second debate of the pivotal Massachusetts senate race—and both candidates suffered some awkward moments, writes Glen Johnson in the Boston Globe . Republican Brown was booed after telling an interrupting Warren, "Excuse me, I'm not a student...

Ann Coulter: Jeb's Going to Run
 Ann Coulter: 
 Jeb's Going 
 to Run 

Ann Coulter: Jeb's Going to Run

And 'we don't need another Bush'

(Newser) - Ann Coulter today added to the chatter about a white knight riding in to swipe the GOP nomination at a brokered convention—and the Mitt Romney supporter is none too pleased about the prospect, reports Politico . "It looks like we can throw Jeb Bush's hat into the ring,...

Michele Bachmann Won't Call Gay Couples With Kids 'Families' (Meet the Press Video)
Bachmann Won't Call Gay Couples With Kids 'Families'
'meet the press'

Bachmann Won't Call Gay Couples With Kids 'Families'

Candidate dodges questions on 'Meet the Press'

(Newser) - Another tidbit from Michele Bachmann’s media victory lap today: On Meet the Press , Gawker notes, Bachmann dodged (and dodged again… and again…) David Gregory’s repeated attempts to get her to address her 2004 comments that being gay is “personal enslavement.” Instead, she consistently said, “...

Goldman Hires Former White House Counsel for SEC Fight

Gregory Craig has strong ties to Obama, Democrats

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs has hired a big gun to help get them out of big trouble. The beleaguered bank has tapped Gregory Craig, President Obama's former legal counsel, to help them fight a civil suit brought by the SEC last week. Craig, who served for Obama's first year, is an attorney...

Rachel Maddow Can Rescue Meet the Press
Rachel Maddow Can Rescue
Meet the Press

Rachel Maddow Can Rescue Meet the Press

Liberal MSNBC host is Tim Russert's spiritual heir

(Newser) - Meet the Press has been pretty lame since Tim Russert died. No offense to David Gregory, who’s done respectable work, but he was always the safe choice, "and he's made the show just that: safe," writes Brian Donovan. NBC's Sunday morning stalwart needs its fire back,...

'I'm Terribly Sorry, But David Gregory Had a Fit'

Scarborough cancels on Stephanopoulos

(Newser) - The highbrow news shows are seeing a little soap-opera drama—and a good old-fashioned hissy fit: MSNBC's Joe Scarborough had to cancel an appearance on George Stephanopoulos' This Week on ABC, reports the New York Post. "I'm terribly sorry," he told Stephanopoulos, "but David Gregory had a...

A Year Later, Russert Remembered
 A Year Later, 
 Russert Remembered 

A Year Later, Russert Remembered

Legendary host's shoes may never be filled

(Newser) - Tim Russert died suddenly one year ago this weekend, and while a new moderator inhabits his chair on Meet the Press, no clear successor to his legacy has emerged, Patrick Gavin writes for Politico. “Of course there’s a void,” says CNN’s John King. “Tim was...

Palin Ignores McCain on Twitter

She uses feed to clear up 'misquoting'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin is following some fellow Republicans on Twitter, but she's not showing any love for former running mate John McCain.The Alaska governor is keeping tabs on Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly of Fox, David Gregory of NBC, George Stephanopoulos of ABC, and CNN, but not nemesis Katie Couric—...

Gregory Named to MTP Gig

White House correspondent had been frontrunner to succeed Russert

(Newser) - As long rumored, NBC News named David Gregory the new moderator of Meet the Press on the show today. Gregory, 38, NBC’s chief White House correspondent, has been hosting a political show on MSNBC and handled election night duties for the cable channel. The move had been widely reported,...

NBC Delays Meet the Press Announcement

Leaks about Gregory irk higher-ups; other contenders fuming

(Newser) - NBC, peeved about leaks that David Gregory is the next host of Meet the Press, may delay the announcement, the New York Post reports. Ongoing arguments over Tim Russert’s replacement are “at a new peak,” with other NBC talent fuming about being passed over. Chuck Todd, another...

David Gregory to Host Meet the Press

38-year-old White House correspondent will replace Russert

(Newser) - David Gregory is about to get the nod as host of NBC’s Meet the Press, reports Huffington Post. The chief White House correspondent has been a top contender for the spot since Tim Russert’s death in June. An announcement is expected as soon as today, reports Politico, giving...

Meet the Press May Get New Anchor(s) Soon

PBS' Gwen Ifill, NBC's own Andrea Mitchell, David Gregory among candidates

(Newser) - NBC could name a new anchor, or anchors, for Meet the Press by Dec. 7, the Los Angeles Times reports. Sources at the network say that could be interim moderator Tom Brokaw’s last day on the show. Up for consideration are NBC’s David Gregory, Chuck Todd, and Andrea...

It's Not Too Late, MSNBC: 'Stay Crazy'
It's Not Too
Late, MSNBC: 'Stay Crazy'

It's Not Too Late, MSNBC: 'Stay Crazy'

Blogger calls for Matthews, Olbermann to keep their jobs

(Newser) - David Gregory will be the face of MSNBC's election coverage, and the ouster of "loud shouty people" Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews isn't sitting well with at least one viewer. "It's a stupid, stupid idea, for many reasons," Alex Pareene writes on Gawker of NBC Universal's decision....

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