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US Ambassador Returns to Venezuela

Diplomat back in Caracas 9 months after Chavez booted him

(Newser) - The American ambassador to Venezuela is back in Caracas 9 months after Hugo Chavez sent him packing, AFP reports. The diplomat was expelled after Chavez alleged that America was trying to undermine Bolivia's leftist government, one of his key allies. Venezuela's ambassador to the US, who was booted out soon...

Bolivian TV's Flight 447 Photos Actually From Lost

News program apologizes after gaffe

(Newser) - In what was either a bizarre prank or heinous gaffe, a Bolivian TV station broadcast two photographs last week from the ABC series Lost as exclusive photos from the final moments of Air France Flight 447, the Telegraph reports. The first shows passengers in an aircraft cabin using oxygen masks,...

Obama Defends Handshake, Urges Cuba to Free Prisoners

Bolivian prez accuses US of assassination plot

(Newser) - President Obama defended his friendly chat with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and asked Cuba to free its political prisoners, the Wall Street Journal reports. At the close of the Summit of the America's today, Obama brushed off Republican criticism, saying that turning a new page with Venezuela and Cuba represents...

Bolivian President Wins Point, Ends Hunger Strike

(Newser) - Bolivian President Evo Morales ended his hunger strike today after the country’s legislature agreed to pass a law further enfranchising his native constituency, Bloomberg reports. The bill passed after Morales reduced his demand for new indigenous voting districts from 14 to seven. “The Bolivian people will never forget...

Bolivian Prez on Hunger Strike Over Voting Law

Indigenous groups would gain—as would Morales, foes say

(Newser) - Bolivia’s president has vowed not to eat until the country’s senate passes a law some say would boost his reelection chances, the BBC reports. “Faced with the negligence of a group of neoliberal lawmakers, we have to take this step,” Evo Morales declared. The opposition is...

Road to Electric Cars Runs Through Bolivia

Nationalism, socialism may make its lithium supply hard to tap

(Newser) - Are we about to replace our dependence on foreign oil with a dependence on foreign lithium? Almost half the world’s supply of the mineral—essential for the light, rechargeable batteries electric cars need—is found in Bolivia, where nationalist sentiment is running high, the New York Times reports. Evo...

Latin American Nations Reject DEA

Bolivia, Ecuador latest to repudiate US anti-drug operations

(Newser) - Some Latin American countries are pushing back against the US by cutting off DEA operations, the Christian Science Monitor reports. President Evo Morales, saying DEA agents "worked to conduct political espionage," gave them 3 months to leave Bolivia. Ecuador, meanwhile, has refused to renew the US lease on...

Bolivia Prez Shuts Down 'Spying' US Drug Team

US officials call accusations 'absurd'

(Newser) - Leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales has barred US federal drug agents from operating in his country after accusing them of "spying" and financing violent anti-government protest groups. He halted all Drug Enforcement Administration efforts to battle the cocaine trade in Bolivia, but stopped short of expelling agents. US officials...

US Slaps Sanctions on Chavez Aides
US Slaps Sanctions on Chavez Aides

US Slaps Sanctions on Chavez Aides

3 charged with backing FARC drug runners, as tensions mount

(Newser) - Escalating the diplomatic crisis with Venezuela, the US has frozen the assets of three members of Hugo Chavez's inner circle it accuses of having links with drug-running Colombian rebels, the Wall Street Journal reports. The sanctions follow the expulsion by Venezuela and Bolivia of their US ambassadors—a move the...

Chavez Boots US Envoy: 'Go to Hell, Yankees!'

Threatens to cut oil shipments

(Newser) - In a dramatic move in support of Bolivia, Venezuela President Hugo Chavez yesterday slashed diplomatic ties with the US, booting the American ambassador and calling home his envoy from Washington, reports Reuters. The socialist leader has also threatened to stop all oil shipments to the US—Venezuela’s largest customer—...

Bolivia Expels US Ambassador
 Bolivia Expels US Ambassador 

Bolivia Expels US Ambassador

Blames America for unrest

(Newser) - Bolivian President Evo Morales ordered the US ambassador to his country to leave immediately, blaming America for unrest gripping his nation, Reuters reports. “The ambassador of the United States is conspiring against democracy and wants Bolivia to break apart,” he declared. Protesters have occupied buildings, shut down gas...

Warrants May Shed Light on South American Dirty War

Governments colluded to murder adversaries

(Newser) - An Italian judge has issued arrest warrants for nearly 150 people in Latin America accused of helping their governments hunt down and kill leftist opponents in the 1970s. The warrants could shed new light on the so-called Operation Condor, an extraordinary scheme in which South American governments cooperated with each...

Cuba Celebrates Che
Cuba Celebrates Che

Cuba Celebrates Che

Casto, too weak to attend, calls comrade 'a flower yanked prematurely from its stem'

(Newser) - About 10,000 Cubans gathered today to honor Che Guevara, the man who helped Fidel Castro take power in the 1959 communist revolution. Calling Che "a flower yanked prematurely from its stem," Castro, too weak to attend, praised the icon in a message read to the crowd. The...

Che Killer Gets Free Gift From Cuba

Medical care extended to Bolivian who gunned down the hero

(Newser) - One week before the 40th anniversary of Che Guevera’s death, Cuban Communists are trumpeting the news that their own doctors recently saved the eyesight of the Bolivian who pulled the trigger. A Cuban program offering free surgery in Latin America removed cataracts from the eyes of Mario Teran, the...

Latin Neighbors Mistrust Chavez
Latin Neighbors Mistrust Chavez

Latin Neighbors Mistrust Chavez

'Chavismo' unloved in region, which is making democratic strides

(Newser) - Hugo Chavez's regional popularity is largely hot air, a Pew survey shows, concluding that the Venezuelan president is “widely mistrusted.” In large numbers, Latin Americans also agree that “most people are better off in a free market economy”—including 72% of Chavez’s countrymen, Weekly Standard’...

Top Thrills for Your Holiday Buck
Top Thrills for Your Holiday Buck

Top Thrills for Your Holiday Buck

Challenge yourself and whatever unfortunates you bring along in these nail-biting vacation adventures

(Newser) - Timid vacationers whose idea of a good time is a book and a beach chair need not peruse this list of adventures, compiled by Forbes.
  1. Dive with sharks in the Bahamas (
  2. Fly a fighter jet in California (
  3. High-altitude skydiving in Memphis ( )

Snubbing the West, Bolivia Waxes Red

Country turns to Chávez, socialism, in lieu of IMF cash

(Newser) - Bolivia’s populist president is traveling his country handing out aid—straight from his anti-American neighbor Hugo Chávez. The Washington Post reports that Evo Morales has been taking more than a cue from Chávez, using the Venezuelan leader's cash to fund social welfare programs and build clinics and...

Alaskan Tribes Score No-Bid Bonanza
Alaskan Tribes Score No-Bid Bonanza

Alaskan Tribes Score No-Bid Bonanza

Sen. Ted Stevens under scrutiny for shady contracts

(Newser) - Alaskan tribes are so successful in securing no-bid government contracts, they're spurring a federal investigation into conduct by Alaskan senator Ted Stevens, reports Salon. In 1986, Stevens pushed through a law that gave Alaskan companies "small business" preferences—even if they belong to a multi-billion dollar parent corporation and...

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