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Urban Outfitters 'Jumps the Shark' With Halloween Costume

The social media 'influencer' outfit comes with leggings and a pseudo-sports bra and costs $59

(Newser) - Paying $59 for "a package of crap" is how the Verge describes the experience of buying Urban Outfitters' newest Halloween costume . The good news, though, if you pony up the cash for a pair of grayish leggings and "sports bra" (really a very short crop top with zero...

Sports Bra's Underwire Saves Woman From Harm

Cyclists meandered into middle of a wild boar hunt

(Newser) - When a 41-year-old woman and her husband were cycling while on vacation outside of Hamburg, Germany, they accidentally wandered into the middle of a wild boar hunt. They heard rifle fire and the woman felt a flash of pain in her chest. A stray bullet had hit her—but was...

600-Year-Old Bra Blows Hole in History of Lingerie

Bras were commonly thought to have been worn for just a century

(Newser) - The history of lingerie has long gone something like this: Corsets came first, then bras made their way onto the scene about 100 years ago. But a few scraps of linen found in an Austrian castle is turning that long-held story on its head. The AP reports that among 2,...

Androgynous Male Model Andrej Pejic Stars in Push-Up Bra Ads

 Male Model Stars in Bra Ads 

Male Model Stars in Bra Ads

Androgynous model Andrej Pejic models for Hema

(Newser) - The "woman" modeling a push-up bra for Dutch department store Hema is actually a man: androgynous model Andrej Pejic . Pejic, 20, is a good choice if you want to boast how effective your "mega" push-up bras are, considering he has no breasts to speak of. The gender-bending model—...

Miranda Kerr Models $2.5M Victoria's Secret Bra

Diamond-encrusted bra is the only one of its kind, so far

(Newser) - Victoria’s Secret stepped up its game last night with the introduction of the $2.5 million Treasure Fantasy Bra, a cool half-million more than last year’s $2 million offering . Miranda Kerr modeled the diamond-encrusted bra during last night’s fashion show, just 10 months after giving birth to...

School Official: Sorry for Playing Bra Trick in Meeting

Russell Fitzgerald thought his magic move would delight...

(Newser) - One for the "what was he thinking?" file: A school committee chairman in Abington, Massachusetts, has apologized for kicking off Tuesday's meeting with a magic trick, in which he seemingly removed a woman's bra. “My intention was to begin a purposeful school committee business meeting in...

Police Dept. Apologizes for Revealing Cops' Bra Sizes

Email also included height, weight, waist size of 13 female officers

(Newser) - Whoops: A police department email that went out in Indianapolis last Tuesday accidentally included the bra size, height, and weight of 13 female officers. The email, which went out to 37 commanders, asked supervisors to tell their officers they could pick up new protective vests. But a spreadsheet was accidentally...

Adriana Lima Unveils $2M Bra

Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell Fantasy Bra' is quite sparkly

(Newser) - Got an extra $2 million burning a hole in your pocket? Then the new Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell Fantasy Bra” is for you. Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima modeled the Damiani-designed bra at a luncheon yesterday, and insisted that the push-up bra is “comfortable” and keeps “...

Wonderbra Debuts 3D Billboard

Safety experts warn it may cause traffic accidents

(Newser) - There's probably a joke about 3D vs. DDD somewhere in here: Wonderbra's latest advertising campaign is, yes, a 3D billboard in London. Makes sense, since the company is a "tireless seeker of new ways to make breasts look larger," writes Tim Nudd on Adweek . Of course, you'll need...

Lawyers Forced to Ditch Bras in Jail Screenings

Bras of 'prettiest' Belgians somehow set off metal detectors, they complain

(Newser) - Female attorneys became suspicious when their bras—particularly those worn by young, attractive women—suddenly set off metal alarms at a Belgian prison and had to be removed. Now they're angry. "Metal detection checks seem very difficult to carry out when a pretty, young lawyer or visitor reports to...

More Women Flaunt the A-Cup
 More Women Flaunt the A-Cup 

More Women Flaunt the A-Cup

More and more embracing their smaller assets

(Newser) - When it comes to breasts, bigger isn’t always better . The assumption that A-cup women are constantly looking for push-up bras to enhance their assets is no longer unequivocally true, and a number of boutiques and online stores are now specializing in smaller size—but still sexy—bras. In the...

Good Luck Finding a Sports Bra That Works

One exists, but you can't buy it

(Newser) - Scientists are finally realizing what women everywhere already know: Sports bras, specifically designed to be supportive, aren’t actually all that supportive. This is because women’s breasts don’t just bounce up and down: They move in a figure-8 pattern, researchers have found, and current sports bras can’t...

Japan Cultivates 'Rice Farm' Bra

Grow your own

(Newser) - Japan is drawing abreast of cutting-edge green design with a bizarre "rice farm" bra that doubles as a field of dreams. The bra cups (presumably bigger than A's) double as recyclable plastic pots that can be filled with soil and rice seedlings. The wearer waters the crop with a...

Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-size Bras? -- The Cut
 Where Are the Plus-Size Bras? 

Where Are the Plus-Size Bras?

Sizes above 38DD are hard to make, but we could soon see 52N

(Newser) - With American women’s breasts getting bigger and bigger , one has to wonder where the plus-size bra section at your local Target is. You’ll be hard pressed to find bras larger than 38DD (though the national average is 36DD) at most retailers, which is “totally crazy,” one...

Meet the Biniki: The Bra for Your Butt

This 'bumkini' can help you achieve J Lo-like perkiness

(Newser) - Wishing you had a butt like JLo’s? Look no further: The Biniki (or “bumkini,” as the Daily Mail nicknames it) can give you a boost. Developed by a psychologist who was depressed with her butt’s sagginess after she lost weight, the Biniki utilizes a belt around...

Bra Size Is On the Rise
 Bra Size Is On the Rise 
the new median? 36DD

Bra Size Is On the Rise

And as a result, plus-size bra business is booming

(Newser) - Over the past 10 years, America’s median bra size has gone from 36C to 36DD—and the full-figured bra business is booming. Sales increased by 7.4% between 2008 and 2009, and those in the plus-size bra market have one person in particular to thank for the increased awareness:...

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage
 New Bras Moisturize, 
 Smooth Cleavage 

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage

Your underwear can now expand, contract with body temp, too

(Newser) - Who says bras are just for support? New undergarments set to be unveiled at an upcoming Paris trade fair are designed to do everything from “ironing out” cleavage wrinkles to moisturizing your skin. One Slovenian model has expandable cups that adjust according to body temperature. “Ironing out your...

Women Post Bra Colors, Confusing Men
Women Post Bra Colors, Confusing Men
Beige! Blue!

Women Post Bra Colors, Confusing Men

Men, and others left out of the joke, scratch their heads

(Newser) - Yesterday's strangest web trend: bra-themed Facebook updates. Women—and some men—used one-word updates like "red," "white" and "pink," to let everyone know the color of their undergarments. Unsurprisingly, "white," "black" and "beige" were most popular. Some got creative, adding words...

A Bra That's a Putting Mat
 A Bra That's a Putting Mat 

A Bra That's a Putting Mat

A perfect gift for the naked golf enthusiast

(Newser) - Lingerie maker Triumph has really outdone itself this time in the “wacky Japanese novelty bra” category. Its “Nice Cup in Bra,” a corset made to highlight the increasing popularity of golf among Japanese women, has pockets for balls and tees and rolls out into a 5-foot-long practice...

Somali Women Whipped for Wearing Bras

Underwear 'fraudulently advertises assets' to suitors

(Newser) - Muslim Shabaab religious enforcers in battered Somalia are finding time to whip Muslim women for wearing bras. They're being punished because the underwear accentuates breasts and in some cases gives a "fraudulent" impression to possible suitors, reports the Independent . "Al Shabaab now orders us to shake our breasts,...

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