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She Was Napping in Backyard. Then: 'It Immediately Attacked'

Southern California teen escapes black bear by hitting it with her laptop

(Newser) - A California teen received an unpleasant awakening from a nap this week, but she's lived to tell the tale, thanks to her computer. Per USA Today , the unidentified 19-year-old was snoozing Monday evening in a chair in the backyard of a home in Sierra Madre when suddenly, "she... More »

Old Laptop Sold on eBay Had Classified Information

German defense officials are not happy

(Newser) - It was quite a bargain. An old but working laptop up for sale on eBay went for $100, and the buyer got classified information from Germany's military as part of the deal. As Deutsche Welle explains, the gaffe started when the military sent decommissioned laptops to a recycling company... More »

Cops: Man Got a Bit Too Fired Up Over Wife's Music

Gary Lykins accused of shooting her laptop after she played loud tunes

(Newser) - A Texas man who made a solemn vow to stay with his wife for better or for worse apparently didn't take into account that she might one day blast loud music from her laptop, and that he wouldn't like it. The Star-Telegram reports that 44-year-old Gary Lykins holed... More »

FAA Warns of Dangers of Laptops in Checked Bags

Agency wants them banned from checked baggage on international flights

(Newser) - For a while laptops weren't allowed in an airplane's cabin on certain flights ; could they soon be barred from checked baggage? The US government is urging the world airline community to ban large, personal electronic devices like laptops from checked luggage because of the potential for a catastrophic... More »

Consumer Reports Ditches Microsoft Recommendations

Publication pulls the recommendations it previously offered for 4 Surface laptops

(Newser) - A blow for Microsoft: Consumer Reports says it can't currently recommend any of the company's laptops or tablets. Four Microsoft Surface laptops used to have the publication's "recommended" designation, but those recommendations have now been pulled. The magazine says it made the decision based on an... More »

Homeland Security Will Use Laptop Ban to Punish Airlines

If they don't comply with new security measures introduced Wednesday

(Newser) - The Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday introduced new security measures for international flights to the US in lieu of a complete ban on laptops, reports USA Today , which calls the measures a "massive escalation of airline security." The new rules will affect 180 airlines and approximately 325,... More »

The First Curved Laptop Is Here

Acer's Predator 21x expected to cost more than $5K

(Newser) - With curved TVs in stores, it was only a matter of time before a curved laptop turned up. Revealed Wednesday in Berlin, Acer's Predator 21x is the first with a curved screen to go along with its two subwoofers, four speakers, five cooling fans, and a keypad that transforms... More »

You Can't Compare Macs, PCs Anymore

Apple isn't playing the same game as its competitors: Harry McCracken

(Newser) - When Apple announced its latest MacBook Pro update, Harry McCracken's first instinct was to compare it to similar Windows laptops. "Then it dawned on me: There are no similar Windows laptops," he writes for Time . Macs and PCs may have "the longest-running, most iconic rivalry in... More »

Days Are Numbered for Laptops, PCs

Op-ed: The 'age of mobile computing' is upon us

(Newser) - A survey of the Consumer Electronics Show and a host of other technological and cultural factors all point to one inescapable conclusion: "The era of the personal computer is drawing to a close," write Mike Malone and Tom Hayes in the Wall Street Journal . Laptops and desktops aren't... More »

Hey, Border Guards: Stay Out of Our Computers

There must be a reason for these invasive searches, seizures, writes the NYT

(Newser) - Right now, border agents can search your computer without a warrant or probable cause—and it's long past time for that to change, asserts the New York Times in an editorial. Borders need to be protected, but there's "a big difference between government agents scanning items for explosives ... and... More »

Beware 'Free Public WiFi'

Rogue network has spread through US

(Newser) - You're stuck in an airport and don't feel like paying $9.95 for Internet access ... but wait! You stumble upon a network called "Free Public WiFi." The heavens are smiling, right? Wrong. Available in thousands of locations across America, "Free Public WiFi" is an "ad hoc"... More »

Your Laptop Could Fry Your Lap

But maybe 'toasted skin syndrome' will get you to stop

(Newser) - They call your portable computer a laptop, not a desktop, yet your lap might be the last place you want to put it. Turns out that people who do that often enough end up with a mottled, blotchy skin condition appetizingly called "toasted skin syndrome," reports the AP.... More »

How to Buy a Laptop

Mossberg offers his annual shopping guide

(Newser) - It's time once again for Walt Mossberg's annual computer buying guide, in which the Wall Street Journal 's tech guru runs down the bare minimum the average person should know when buying a laptop. His advice:
  • Processors: Intel has a shiny new wave of Core chips, the i3, i5, and
... More »

Ultrathin Laptops Solid Performers

Walt Mossberg reviews 3 cutting-edge laptops

(Newser) - Cheap netbooks aren't profitable for PC makers, so it’s logical they're trying to lure consumers toward laptops that are just as thin, but have bigger screens, more features—and a heftier price tag. Walt Mossberg reviews three such models for the Wall Street Journal, and finds pros and cons... More »

Gap Narrows, But Macs Still Beat PCs

Performance and price gaps close but Mac is still value

(Newser) - With Windows 7 and Mac’s Snow Leopard operating systems both available, it’s time for Walter S. Mossberg to drop some science on the arduous task of picking a computer. Things aren’t too different this time around: Macs are still more expensive, though “prices on Windows PCs... More »

Laptop Sales Zip Past Desktops

Netbook drives up laptop sales

(Newser) - The demand for Acer Netbooks has pushed laptop sales beyond desktop PC sales for the first time ever, CNET reports. Notebook PC shipments rose almost 40% for the third quarter of 2008 to 38.6 million units, while desktop sales slipped 1.3% to 38.5 million. Hewlett-Packard remains the... More »

Dell May Be Set to Float MacBook Air Rival

'Adamo' mystery sets tech world abuzz

(Newser) - Dell's mystery product Adamo could be a super-slim laptop even lighter than the MacBook Air, but it's proving impossible to get solid information about it, Ashlee Vance writes in the New York Times. The firm has registered the trademark and set up a teaser site, but declines to comment on... More »

Pogue Loves the New MacBook, But...

Tech writer mourns the end of FireWire, and of home movies on tape

(Newser) - There’s much to love about the new MacBook, writes David Pogue in the New York Times. The laptop is “a thing of beauty,” with a fabulous trackpad-cum-clicker, an easy way to switch out the battery or even hard drive and a smaller environmental footprint. But there’s... More »

Dell to Sell Factories as It Retools Strategy

PC maker will shed infrastructure in effort to stay competitive

(Newser) - Dell is looking to sell off its computer factories, the Wall Street Journal reports, drastically altering a business model that was once the envy of the industry. Journal sources say the aim is to sell most, if not all, of the plants in the next 18 months; most likely buyers... More »

New Bags Let Laptop Users Fly Through Security

TSA is on board with a few different models

(Newser) - Eagerly awaited "checkpoint friendly" luggage is at last in the pipeline, and travelers will be able to clear airport security without removing laptops from their bags by September or October, the New York Times reports. The TSA-approved bags allow security personnel to see computers on X-ray machines through either... More »

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