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Morgan Freeman Worries Work Will Be 'Undermined'

The 80-Year-Old actor issues a personal statement

(Newser) - Morgan Freeman says this could "undermine" everything he's done. On Friday, the 80-year-old actor issued a personal defense of his behavior with women , saying he's kidded around with female colleagues but never jeopardized work environments or offered jobs for sex, the LA Times reports. "I am... More »

Envoy Scott Brown Is Warned After Remarks to Guests

Ambassador to New Zealand says he'll be more 'culturally aware' in future

(Newser) - The US ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa is blaming the "blood sport" of politics for the kerfuffle he's in over comments he made while visiting the latter islands. Per the New York Times , witnesses told local media that former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown acted "obnoxiously" at... More »

Raunchy CBS Snowman Frosts Critics

This Frosty has a porn collection, loves boobs, S&M

(Newser) - CBS spoof videos which feature Frosty the Snowman frequenting strip joints, drooling over boobs, amassing a porn collection and gushing over his favorite S&M whip are getting a chilly reception from a number of fans. The online videos, which all run as Frosty the Inappropriate Snowman, is a promotion... More »

Vulgar Online Comment Costs Man His Job

He posts dirty word, then gets tracked via his IP address

(Newser) - Commenters, beware. A St. Louis man who posted a vulgarity at a newspaper website soon found himself out of a job. When the St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked readers to weigh in with the strangest thing they've ever eaten, one guy responded with what the paper describes as a "vulgar... More »

Nev. Newspaper Defends Commenters' Anonymity

Review-Journal , ACLU fight subpoena for commenters' identities

(Newser) - A tax-evasion trial has sparked a free-speech controversy at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The paper has declined to honor a federal subpoena demanding the identities of everyone who commented on an article on the trial. Businessman Robert Kahre faces tax-fraud charges for hiding the real value of sales of gold... More »

Woods Upset at Caddie for Ripping Mickelson

Pal Williams has been 'dealt with' over calling rival 'prick,' fat joke

(Newser) - Tiger Woods is “disappointed” in longtime caddie Steve Williams for making derogatory comments about rival Phil Mickelson, the Times reports. “It was inappropriate. The matter has been discussed and dealt with,” Woods said in a statement. Williams told a large crowd in his native New Zealand that,... More »

Bernie Mac's Act Too Salty for Obama

Comedian earns rebuke for his racy jokes at fundraiser

(Newser) - Bernie Mac landed in hot water for making off-color jokes about women while introducing Barack Obama at a Chicago fundraiser yesterday, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. His last quip—which had the word "ho's" in it—drew complaints from a heckler. When Obama came on, he chided the comedian playfully.... More »

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