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TGI Friday's Latest: 'Infinite Appetizers'

Chain is taking a big risk, analysts say

(Newser) - How many mozzarella sticks or boneless buffalo wings can hungry diners wolf down in one sitting? TGI Friday's is betting it's not so many that it'll lose its shirt on the new "Endless Appetizers" deal. The promotion—believed to be the first of its kind from... More »

Muslim: TGI Friday's Tricked Me Into Eating Bacon

Woman says server put bacon in her iced tea

(Newser) - Bacon-filled iced tea wasn't exactly on the menu when Nicole Queen sat down for lunch at TGI Friday's. But Queen, a converted Muslim, says the wait staff in Garland, Texas, gave her a refill containing bacon bits—a food her religion forbids her from eating, USA Today reports.... More »

TGI Friday's Fined $500K for Cheating Its Customers

New Jersey restaurants gave patrons cheap booze, not top shelf

(Newser) - TGI Friday's got hit with a double-whammy today: Not only does it have to pay the state of New Jersey a $500,000 fine, but it gets all kinds of awful publicity for blatantly ripping off its customers. Eight stores in the state settled charges that they served patrons... More »

Worst New Fast Food Items

Menus at Denny's, Olive Garden, and TGI Fridays each feature diet traps

(Newser) - Happy Meals may come with fruit now , but that doesn't mean gut-busters have been wiped from menus. And while Applebee's Provolone-Stuffed Meatballs dish is the stuff of legend, the Daily Beast also ferrets out a few surprises on its list of worst new fast food:
  • California Pizza Kitchen'
... More »

NYC Not Eating Up Calorie-Count Law

Even 'healthier' options can be too hefty, would-be splurgers horrified to find

(Newser) - As chain restaurants waddle their way toward compliance with a New York City law that requires them to post the calorie counts of food, the numbers behind the items have diners grappling with some unappetizing knowledge, MSNBC reports. The restaurant skinny is turning out to be anything but, from 630-calorie... More »

5 Stories