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In SOTU Response, Kennedy Accuses Trump of Dividing US

He slams administration's 'false choices'

(Newser) - The Democratic response to this year's State of the Union address was delivered by a Kennedy for the first time since Ted Kennedy joined a group of senators responding to Ronald Reagan in 1982. Speaking at a vocational high school in Fall River, Mass., Rep. Joe Kennedy III accused... More »

Democrats Pick Kennedy for SOTU Response

RFK grandson will speak in gritty Mass. town

(Newser) - A new generation of the Kennedy political dynasty will be introduced to a national audience Tuesday night as one delivers the Democratic response to President Trump's State of the Union. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, a 37-year-old Massachusetts congressman and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, says Democrats should focus on... More »

Joe Kennedy to Fast for Immigration Reform

He'll join protest, abstain from food for 24 hours

(Newser) - Joe Kennedy is hungry to see John Boehner take up the Senate's immigration reform bill —and pretty soon, he'll be hungry in a literal sense as well. The rep from Massachusetts has announced that he will join a protest fast to push for reform. A group of... More »

Hey, Kennedys! 'Enough With the Entitlement'

Dukakis would have been a better choice for Mass. and Patrick

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s seat “is not a Kennedy seat anymore.” His wife could have run. Or his nephew Joe. They chose not to. So why did Massachusetts' governor bow to the wishes of a now-defunct dynasty when choosing a replacement for the late senator? “Enough, finally, with... More »

Joe K Won't Run to Succeed Teddy

Joseph Kennedy II says he'd rather work for 'social justice' in private sector

(Newser) - Joe Kennedy II will not run for his late uncle’s US Senate seat, the Boston Herald reports. In a post on the website of his charity Citizens Energy, the former congressman says he prefers to pursue social justice through the private sector rather than electoral politics. The announcement means... More »

Joe Kennedy's Links to Chávez Could Hobble Senate Bid

Venezuelan oil funds Joe II's charity

(Newser) - Joe Kennedy II’s chance of winning his uncle’s Senate seat may be complicated by his ties Hugo Chávez, the Boston Herald reports. Joe II’s Citizens Energy charity, which delivers oil to needy US households, is almost completely dependent on the Venezuelan leader’s largesse. Over the... More »

Camelot Slips Away With Kennedy

No one appears ready to take up the torch

(Newser) - A fabled political dynasty sputtered with last night's passing of Sen. Ted Kennedy, who left no heir apparent in the powerhouse family. Though several younger generation Kennedys are active in civic life, none packs the punch of the senator or his famous brothers. "There seems to be no one... More »

Kennedy Drinking Again: Book

Family fighting over Lion's legacy

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy’s grim health prognosis has driven him to drink, according to Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died, a new book from longtime Kennedy scribe Edward Klein. In an excerpt in Vanity Fair, Klein says Kennedy’s wife moved him to Florida after the seizure because his Hyannis... More »

Dietrich Was Camelot's Other Woman

Sex siren enjoyed long-running affair with Kennedys

(Newser) - Marlene Dietrich had a peculiar effect on many of the world’s most accomplished and respected men: She turned them into bumbling adolescents. But the German screen siren, who entranced everyone from Frank Sinatra to Adlai Stevenson, enjoyed a special relationship with Ambassador Joseph Kennedy when their families summered together... More »

Caroline's Piece of Camelot Worth Upward of $100M

Kennedy, extremely wealthy, holds much of the Kennedy family empire

(Newser) - Democrats may be right to be concerned that a Caroline Kennedy Senate appointment would make them look elitist, reports the New York Daily News in an analysis of public records that pegs the Kennedy scion's worth at a $100 million minimum. Though her financial records are held tightly, she’s... More »

Caroline: UK Ambassador?

If Obama wins, Kennedy gets Ambassadorship in London

(Newser) - Should Barack Obama win the presidency, he will reward Caroline Kennedy’s efforts by appointing her ambassador to Great Britain, predicts the Mandrake gossip column in London's Daily Telegraph. The payback would place JFK’s only surviving child in the position once held by her grandfather, patriarch Joe. He shot... More »

Veteran Pitcher Joe Kennedy Dead at 28

Agent cites heart attack or brain aneurysm as possible cause

(Newser) - Major league pitcher Joe Kennedy died unexpectedly today while visiting the Tampa Bay area for a wedding. The cause of death is unknown, although his agent speculated that a brain aneurysm or heart attack may be responsible. Kennedy, 28, pitched for five major league teams in 7 years, finishing last... More »

Church Nixes Joe K's Annulment

Political scion's first marriage just won't quit

(Newser) - Politics and religion collided today with the revelation by Joe Kennedy's ex-wife that the Catholic Church has reversed its decision to annul their marriage. Sheila Rauch Kennedy, an Episcopalian, tells Time that the process of invalidating her marriage to the ex-congressman was "dishonest, and it was important to stand... More »

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