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Leaked Sony Emails Decry 'Irritating' James Franco

Plus, more on Angelina Jolie, Aaron Sorkin, Amy Pascal

(Newser) - Celebrities continue to be embarrassed by the leaked emails coming out of the Sony hack, and the latest victim is James Franco. Franco stars in The Interview, the movie about a Kim Jong Un assassination plot that may or may not be the reason Sony was hacked in the first...

Did North Korea Hack Sony Over a Seth Rogen Film?

Country has pledged 'retaliation' if 'The Interview' is released

(Newser) - Sony Pictures was recently hacked, and investigators are looking into whether North Korea might have had something to do with it, insiders tell Re/code . The country has expressed outrage over an upcoming movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, which features the pair trying to assassinate Kim Jong Un. North...

North Korea Complains to UN About Seth Rogen Movie

It's 'undisguised sponsoring of terrorism,' says Pyongyang

(Newser) - North Korea continues to do a fine job of promoting an upcoming flick with Seth Rogen and James Franco. Pyongyang has taken its complaint about The Interview all the way to the United Nations, reports Reuters . In the movie, Rogen and Franco play a TV producer and host who land...

Now Franco Has Written a Strange Story About LiLo

He still insists he didn't sleep with her, or her fictional counterpart

(Newser) - As you may recall, James Franco insists all he ever did was make out with Lindsay Lohan, despite the fact that his name appears on a list of hers supposedly showing all the people she's ever slept with. Well, Franco now seems to have doubled down on that, with...

16 Celebs' Pre-Fame Fast Food Commercials

Watch these famous actors hawk pizza, burgers, and tacos

(FOX News Magazine) - Much like the rest of us, Hollywood's hottest celebrities spent their formative years stuffing their faces with flame-broiled beef, Enchiritos, and double-cheeseburger pizza. Unlike us, however, those celebrities were stuffing their soon-to-be-recognizable faces for the good of their careers. Before they hit it big, beloved actors such as Michael...

11 Celebs Who Bare All* on Social Media

*or, at least, almost all

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan posted a topless photo to Instagram over the weekend, baring the PG-13 portion of her breasts alongside a male friend at the Cannes Film Festival. It wasn't her first time posting topless photos online—and she's not alone. These 10 other celebrities have also shown some...

James Franco Posts Weird Underwear Selfie

Then deletes it, but it will live on nonetheless

(Newser) - James Franco continues to use Instagram in cringe-worthy fashion : Yesterday, he posted a selfie showing him, shirtless and sweaty, with his underwear pulled partway down and his hand edging ... down there. He deleted it less than an hour later, but numerous outlets helpfully preserved it for posterity. Perhaps the biggest...

James Franco: Lindsay Lohan Broke Into My Room

Says they made out once, then she basically stalked him

(Newser) - Back in March, In Touch revealed a list Lindsay Lohan supposedly wrote of all the people she's slept with, including James Franco. Yesterday, Franco talked about the list with Howard Stern—and though he denied actually sleeping with LiLo, he did offer up some interesting stories about their relationship,...

Franco: Yep, I Tried to Pick Up on Teen Using Instagram

Says he's 'embarrassed' about it

(Newser) - James Franco went on LIVE with Kelly and Michael today and admitted it: Yes, he did indeed try to pick up on a 17-year-old tourist using Instagram. "I'm embarrassed," he admitted. "I guess I'm just a model of how social media is tricky. It's...

James Franco May Have Tried to Pick Up 17-Year-Old

On Instagram, no less

(Newser) - A story that is either kind of hilarious or totally gross is making the rounds: It seems James Franco met a 17-year-old tourist in New York City on Tuesday as he was signing autographs after performing in Of Mice and Men, and later attempted—via Instagram—to hook up with...

Franco: Shia LaBeouf Is Just Reclaiming His Persona

Probably. But actors have acted out since days of Brando

(Newser) - In retrospect, this was kind of inevitable: James Franco has officially weighed in on Shia LaBeouf's weird behavior of late ... in the New York Times . Yes, in a Times column today, Franco informs us that though LaBeouf's behavior (from rampant plagiarism to wearing a bag over his head...

10 Severe Cases of Celeb TMI
 10 Severe Cases of Celeb TMI 

10 Severe Cases of Celeb TMI

Some things we just did not need to know

(Newser) - Sometimes celebrities just don't know when to stop talking. The Huffington Post rounds up more than 300 examples of extreme celebrity TMI. A small sampling:
  • Cameron Diaz: Told Dr. Oz her tips for ... how to poop. (She drinks a liter of water every morning, for one thing.) They

James Franco, Seth Rogen Serve Up Kanye Spoof

Actors make their own version of 'Bound 2'

(Newser) - James Franco making out with a shirtless Seth Rogen on a motorcycle—anyone see this coming? Well, the actor buddies have shot an incredibly accurate spoof of Kanye West's "Bound 2" video , including a hirsute Rogen as Kim Kardashian getting steamy on the handlebars. And they did it...

James Franco's Latest Arty Film Heads Straight to Video

'As I Lay Dying' won't be in theaters

(Newser) - To watch James Franco's latest film, you won't even have to get off the couch. Franco directed and co-wrote As I Lay Dying, based on the William Faulkner novel, and it premiered at Cannes in May. But Millennium decided to forego a theatrical release, which had been planned...

James Franco: I Don't Pay Much, But You Get to Work With Me

Casting call promises low pay, but great opportunity

(Newser) - Like to make fun of James Franco ? Then you should enjoy this story: He's directing and starring in a movie version of The Sound and the Fury, and recently put out a casting call for a lead actress ... who will not be paid much. But no worries, the...

Now James Franco Wants Your Cash

He wants to crowdfund $500K to make 3 movies

(Newser) - James Franco would like to make three films, based on his own short stories, and he would like you to pay for them. Yes, Franco is the latest celebrity to turn to crowdfunding rather than traditional financing for a project (a trend that's sometimes successful , sometimes really not ),...

Oz the OK and Sorta Effective
 Oz the OK and Sorta Effective 
Movie Review

Oz the OK and Sorta Effective

Critics not over the raindow for Sam Raimi and James Franco's prequel

(Newser) - Sam Raimi's prequel to the Wizard of Oz hits theaters this weekend, but critics weren't exactly swept up and blown away by it. While few really hated Oz the Great and Powerful, few loved it either, and most concluding James Franco was a poor choice for the lead....

20 Celebs Whose Love Lives Are Blissfully Private

These rare few keep things out of the press

(Newser) - You can hardly go a nanosecond without hearing all about the latest escapades of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Taylor Swift and whoever she's dating/dissing this week. But some celebrities manage to keep blissfully silent about their love lives. Huffington Post rounds up 20:
  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Speaking of

KStew's Next Beau: James Franco?

He's determined to date her, for some reason

(Newser) - Kristen Stewart not only made a new friend —she also scored a new male admirer at the Toronto Film Festival, if Radar 's sources are to be believed. After bumping into each other and chatting for just 20 minutes, James Franco apparently became "smitten" with Stewart. Though...

'Bully' Franco Sued by Prof Who Gave Him a D

Jose Angel Santana accuses actor of defamation

(Newser) - As if it wasn't embarrassing enough for James Franco to get a D in acting class , now the actor is getting sued for defamation over the debacle, too. It seems that after former NYU professor José Angel Santana handed out said D—and then claimed he was fired from...

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